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Hi there everyone,

Just a short and sweet email to remind you about the awesome new program I’m using with Foundation Training clients: CORE ELEMENTS. I also wanted to let you know that the $50 OFF discount code (CEFRIENDS) I’m offering expires November 3!
In case you missed it, Core Elements is Foundation Training’s pinnacle online training program that gives you access to the entire library of Foundation Training exercises. It’s brimming with 5 ½ hours of content – lectures, exercises, focus sessions, and progressive workouts – all in a simple-to-use format you can take with you anywhere you have internet.
As a Certified Foundation Training Instructor, I’m able to custom tailor a schedule for you to use with Core Elements so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.
The program is the perfect for when you’re not with me at a Foundation Training class or private session because:
I can create a personalized plan just for you. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet with me, you’ll still be practicing, improving, and getting stronger.
All the tips and cues from your classes are inside. You can rewatch again and again to fully and deeply practice the exercises.

You can take it with you wherever you have internet and keep your practice going strong!

If you’re ready to try Core Elements, click here and use code CEFRIENDS and get $50 OFF the program! The code expires November 3rd!

If you have any questions or want to know more about how I can create a personalized Core Elements plan for you, please reach out. I’d love to chat about your unique goals and come up with a plan that’s perfect for you.
Yours in health,

Stevey, CFT Instructor


Fri 2/19/16

  My chiropractor office (Foxworth Chiropractic) has this picture on the wall.  As you can see the statement came from Thomas Edison…
I guess in some ways, his thought is coming to fruition.  In my opinion, natural medicine is not happening fast enough.

I was somewhat shocked that so long ago someone would think of healing being more natural instead of so medicated. 

The good news is there is a lot of more natural healing methods out there.  If you want to take better care of you body start with the frame…your posture.  There is a direct correlation between poor movement, joint dysfunction and pain due to poor posture!  A pill will not fix poor posture…but Foundation Training can do wonders for poor posture. 

Stop eating CRAP!  This is probably the leading cause of why so many people have high blood pressure, are overweight and have cardiovascular disease.  It’s mind boggling that with all the information out there on how bad processed food is for you, soda’s , sugar and salt…that people eat that CRAP everyday.  I can believe so many people still smoke…

We have to eat better and move more!!! 

Fill your self with fresh fruit and veggies.  I know some people don’t like veggies, but you better find a way to get some in you…the body needs the nutrients/vitamins we get from vegetables.  Watch the meat…eats lean cuts of meat in reasonable portions.  Fish…so many types of fish are good for you…OMEGA’S baby!  The body needs it!  A good diet can keep you off blood pressure medicine…

Our bodies are meant to move…and move all day!  There is no way around this!  I have a desk job too….just like most of you.  No excuse…get up and stretch, walk around or just stand a take some deep breaths.  We have to find ways to move more and move better… If it hurts to move or walk around or you become out of breath…then you really need to pay attention to your body.  Those are signs telling you to make a change. 

Let the MD’s take care of the sick…not the unhealthy.  Don’t run to the doctor or the ER because you have a back ache…those doctor’s have cancer patients, accident victims to take care of…


Tue 10/7/14:
Let’s talk a little about the irritating piriformis muscle. A lot of runners have trouble with this muscle. If you have tightness/pain at the top of the hip/glute area it is most likely the piriformis.
Let’s take a look at how you stand. One of our key postural issues regarding the piriformis muscle is the position of our legs below the pelvis. The length and tone of the hip muscles is determined by the ease of the femur bones connection to the hip. Are one or both of your feet pointing outward? If so, you most likely have some sort of piriformis/hip issue. If we stand and walk with our feet always turned out, the length and tone of the hip muscles will change. They will always live in a lax or short state as they are not naturally drawn to their proper length. This is easy to see in people as the displacement of the leg in the hip socket always manifests in the eventual turn out of the foot. Anyone who walks around with their feet splayed has strange things going on in their hip muscles.

For the piriformis muscle this means that if the leg is turned open, or the thighs are pulled forward, it will have no contractile strength and will not be exerting its pull on the sacrum at the back to balance the opposite pull of the psoas major at the front. Obviously if this is the posture that we always inhabit our piriformis muscle is always lax or short.
I remember as a kid my right foot always pointed out. I have a consistently tight right hip/ buttocks issues!!!

The first thing Dr Goodman taught us in Foundation Training was the positioning of our feet. Most of society is walking around with externally rotated femurs and feet. In Foundation Training we do almost all of the work with feet pointed pointed forward and/or internally rotated to work on muscles that have become weak from all the external rotation. I really work on this to alleviate my hip / glute pain. Remember, FT is a way to treat your own symptoms actively…it is not a cure. FT is the best self care treatment available in my opinion! I use it everyday and I am feeling much better and still no back pain!



Mon 10/6/14:
What is decompression? Decompression is a release of pressure or a release of forces causing pressure.
How simple is that? Everyone of us has constant forces pressing on us everyday. The number one force is GRAVITY! Our bodies are meant to be upright and work against gravity. Factor in poor habits like sitting all day at a desk, lack of exercise or movement in general, and poor posture with the effects of gravity pushing down on us….no wonder everyone is walking around with back pain, round shoulders, weak muscles.
We must get pro active with our own bodies. A doctor can give you a pill, a chiropractor can adjust you, a massage therapist can make you feel better also, but you have to do some work yourself and I mean everyday. Spinal decompression needs to happen much more frequently than any hospital or private clinic can provide. Intervertebral discs of declining health need constant and deliverable help, and they need it for life. No one can go to the chiropractor or massage therapist everyday! They are treating symptoms anyway…each individual needs to treat the causes on a daily basis.
The answer is Foundation Training! I know I say it everyday, but this is a solution. This is decompression of the spine everyday! FT is posterior chain stretching and strengthening everyday. The body needs this work. Most of us are walking around with glute muscles that are are very weak and do not function properly. All these posterior issues are self treatable…learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! I practice a little everyday and I am so much better. I still go to my chiropractor every month….now my adjustments hold longer. My chiropractor is a huge fan of Foundation Training, as is my massage therapist.




Wed 9/10/14:
Yesterday a fellow instructor posted a comment about one of his newer FT clients. This client was really impressed with FT. The client went on to say, FT is like putting yourself in traction using your own muscles. That after doing his FT exercises he felt like he had just gotten off an inversion table.
I wanted to elaborate a little more on his thoughts because I loved his assessment and wanted more readers an opportunity to keep learning how powerful FOUNDATION TRAINING really is.
Traction simple means pulling apart of the body. Usually, some type of mechanical device is used to help accomplish this. You want to do traction usually to create space, stretch/lengthen something, relieve pain. Traction can and does accomplish these things in a lot of cases.
FOUNDATION TRAINING can for sure accomplish all the above listed goals better… the beauty of FT and why it works long term is you are using your own muscles!!! How many articles have I written saying FOUNDATION TRAINING, creates space, lengthens the spine and muscles of the posterior chain, improves flexibility and mobility, strengthens the muscles of the posterior chain. Foundation Training wakes up these weak, tight, sore underused muscles of the posterior chain and gradually gets them to fire, lengthen while holding tension, use oxygen to help heal tissue, the better you get…the more tension you learn to create and hold…the stronger your muscles get.
I have been on an inversion table and they do feel good. When you get off you do feel “lighter. BUT, you did no work physically… So, nothing will change. Gravity was doing the work. In a very short time your body will revert right back to it’s compressed state because you did no work physically. Same goes for decompression tables. The weighted pulley systems does the work…
FOUNDATION TRAINING is far superior because you will have the ability to “traction” yourself and the results are going to be everlasting. I do not say this because I teach FT. I say this because of my chronic back pain the last 30 plus years. Because I did go to a chiropractor regularly and I did get regular massages and I did get on an inversion table…all these things did help, but I still had bouts of my back “going out” and was always in pain. Since, FOUNDATION TRAINING…my body has changed! I am lengthened and muscularly stronger. I don’t have the pressure in my low back anymore because of the space I have created. Every muscle attached to my pelvis is more pliable and stronger. My posture and body awareness is much improved! I still get my monthly Chiropractic adjustment because even though I am not in pain…the bones still need to be adjusted. I still get my massages because that soft tissue work is necessary for relieving muscle tightness and improving blood flow. I truly know how to take care of my body and if I do get a little episode of pain…I know what to do to manage it.
Foundation Training is medicine…FT is self care…FT is simple, effective and powerful. Foundation Training will improve your body and your life! If you really want to feel better, get out of pain, improve so many things about your body… Contact me.



Fri Aug 29,2014:
Labor Day weekend has arrived!!! SEC football kicked of last night with an OLE MISS win. The long weekend is starting off nicely.
The 30 day FOUNDER CHALLENGE is over tomorrow. I got my Founders in easily…because I do FT everyday!



Learn FOUNDATION. TRAINING! Once you know the exercises you will have a tool for life that is “self care”. Self care is free and comes in handy. A little Foundation Training everyday will help keep spine lengthened, core muscles strengthen, keep new muscles patterns engrained, and just make you feel better! Everyone feels better after muscular work! Everyone feels better when they are not in pain also! FT is your ticket….your self care ticket!!! Stop with the meds….stop with the doctor visits to get the meds. Start taking care of yourself. Go back and read some of the articles I have written. Click on the FT tab and listen to Dr. Goodman about causes of back pain. We have caused most of our pain issues ourselves…poor posture, to much sitting, lack of movement, overweight, poor diets, smoking….all these things lead to body issues, muscle issues, joint issues. It is a fact! That pill you take will not change anything! The steroid shot is temporary…not a fix!
Get up and do the work…it is not that difficult to take care of yourself! Start caring about your body and your health…it is your future…
My rant is over. Have a safe Labor Day!