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Hi there everyone,

Just a short and sweet email to remind you about the awesome new program I’m using with Foundation Training clients: CORE ELEMENTS. I also wanted to let you know that the $50 OFF discount code (CEFRIENDS) I’m offering expires November 3!
In case you missed it, Core Elements is Foundation Training’s pinnacle online training program that gives you access to the entire library of Foundation Training exercises. It’s brimming with 5 ½ hours of content – lectures, exercises, focus sessions, and progressive workouts – all in a simple-to-use format you can take with you anywhere you have internet.
As a Certified Foundation Training Instructor, I’m able to custom tailor a schedule for you to use with Core Elements so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.
The program is the perfect for when you’re not with me at a Foundation Training class or private session because:
I can create a personalized plan just for you. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet with me, you’ll still be practicing, improving, and getting stronger.
All the tips and cues from your classes are inside. You can rewatch again and again to fully and deeply practice the exercises.

You can take it with you wherever you have internet and keep your practice going strong!

If you’re ready to try Core Elements, click here and use code CEFRIENDS and get $50 OFF the program! The code expires November 3rd!

If you have any questions or want to know more about how I can create a personalized Core Elements plan for you, please reach out. I’d love to chat about your unique goals and come up with a plan that’s perfect for you.
Yours in health,

Stevey, CFT Instructor


What is the posterior chain anyway? 

The posterior chain is a group of muscles consisting predominantly of tendons and ligaments on the posterior of the body. Examples of these muscles include the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, trapezius, and posterior deltoids.  In simpler words, you can say the back, hamstrings and calves.

This group of muscular structure should work together as a unit to extended and stabilize our spine, hips, knees and ankle as we move.

In this technology and computerized world we live in today where many people do not move enough the back of the body becomes weak and compromised.  Even if you do exercise more than the average person many of us do not move through enough range of motion or thru enough different planes of motion.

How do you know if your glutei is weak? How do you know if your hamstrings are short and tight?  Does your back hurt when you go take a run?

If you sit a lot…you most likely have a weak/tight posterior chain.  Short/tight muscles pull on the bones.  When bones get pulled or rotated out of position…muscles have to work out of position and inefficiently.  Thus, the cycle begins and continues until there is inflammation, friction, micro tears, spurs, imbalances, joint damage and pain.  This leads to having to stop activity, then you start taking medicine, then pain pills and then the cortisone shots.  You start to feel better and start moving again, but the symptoms return and the cycle continues.

We all have to start taking care of our body with our own musculature.  I know…you thought exercising is a way to take care of our bodies!  It is…we just have to exercise in a better more mechanically proper manner.  The human body is meant to heal itself…if you give it the proper tools.  

Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Foundation Training focuses on the back of the body with a series of exercise that integrate decompression breathing and anchoring thru movement.  I have to say I was skeptical when I first started, but four years later my back feels great!  I use FT daily as my stretching for any and all activities I do.  You will reap great benefits from learning the FT protocol and exercises.  

Contact me and visit

Get up from that desk and breathe…decompress…lengthen…it only take a minute or two.  Now you can get back to work…you will feel refreshed and energized.  


Tue June 9,2015

Hamstrings- the muscle group in the upper back of the leg opposite our thigh.  The hamstring group is used to help us bend our knee and perform hip extension — backward movement of your thighs. Although the gluteal muscles in your buttocks are the main muscles that perform hip extension, your hamstrings assist with this motion as you move from sitting to standing, squat and jump. Hip extension performed by your hamstrings also helps propel your body forward as you run.

The hamstrings are often under utilized while the opposing muscle group (quads) are over utilized.  This creates imbalance.  The front of the legs becomes over dominate and the back of the leg becomes weak and looses its flexibility.   Too much sitting is another culprit for weak hamstrings and glutei.  If you are sitting on these muscles for 6-8 hours a day…they are not working!  If they are in this “turned off” state day after day, the hamstrings become short, tight and weak.  Hamstrings need to be flexible.  Tight hamstrings are a major contributor leading to back pain and knee pain.  

What can we do for our hamstrings?  

First, a steady diet of FOUNDATION TRAINING is a great place to start.  Foundation Training, is the perfect posterior chain training technique to stretch and strengthen the hamstrings.  If you want to keep doing the same old single leg hamstring stretches you have been doing for years…fine, but Foundation Training is better…and that’s a fact!  Isolated stretching is not going to accomplish what Foundation Training can do by stretching the whole posterior chain as a unit…period!  

Secondly, when working out at the gym for every quad exercise you do make sure you do a hamstring focused exercise.  Squats and deadlifts are ideal…if properly done.  If you know Foundation Training…you will be mechanically prepared to do squats and deadlifts properly.

Thirdly, stop,sitting all the time!  Get out of the chair and move around.  I have a desk job and I get up every 15 minutes or so.  I’ll throw in a little desk stretch or founder.  When I get home I’ll sit on the floor just to get my hips into a full range of motion.  

Work on your posture.  The hamstrings also help us balance our bodies.  If they are weak or tight we tend to bend at the waist and tip forward…this is how the back issues start…and never stop.   What’s the best exercise for posture?  That’s right…FOUNDATION TRAINING!  

Gain control of your body again.  Don’t let time, age and gravity bend you up like a pretzel.  FOUNDATION TRAINING will give you the awareness and tools you need to stand up tall, manage pain, move well and feel well.


FRIDAY 2/20/15
What is a muscle spasm? Basically, a muscle spams is an involuntary muscle contraction. We have all had them at one time or another. They usually come suddenly and are very painful! Who hasn’t had the famous “charlie horse” in the calf in the middle of the night? That is a muscle spasm.
Muscle spasms cause pain, but they function as a warning sign: Something else is going wrong with your body mechanics. Back spasms are defense mechanisms; the muscles contract, protecting a deeper problem. The only way to get the muscles to relax is to move, functionally transferring the stress that is causing the injury or inflammation in your back to your posterior chain, which is built to take it, and thereby relieving the pain.
One of my favorite sayings is: MOTION IS LOTION!
Muscle spasm can be caused by several possibilities such as:
Poor blood circulation in the legs
Overexertion of the calf muscles while exercising
Insufficient stretching before exercise
Exercising in the heat
Muscle fatigue
Magnesium and/or potassium deficiency
Calcium deficiency in pregnant women
Malfunctioning nerves, which could be caused by a problem such as a spinal cord injury or pinched nerve in the neck or back
Medication can cause cramping/spasms
Treatment :
Ice/heat treatments
Massaging the area
Gentle stretching
Epsom salt bath
FOUNDATION TRAINING will help correct poor movement patterns
FOUNDATION TRAINING is integrated stretching
FOUNDATION TRAINING is posterior chain “strength” training
FOUNDATION TRAINING is better posture

Have a great day!

That’s me in the picture below…taking a dynamic stretching position at the office. This is how you take care of your body. This is FOUNDATION TRAINING!



Wed 2/4/15:
How many of us have done something as simple as bending over to pick something up…then on the way up the big catch in the back happens? Now, as the day progresses we slowly get tighter, stiffer, sometimes we can not even take a deep breath because of the pain. When a “back attack” happens it is absolutely miserable!! I have been there myself…the older I got the more often the “back attack” would happen. No matter how hard I tried to be careful about every 3 months…”back attack”! Sometimes, it would take two weeks for me to be able to straighten up again and be somewhat normal.
Sudden onset of muscle spasm in the low back is surprisingly common. In fact, approximately eight out of 10 adults will experience it at some point during their lives.
What are muscle spasms?
Muscle spasms are involuntary, spontaneous contractions of a muscle. Although “back attacks” seem to occur out of the blue, the movement that triggers the incident is generally preceded by a series of small strains to the structures of the spine that develops slowly, over time. Once injured, inflammation sets in. This, in turn, sensitizes the nerves, causing the muscle/s to contract and spasm. The pain can be quite debilitating!
Treatment for “back attacks”…ice as soon as possible. This will help cut down inflammation. Ice for only maybe 10-12 minutest every 2-4 hours for the first day or two.
After the first 24-48 hours apply moist heat. I like an ice treatment immediately followed by a heat treatment. The heat will help muscle to relax. I also like to do an Epsom salt soak followed by gentle stretching since the muscles should be relaxed after the soak.
There is only one way… The back has got to be stretched and strengthen!
“Back attacks”, in most cases happen from weak musculature and weak core muscles…period! Do Not run to the gym and start doing crunches or lifting weights! Your body is not prepared for that as of now.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is the answer. I know what I am talking about. FOUNDATION TRAINING is designed to target the posterior muscles and the core. This is the key to having a healthy back…this is a fact! I have not had a “back attack” in 2 years…that’s how long I have practiced FOUNDATION TRAINING!
Do something different. If you really want to end back pain…learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! Stretch and strengthen the muscles that are in charge of back duty…the muscles that keep us upright…the muscles that protect our spine. FOUNDATION TRAINING works!
Contact me if you are ready to end your back pain and learn how to take care of your back.



Thur 1/22/15:
STRETCHING… A widely debated topic. Should you stretch- should you skip it?
I, for one stretch. I am somewhat old school and apply new school techniques. I teach my clients to stretch…properly. In my opinion, stretch the sections of your body to integrate complimentary muscular chains. Therefore, for example if stretching your hamstring…get your hip, calf, foot, and breathing involved. This is how Foundation Training works. FT, is very powerful, very muscular, very integrated and very complete.
Stretching has many benefits. First, it increases circulation. This allows for transportation of nutrients to muscles and ligaments. Stretching will improve flexibility and mobility. If a muscle can loosen up…it will move more easily. The better range of motion we have the more mobile we are.
Stretching reduces stress…especially FT stretching. The decompression breathing technique is off the chain. Breathing properly reduces stress, increases oxygen intake, expands the rib cage and just makes you feel good!
Foundation Training, Will help alleviate many aches and pains in the body…especially back pain.
Many people still do not know about Foundation Training. Many doctors do not know…so they are still giving people pills and shots. Many therapists do not know about Foundation Training…so they are still giving isolated stretching exercises.
FOUNDATION TRAINING needs to be in every medicine cabinet, gym bag, fitness facility, and therapy office.. FT works!
Contact me today if your want to do something different that will cure those aches and pains.
Have a great day!


Tue 11/25/14:
Why should I care about posture?
Many aches and pains can be thought to come from postural faults from improper sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, and moving. Wouldn’t you love to save time on stretching, foam rolling, and decrease overall body tension?
Then starting to become aware of posture and how you move is one of the most valuable components of your health. Also, building better postural habits long-term can prevent degeneration in your joints.
POSTURE is important! The better your posture the better your movement patterns can be.
Exercise and stretching is great for muscles building, joint motion, cardiovascular endurance and creating awareness about your body. The New Year is about here and the mad rush will be on to join a gym, boot camp or some other form of exercise. I love it…this is awesome! The bad thing is…if you are exercising “wrong” you are just exasperating the poor postural/muscular issues already present. Take the time to have your posture looked at. Take the time to see what can be improved upon to help get you out of pain, move more properly, exercise better. Take the time to learn about your unique body. Take the time to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING.
FOUNDATION TRAINING addresses all the above mentioned issues. Take the time to learn how to better take care of your body. You do not have to run to the doctor every time you have a backache or take a pill every time you are having some pain.
What changes posture for the long-term is better movement habits cumulatively as well as engaging in a healthy self-concept.
Exercise does not have to be a painful grueling dreadful experience. Change your thinking!
Get educated about your body, learn FOUNDATIONS TRAINING and how to move better.
I look forward to helping you change your life.