Mon 10/6/14:
What is decompression? Decompression is a release of pressure or a release of forces causing pressure.
How simple is that? Everyone of us has constant forces pressing on us everyday. The number one force is GRAVITY! Our bodies are meant to be upright and work against gravity. Factor in poor habits like sitting all day at a desk, lack of exercise or movement in general, and poor posture with the effects of gravity pushing down on us….no wonder everyone is walking around with back pain, round shoulders, weak muscles.
We must get pro active with our own bodies. A doctor can give you a pill, a chiropractor can adjust you, a massage therapist can make you feel better also, but you have to do some work yourself and I mean everyday. Spinal decompression needs to happen much more frequently than any hospital or private clinic can provide. Intervertebral discs of declining health need constant and deliverable help, and they need it for life. No one can go to the chiropractor or massage therapist everyday! They are treating symptoms anyway…each individual needs to treat the causes on a daily basis.
The answer is Foundation Training! I know I say it everyday, but this is a solution. This is decompression of the spine everyday! FT is posterior chain stretching and strengthening everyday. The body needs this work. Most of us are walking around with glute muscles that are are very weak and do not function properly. All these posterior issues are self treatable…learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! I practice a little everyday and I am so much better. I still go to my chiropractor every month….now my adjustments hold longer. My chiropractor is a huge fan of Foundation Training, as is my massage therapist.




July 31,2014:
FOUNDER CHALLENGE starts tomorrow… Do one Founder per day for 30 days.
Do one anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Share a photo!!! Get creative! Have fun and feel better all at the same time…
Work on bettering your Founder! Hold it longer. Stretch farther. Pull navel in more….raise chest higher!!! Breathe deeper!
If you still need to learn the founder: Message me… Order right here a DVD.
Look thru some articles…there are photo’s. Look on my Facebook page- more photo’s. Oh look, here’s a photo right here!

Start like the picture on the left and see how far you can work in 30 days…
You will feel great. Get with me or order the DVD to learn the proper technique. When you click on the above link check out the find a trainer in your area. Those in my area of Ms, La, Ala…I’m your teacher!


Sun Dec 8,2013:
Been up early cleaning and cooking for the upcoming week. I can’t help myself…have to be prepared for the week.

Had a small class of 4 for Foundation Training yesterday at the DeVille Y. It went really well! These 4 people are on their way to a better body, better body awareness, and less body pain. One student has just had a knee replaced 6 weeks ago. She is still in therapy for the knee, still can not straighten it out all the way. She said, she got more out of the class than she has got in 6 weeks of therapy. She has a lot of work to do. Another client has Parkinson’s. He could actually get into the postures and hold them…then he would shake, but he would keep holding. When I say Foundation Training is for everyone…that’s what I mean. EVERYONE will improve things about there body….lengthen and strengthen.

I will have another class Sat at Deville YMCA at 9am. Cost is 10.00 for members and 25.00 for non-members.

Call me, message me, Facebook me, or respond to this blog. Lets work on our bodies!