Monday June 2nd
I’m up at the hotel waiting on some coffee. They say the breakfast area opens at 6:30… I’m hoping I can get coffee before that. I am accustomed to coffee maybe within the first 5-10 minutes that I am up. I still have an hour to wait! UGH!!!!
I try to stick to a routine as much as possible when I am out of town. Always try to get up early and go to sleep early if possible. Still try to eat on a timely schedule and as healthy as possible. I hate to go to bed on a full stomach.
Still try to get some exercise in even if it is only a walk around the hotel.
Then do my Foundation Training exercises…even if it is just decompression breathing and gentle hinging. Just enough to get me feeling tall and relaxed.
I like to do things this way because it keeps things a habit. It’s makes it easier to get back into my daily routine when I get home.
Well, gotta go now. Still waiting on the coffee. Gonna take a stroll around the building.
Have a great day