Spread Your Awsome-Ness Around

Mon.Aug 5th: Here we are again…Monday Morning! Might as well get going.
Here’s one that will get that heart rate going.
First prepare the body…warm up and stretch!

Do the following exercise no.by no. for 30 sec ea – 3x until complete. For example:#1. Low step-30 sec/high step-30 sec…3x. Then move to #2 and so on. It will take 3 minutes to complete each no.
Adjust rest/ intensity/time according to your fitness level.

1.low step/high step-30 sec.
2.chest press/row-30 sec ea
3.squat/side kick-30 sec ea
4.jump jack/mt. Climb-30 sec ea
5.bi cep curl/ tri cep kick back-30 sec ea
6.plank/side plank-30 sec
7. Skater Hop/punches-30 sec ea

There ya go…Monday should go much easier now! Get out there and make the world a better place…spread your awsomeness around!

The Fitness Plan

Tue, 7/30/13: Made it thru Monday!! July is just about gone….. Oh my, it was a blurrrrrrr!
For those of you who are off the plan, struggling with the plan, or have no fitness
Plan…don’t freak out! YOU CAN START TODAY! Let’s get ready for that last really
Hot summer month, football season on the way, and of course holiday season to
For those of you still on the FITNESS PLAN… Lets get it on!

Warm up with some movement and some stretching….do it.

Do the following circuit 3x…resting 1 min after each circuit.
1.DB Split Squat-30 sec
2.Triple Stop Pushup-30 sec
3.DB Row-30 sec

Do the following superset 3x…rest 1 min after each set.
1.Squat w/5 sec hold at bottom-30 sec
2.Stability Ball Hamstring Curl-30 sec

Do the following circuit 3x…resting 1 min between circuits.
1.Inchworm-30 sec
2.Total Body Extension-30 sec
3.Body Saw-30 sec
4.Stability Ball Jackknife

Boom,Boom,Boom!!! That was an awesome workout! Let me know how you did!

As always, modify whatever you need to according to your fitness level! Make the workout work for you. Get going…get it done! Lets all have an awesome Tuesday!


Thursday…May 30! Another month just about in the books. Time really does fly the older you get!
We are fixing to get into the heat of summertime with June’s arrival. It gets tougher to do those workouts/runs in the heat….especially here in the south! Our humidity is unrelenting!!!! So,that being said, get out early for outdoor workout,bike rides,runs etc. Always hydrate well before an event starts.
June will be very busy for me….lots going on between work, clients, selling/ buying a house. Eventually,there will be moving. There will be no excuses though for not working out. That’s how I keep my sanity!!! Strong body….strong mind!
Let’s do a workout…then venture out into Thursday! It’s gonna be a good day!

Warm up: Jump Jack-15 reps
Alt.Bodyweight Lunge-8 ea leg
Push-ups-8 rep
BW Squat-10rep
Rest 30 sec… Repeat 1x

Do the following circuit for 10 min as many times as possible:
DB Reverse Lunge-8 per side
DB Chest Press-8 reps
DB Row-8 per side
Rest 1 min. Proceed to next group.

Do the following circuit for 10 min as many times as possible:
Goblet Squat-12 reps
DB Shld Press-8 per side
Mt Climb-12 per side
Rest 1 min proceed to next group.

Do the following superset as many times as possible for 3 min.
Total Body Extension-10 reps
Inchworm-5 reps

Great job…and now all of you are ready for Thursday!! Get out there and take charge of the day!!!

Exercise and Post….We’re In This Together!

Mon,3/25/13: Let’s Exercise!
Stretch and Warm up first.
Group 1: Sumo Squat-8 reps ea side
Fake Jump Rope-15 reps
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 2: Triple Stop Push Up- 10 reps
Skater Hops-16 reps[8 per side]
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 3: Lat Pull Down-15 reps
Jump Jack-10 reps
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 4: Reverse Lunge w/ Front Punch Kick- 8 per side
Mt Climb-10 per side
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

RE-FOCUS!!! Get w/ the program! Move that body! Have a great Monday……

Mon Feb 18,2013: For those who haven’t started an exercise program… it’s not to late. You can start any day you make up your mind. Everyday is a new day in which we can start over with anything we choose. Hoping to get a newbie going today!
Warm up: arm swings-20 sec
body weight squats-20 sec
stick ups-20 sec
jog in place- 20 sec
Repeat 2x
Group 1: hip extensions- 20 sec
plank-20 sec
Rest 30 sec if needed…Repeat 2x
Group 2: modified push-ups-20sec
standing mt climber-20 sec
Rest 30 sec… Repeat2x
Group 3: Bird Dog- 5 on ea side
BW squat- 20 sec.
Rest 30 sec… Repeat 2x
There you go…your first day on to a healthier life. If you don’t know what something is…ask,google it, or substitute something else in.

Mon Feb 11,2013:  Warm up: 10 BW Squats, 10 Jump Jack, 10 Push Ups, 10 planks.  Repaeat 2 times.

Group 1: DB Chest press- 8 reps [med-heavy]

Front Loaded Forward Lunge- 8 rep per leg

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x.

Group2: Stability Ball Leg Curl- 10 reps

Mt Climb- 10 reps ea side

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x

Group 3: DB Piston Row-8 reps [med weight…be careful w/ form on this one]

Total Body Ext.- 10 reps

If you don’t know an exercise substitute something else.  Modify what you need to.  If to easy…an 20-30 sec of planks into each group.  If to hard…lighten the weights up.  Go do your workout!

Let’s Kill It!

Tue Feb 5,2013: Warm up- BW Squat-12 reps, arm circles- 20 sec, push ups- 8 reps, total body ext.-10 reps.  Repeat 2x.

Group 1: DB Split Squat- 8 per side {med heavy wt},  Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps{really keep abs in and roll out slowly}.  Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 2: Stability Ball Leg Curl- 12 reps,  Crossbody Mt. Climb-15 reps.  Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x

Group 3: DB or KB swings- 30 sec,  Stability ball Jack Knife- 10 reps.  Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x.

Finisher: Plank 30 sec,  Jab – Punch- 30  Rest 30 sec., Repeat 4x.


Let’s get that Superbowl Food Worked Off

Mon Feb 4,2013:  Warm Up:  wood chops-15 per side, off set push up-8 per side, stability ball leg curl-15 rep, stick ups-15 rep.  Repeat 2x.

Group 1: Chest Press-8 reps.{fairly heavy}, DB Row-10 reps per side{fairly heavy}. Rest 1 min Repeat 2x.

Group 2: Chin up-6 reps {use an assist machine or chair if needed}, DB 1 arm shoulder press- 8 per side {med heavy weight} Rest 1 min Repeat 2x.

Group 3: Push ups-15 reps, Inverted Rows-15 reps. Rest 1 min Repeat 2x.

Group 4: Kettle bell/DB swings – 30 sec, Jump Jacks-30 sec.  Rest 1 min Repeat 4 more times.

If you don’t know an exercise google it.or substitue it.  This is a tough workout, you’ll have to have access to some weights.  Inverted rows are a back exercise…so if you sub for it do a back exercise.  The reps are low on some things so get that weight on the heavier side.

For those who don’t have access to weights or a gym….do one of the other work outs that have been previously posted…or do a video, or follow along on tv w/ a workout channel, go online and find something, just do something!