Sunday 10/12/14:
What an absolutely magnificent football Saturday yesterday in the state Of Mississippi!!!! Again, Dawgs and Rebels get it done in the mighty SEC. These 2 teams are for real! They have the whole package and I am quite impressed with them.
As Dan Mullen said, they have not accomplished much as of yet except for being 6-0. This goes for both teams. This is the SEC…toughest conference in all of college football in my opinion. Both are only half way thru their tough schedules…lots of football left. It is nice to be in control of your own destiny!
I might also add the athletes on both of these teams have shown nothing but class and composure. That has been refreshing to watch. These young men are new to winning on this level of competition… A lot of times that’s where things go wrong…young athletes not knowing how to handle the emotions with the pressure that’s going to build! So far, both teams have done an awesome job…just enough jubilation and celebration without the arrogance…after all, there are 6 more regular season games to go!
Whatever these two teams are doing…keep on doing it!