Thur March 13,2014

How did we go from the little kid with strong limber and active body…that could anything….to the tight, bent, hunched over adult?
I work with people everyday in this predicament. Most people answer- it’s part of getting old. I disagree with that answer. For most of us pretty much after high school we just quit moving thru full range of motion. We grew up…joined the work force and just quit moving fully. We wake up, go to work, sit at the desk or stand on our feet all day…then we go home tired. We eat some dinner then relax by sitting some more watching TV.
We have stopped using our hips like the young girl in the picture. We have stopped moving like a kid.
I know, we are bigger, heavier, slower, busy, tired, stressed, and so many other things…but we still have to take care of the best machine on the planet….our bodies!
This is where foundation training comes in. If you can still move like the young girl in the picture…foundation training will keep you moving that way even longer and stronger. If you are stuck like the second picture…foundation training is going to straighten you up and make you feel so much better. You are not going to know how severely that desk job is crippling you until you come take just one foundation training lesson. Just one lesson is going to make a difference!
I am in the “baby boomer” generation. I am making it my personal mission while I’m still here on the planet….to help as many people re-gain control of their bodies. Foundation Training will improve posture, balance, flexibility, mobility….improve your body’s frame!
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Having a Routine!

Mon Mar 18,2013: Ok, the first big spring party is over. Here in Ms. we had perfect warm sunny weather w/ a big ole St. Patty’s Parade. I know a lot of people got side tracked w/ their food and exercise regimin! I did also. I did not go to parade and I don’t drink…but I did have some events to attend which got me out of my routine. I am such a routine person! Good news for me is…I know this. Not gonna stay off track or anything like that. I’m up blogging w/ my coffee. Then off to the gym and my routine will continue. Having a routine keeps me balanced and somewhat methodical. As long as I stick to it…I can get alot accomplished. Even though I had a lot of fun this weekend…I was somewhat off balance cause everything was different. For those of you who just get up everyday with no plan or no structure….try implementing a plan, an order to the day. If you can make it a habit life gets a little easier. Let’s get out there and have a great Monday!