Fantastic Friday Fun!

Fri April 26,2013: LET’S EXERCISE
Warm up first…prepare the body.
Flat Bench Press-8 reps{on the heavy side}
BW Squat-1 1/2 rep style-8 reps{down,1/2way up,dn,up is 1 rep}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

DB Rows-8 rep{rather heavy}
Walking Lunge-10 rep ea leg{slow er speed going down}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

Inchworm-8 reps
Bicycles-8 reps per side{slow and deliberate}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

Do these 2 exercise as many times as possible for 4 min:
15 Jump Jacks
4 side to side shuttle steps{basketball drill}

Lots of fun!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Last Day of FEB. GET IT DONE!

Feb 2/28/13: Workout
Warm up and gentle stretch first
Do the following circiut 1x- ea exercise 40 sec.
Squat w/ a 5 sec hold at the bottom
Lunge w/ a twist {use a 5-10 lb dumbell or med ball} one leg at a time
Shld press- med weight-one arm at a time
jog in place
Walk around a little bit…Stretch those glutes and hammies gently…don’t forget to some neck rolls for those
traps. This should get it done for today. Eat some good stuff today. Never give up people…this is your

Intermediate Level Workout

Tue Feb 26,2013: Warm up first!
Group 1- Reverse Lunge-10reps
DB Rows- 10 reps ea side-med heavy weight
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x
Group 2- T Push ups- 10 reps
Goblet Squats-10 reps- Med heavy weight
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x
Group 3- Suicide Plank- 30 sec
Jog in place- 30 sec
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x
Stretch and cool down….Have a great day!