I would like to talk about this young 70 year old woman who is also a 12 year lung cancer survivor and basically breathes with one lung now. She also, has some arthritis in her knee.
Her son, who is also a Foundation Training teacher taught her some of the basics. As, you can see in the picture she is in some well balanced…strength building positions with very nice posture and head placement.
Even better than that Shane taught her the decompression breathing we use in FT. Her breathing measurements have gone from 1700 to 2200! How AWESOME is that! When I read the post from Shane about his mother I just thought she was so inspiring. She is blessed to have beaten lung cancer and she is inspiring by fighting to improve herself.
I practice decompression breathing daily. Decompression breathing will help to lengthen your spine and traction the adductors downward…which puts you in a decompressed traction. Decompression breathing will help manage disc inflammation and herniation pain. Decompression breathing will help increase oxygen intake and expand the lungs. Decompresses the spine by breathing and will create a little spacing in the disc areas to help decrease pain.
I can remember learning decompression breathing at my certification and thought it was rather difficult. I stuck to it and practiced…it does take practice to get thru the uncomfortable parts then to get better. I do this every morning when I take my dog out. She does her thing and I get into posture and decompress and breathe in large amounts of oxygen! Our cells, muscles and lungs need these large amounts of oxygen…oxygen is healing!
If you are a healthy person or a healthy athlete incorporate decompression breathing into your training. You will improve performance and help prevent injury. If you are an everyday average joe…incorporate decompression breathing and see if it makes you feel better…bet it does. If you are battling aging, medical conditions, depression or anything else that has you unmotivated…try decompression breathing! It is part of Foundation Training and everything about Foundation Training works.
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Have a great day!