Wed. 12/31/14:
It’s just about a wrap for 2014!
It’s been a pretty good year…I have nothing to complain about! I’ll just work to make 2015 even better.
The plan for 2015 is to keep promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone…especially for those who have more trouble. I will also continue to write articles that include healthy tips, tricks and plans.
I will have a huge focus on posture and body awareness! This is the foundation for everything! Posture has to be solid…or trouble looms ahead. There will be lots of FOUNDATION TRAININGS success stories and pictures. I love FT…it works, it’s a “go to” pain management tool and it can be done anywhere/anytime.
I am adding corrective exercise to my arsenal also. I am presently in the middle of a class for certification. I hope to have that finished late January maybe February.
Of course, after all that posture work/body awareness work we still have to work out! I am still a fan of the 15-30 minute total body type workouts. I think they are the best! Don’t worry, there will still be some weight lifting.
I thank everyone who reads my site and all the clients I work with. Helping others to learn how to better take care of themselves is very rewarding and it keeps me doing the right thing also.
Everyone be safe tonight and let’s make 2015 the best year ever!
Movement Matters!

The Playoffs

Sun Jan 19 in Jackson, Ms right now. Still up watching the playoffs. Denver is in and hoping the 49ers make it. That will make a good Super Bowl. Of course, here in the south most people will be pulling for Peyton and the Broncos. What a year for Peyton stat wise and health wise after all that neck surgery….incredible!
Just shows you what hard work, dedication, and discipline can do for you.
Back to the grind tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll be busy at the dentist office. A group of 4 for Foundation Training after work. Working hard at trying to get FT to grow…it will in time.
Start your Monday off with some exercise and a good breakfast. I’ll be doing a little FT with my morning client then a little Bodyweight circuit to rev up my 56 year old engine….
Do what it takes people…get moving and go have a good day!

January Progress Report

Thur Jan 16,2013:
Oh my January is half over! I have been extremely swamped between the dentist office, training and FOUNDATION TRAINING.
Busy is always good…
The Deville Y is bustling right now! They are adding some small group training classes using some metabolic/ fat burning workouts. The workouts are designed to be short(15-30) minutes in duration and intense. The workouts can be adapted for all fitness levels.
Of course, I think it is awesome.
Foundation Training is growing also! This makes me especially happy. Every single new person who has started FT loves it and feels what is happening in the body. The people who have signed up because of back pain have stated relief after just one session.
Foundation Training is going to be big and is going to help so many people to start moving, move better, and relieve pain. Most people can learn all the exercises in 4-8 sessions. When I first watched a video Dr Goodman had out on FT…at the end of the video he stated, do these exercises everyday and no back pain…ever! I said to myself…right? I actually, thought that was pretty risky to say that when trying to sell a product. Well, I’m here to tell you he is just about 100% correct. My back pain is all but gone! I’m not joking! That’s why I talk about this everyday…every chance I get.
Contact me to sign up and change the way you feel and move.
How is everyone doing with the new year…..working out, eating better, habit changes? Post what you are doing. Posting helps keep you accountable and it just might help someone else who is struggling. If you are having problems or do know what to do…ask questions. If I don’t have an answer…I have resources where I can find answers. Let’s get going, let’s get moving, let’s start changing, let’s start feeling better!

FOUNDATION TRAINING will help relief this ache if not stop it completely !


Enjoy December…Start Planning for 2014

Dec 1,2013:
Can you believe 2013 is almost gone? For myself it has been a very busy year with a good amount of change involved. Some of the change is not yet complete. Hopefully, things play out in 2014. I’m looking forward to some good things happening and of course helping motivate people to get healthy. I’m also loving all the posture/movement things I’m learning. This information is really going to help a lot of people. So, for me bring on 2014!

Lets talk a little about planning for 2014. What are your fitness plans for 2014? Who’s going to join a gym? Hire a trainer? If your having trouble picking out a Christmas gift…get someone a gym membership, or some training sessions with a trainer. I have yet to understand why more people don’t do this. Give people what they need…we are talking about helping people change their lifestyle.
The gift of health is so much more valuable than new clothes, electronic accessories, jewelry, and the like.

Nothing annoys me more than for people to tell me they can’t afford a gym membership or some training sessions. Yet, people will buys Starbucks every morning, or eat out for lunch everyday, have cocktails one or two times a week. All this adds up quick! There’s your membership dues right there, or your trainers fee. A good trainer can help you if you only meet once per week….
It’s all about YOU wanting to change your ways.

Start evaluating what has happened in 2013. Have you gained weight? Have your gained more weight again? Do your clothes fit? Why would you buy new clothes if your just getting bigger? Look in the mirror….do you like what you see? Are you going to just keep making excuses? I don’t have time…the kids keep me to busy…I’m to tired after work…I can’t afford it…it cost to much.
A 4.00 Starbucks x 5 days a week = 20.00 a week. That’s 80.00 a month! Come on people… Lets do another one.
A 2.00 McDonalds breakfast x5 days a week = 40.00 a month…there’s practically a membership there and that’s why you’ve gained weight on top of things.
Do you want to change? That’s really everyone’s own personal decision. If you do…then change. It takes commitment, getting rid of bad habits, yep…you’ll probably have to spend some money for help. Most people spend a lot of money for their bad habits…why not turn it around for better habits?

Gotta go for now…I’ll be back.


Wed 11/13/13: I have been in a funk when it comes to writing lately. As you all know I love personal training and helping people workout, loose weight, and just help them take better care of themselves. Ever since FOUNDATION TRAINING came along…I just can’t help but focus on that. Everyday, I am still amazed at how these exercise (once mastered) can accomplish so much.
I do some of them everyday…my legs are always somewhat sore…the good sore from working out. The exercise firm up the legs and butt!!! The exercises strengthen muscles, and lengthen muscles. The exercises keep you so aware of posture…that as soon as I start to slump…I immediately correct myself. The exercises are great for people with balance issues…so, if you have an older adult that your worried about falling FT is perfect for them. Golfers….these exercise improve balance and flexibility…2 of the biggest issues with weekend golfers. The biggest thing of all….my back pain is just about non existent! I mean really…back pain is really not a factor. My legs are the only sore thing these days and it from using them properly now!!!!! AWESOMNESS!
If you want to improve your life, your movement patterns, the way you feel, and get rid of back pain…you have got to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING. Contact me for a free consultation.






I love this graphic of what’s going on with your body when you put it thru a run. Take a look at it…
If you’ll train and prepare the body…things will get easier. The muscles,bones, lungs, joints, heart,cells.etc everything will get better if you prepare the body.

Running is an awesome activity…lots of satisfaction and good feelings come from running.

See everyone at the Flowood YMCA 5k Oct 26. I’ll be there doing some FOUNDATION TRAINING…FT really helps prepare the body and prevent injury.