Wed 10/23/13:
I,m up on cup of coffee number 2. Hard day at work yesterday…have woken up feeling tired.
I’ll get moving after I write this article and get ready for the gym before I head to the office.
Luckily for me, developing the habit of getting up early and going to the gym helps keep me fit, but will shake off this tired feeling I have at the moment. The way I feel right now…helps me see why a lot of people just stay in the bed and blow off the gym. I just could not deal with the day if I didn’t get to that gym and MOVE this body! It just wakes everything up. Also, now that I have FOUNDATION TRAINING in my bag of skills, my back pain issues are all but gone!
I’ve been working with the hygienist at my office with FT. Her back and shoulders really bother her from those positions her body is in everyday…all day long. When I get het in the postures and she’s following my cues… She’s like, oh…I feel it stretching! I say, exactly! You need to do this everyday and thru the day when you have a break. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have down that habit forming ability yet. Find things that work for you, develop discipline and form the habits that will help your body and your mind….all of which will help you get thru each day.
Lets get out there now and take charge of HUMP day!

3 Months Left

Sunday,Sept 22,2013…Happy Sunday! Beautiful weather here in Mississippi! Played a little golf this morning. Getting lunch ready and my meals for the week. Most important of all getting ready for my SAINTS game! Hope to be 3-0 by 3pm today!

I realize probably 90% of you who had promising resolutions back in January have probably quit. I can tell by my training room group on FB. Jan thru March people posting and talking it up. Come May, I really see it slowing down. After Memorial Day…I am pretty much the main person still posting. Here we are now coming into the last 3 months of the year…..people really get distracted this time of year. We have football games…that means football food and drinks, Halloween…sweets, Thanksgiving and Christmas…more food, drinks,and parties. I love all this stuff also…but all the more reason to dig in and get a daily workout in. Eat healthy during the week if you have a football outing on the weekend. Don’t say, I’ll start over in January!!! You can do a lot of damage during these last 3 months.

Come on everyone…dig in these last 3 months. Get to that gym, that walking trail. Do that bike race coming up, or 5k walk. You’ll be so happy Jan 1,2014 when your not 15 lbs heavier!

Have a great Sunday…and GEAUX SAINTS!

Spread Your Awsome-Ness Around

Mon.Aug 5th: Here we are again…Monday Morning! Might as well get going.
Here’s one that will get that heart rate going.
First prepare the body…warm up and stretch!

Do the following exercise no.by no. for 30 sec ea – 3x until complete. For example:#1. Low step-30 sec/high step-30 sec…3x. Then move to #2 and so on. It will take 3 minutes to complete each no.
Adjust rest/ intensity/time according to your fitness level.

1.low step/high step-30 sec.
2.chest press/row-30 sec ea
3.squat/side kick-30 sec ea
4.jump jack/mt. Climb-30 sec ea
5.bi cep curl/ tri cep kick back-30 sec ea
6.plank/side plank-30 sec
7. Skater Hop/punches-30 sec ea

There ya go…Monday should go much easier now! Get out there and make the world a better place…spread your awsomeness around!

AB Circuit

Hump day- 7/24/13: Here we are at mid week….I have been busy! No matter how busy you are…gotta make time for a workout. Doesn’t have to be long…just get it done. WORK is not more important than HEALTH!
This is an ab circuit. It can be done alone or after a workout…depending on how much time you have. As always…adjust the circuit according to your fitness level.

Plank-30 sec
Bicycles-30 sec
Side Plank-30 sec (one side only)
Bicycles-30 sec
Side Plank-30 sec (other side)
Stability Ball Roll Out-30 sec
X Body Mt Climb-30 sec

Rest 1 min. Repeat 3x

Everyone have a great day!!


Summer is officially here!!! Yea!! Let’s get it on…beaches, suntans, garden work,baseball, golf,tennis, pool parties, cookouts, fireworks on 4th of July, sweltering heat in Mississippi, summer football camp, so so much more! Summer is my favorite time of year!
If you haven’t kept up your end of your 2013 fitness regimen….no fear….just start today. Get outside and move…. Walk, jog, bike, skate, swim, play a sport…. Get out there and just move. ou don’ t have to be good at it. Just MOVE your body! No excuses… Your not to busy, your not to tired, don’t be lazy….MOVE MOVE MOVE!
Let’s get ready for July 4th! That’s right….another cookout, reunion,beach outing, pool party…. Let’s get ready for it. Everyday MOVE MOVE MOVE that body! Walk at lunch, take the stairs, ride a bike, do yard work, play tennis, P90x, get a trainer…….
Let’ s go everyone…I’m on your side! Other readers, trainers, motivators please chime in and let’ s get these people on a daily programs.


Yea, its Friday. I am really missing my blog and all of your blogs! I am hoping to get new computer in the next week . Type on the phone just get to be aggravating for me. Hopefully, I can have my routine back soon!
I have a lot going on right now! Lots of transitioning going on in all areas of my life… Changes are on the way. Hopefully, adjusting won’t be to difficult?
I am keeping to my routine as far as eating, sleep, workouts… That’s how I stay 1/2 way sane. Gotta get ready now… Wish me luck! Once some of the changes start taking place… I’ll let y’all know more.
Have a fit, fun and healthy weekend!

Fantastic Friday Fun!

Fri April 26,2013: LET’S EXERCISE
Warm up first…prepare the body.
Flat Bench Press-8 reps{on the heavy side}
BW Squat-1 1/2 rep style-8 reps{down,1/2way up,dn,up is 1 rep}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

DB Rows-8 rep{rather heavy}
Walking Lunge-10 rep ea leg{slow er speed going down}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

Inchworm-8 reps
Bicycles-8 reps per side{slow and deliberate}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

Do these 2 exercise as many times as possible for 4 min:
15 Jump Jacks
4 side to side shuttle steps{basketball drill}

Lots of fun!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Freakin Friday Finally!!!

Fri 2/22/13: What a long week!! Busy at the dental office all week plus some training. So ready for springtime and be able to be outside more. Here in Mississippi this winter all we have had is rain,rain and more rain. It’s not that cold just always wet! The time changes March 10th…looking forward to that! Plans for this weekend: Well, I do have a few clients this weekend, so I will be at the gym some. Going to try a get a tomato and red pepper plant planted in a pot. It’s a little early, but I want to start.. I can move them in if it gets to cold or wet. Who all keeps a garden up thru the summer? I pretty much stick to tomatoes, bell pepper,cucumbers,jalepeno! Of course, cooking for next week. Already have a salmon marinating. I’ll do veggies as always. Baked spagetti squash w/ a spinach-tomatoe sauce on top. A friend turned me onto that…AWSOME! Maybe I can get a golf lesson in also! That’s pretty much what’s going on with me. Gonna post a workout in a minute. Everyone keep posting all these great blogs and let’s keep working at making the world a healthier place!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Mon Feb 18,2013: For those who haven’t started an exercise program… it’s not to late. You can start any day you make up your mind. Everyday is a new day in which we can start over with anything we choose. Hoping to get a newbie going today!
Warm up: arm swings-20 sec
body weight squats-20 sec
stick ups-20 sec
jog in place- 20 sec
Repeat 2x
Group 1: hip extensions- 20 sec
plank-20 sec
Rest 30 sec if needed…Repeat 2x
Group 2: modified push-ups-20sec
standing mt climber-20 sec
Rest 30 sec… Repeat2x
Group 3: Bird Dog- 5 on ea side
BW squat- 20 sec.
Rest 30 sec… Repeat 2x
There you go…your first day on to a healthier life. If you don’t know what something is…ask,google it, or substitute something else in.