July 26,2014:
There is a new portable standing desk coming out soon called ZEST DESK.
In my opinion, schools should go to standing desk as well as office jobs.
There are many articles out on the harmful effects of sitting. I think a standing desk is awesome, I think an adjustable and portable standing desk is even better. Just think, a student can just fold it up and head to the next class with it. Use the link below to check it out.
Posture problems, back problems and obesity problems are not going to be solved unless we all do some work!
We have to stop sitting so much. We have to eat better. We have to move our bodies. We all need to do decompression breathing daily. We all need to practice Foundation Training.
If you are one of those people that say, I’m to tired, I hurt to bad, I can’t afford it…then you just don’ t want to do better to get better,
Now, take a look at yourself in the mirror…do you need to change some things? Now, have a talk with yourself…do you make excuses? If so, you better start changing today….before it’s to late.
Have a great Saturday! Off to teach some FOUNDATION TRAINING and change some lives!