Finish Jan 2013 Strong

Jan 31, 2013 Workout:

20-10 workout…should take abot 20 min.  Do w/ as little rest as possible.  Work hard…it’s 20 seconds!

elevated pushups- 20 on 10 off x4 {put on hand on a block or step. alternate to the other hand for next round}

total body extension-20 on 10 off x8

side plank- 20 on 10 off x8 {that 4x per side…alternate each time or do all 4 in a row then the next 4}

jumping jacks- 20 on 10 off x4 {modify if jumping is an issue}

run in place- 20 on 10 off x8

spiderman climb- 20 on 10 off x4

OMG!!! do the best you can.  new people give it a go, modify if you have to, rest if you have too, you will build up in time.  Safety first!