TGIF!!! 1/10/14

First full week of the year is in the books!
How are the “healthy” changes for 2014 coming along? Remember, just choose one thing at a time and stick with it.
How are the workouts going? Again, if you are new to exercise start small. Commit to walking everyday, or just start with basic exercises like squats and modified push ups…throw in some jump jacks and that’s a workout that hits a lot of muscles. You don’t have to get fancy with it. You just have to do it.
How many of you have joined the gym? How many have actually gone to the gym? Don’t be overwhelmed with the gym…ask for help. The staff have people there to show you how to do things. Hire a trainer. Yes, it will cost more, but they will show you how to do things correctly and more efficiently. I have clients who cannot afford to come me 2&3 times a week. I give them enough to do in one session…tell them to work on that for a week or 2…come back and I add more. There are ways…. You just have to want to do what it takes.
Also, don’t forget a stretching program. I like light stretching before my workout, and more stretching after my workout. As you all know by now… FOUNDATION TRAINING is my preferred method of stretching. Once you know enough of the exercises…FT make a great off day workout all by itself.
I’ll be at DeVille YMCA today at 1 pm with a few beginners. Feel free to just show up. Y members 10.00 and non-members 25.00.
Foundation Training will have you on your way to better posture, balance, flexibility and less back pain!
Everyone have a great Friday and weekend. Don’t forget Saturday at 3:30 the SAINTS play Seahawks! GEAUX SAINTS!

Basic Workout:
1. Bodyweight Squat-10 reps
2. Jump Jack- 15 reps
Repeat 2x with as little rest as possible

1.Pushup-10 reps(modify as needed)
2. Jab/Punch-10 per side
Repeat 2x with as little rest as possible

This is for the beginners. Do it. This is simple, no equipment and quick. Do it 3-4x per week. The other days walk, mow grass, play a sport, whatever….. Just move.


Tue 1/7/14: Congrats to Fla State last night in an exciting game. I was for Auburn…SEC fan, but at least Fla State is in the south!
On to some NFL playoffs this weekend. My SAINTS have a big task ahead of them.
Now, for some fitness talk. How is the first full week of 2014 going health and fitness wise? Are you implementing a new habit, getting rid of a bad habit, start an exercise program…. I d love to hear from you. I’m here to listen, motivate, and to help. Sharing is the best way to get going and to stay on track.
I have a Foundation Training group Friday at 1 pm at DeVille Y. It will be small and for beginners. This will be the perfect time to start FT if you have been on the fence about it. I promise you…if you have back pain this method is going to help. It is not expensive….it’s easy to learn and it is going to CHANGE the way you feel! The pain pills you are taking are not going to fix your back or correct anything else in your muscle chain. All of us…have to keep moving for our health. Back pain makes us want to be still…this is the worse thing you can do. MOTION IS LOTION! I will also have a Sat class at 8:45- a little more advanced. Then a 9:45 class for newer people. Why suffer when you don’t have?
Any Questions…contact me thru this article or at
Have a great day!

My friend and fellow FT instructor BRUNO doing a little casual Founder stretch…..FT can be done anywhere – anytime. So, you can feel good anywhere – anytime!

3 Months Left

Sunday,Sept 22,2013…Happy Sunday! Beautiful weather here in Mississippi! Played a little golf this morning. Getting lunch ready and my meals for the week. Most important of all getting ready for my SAINTS game! Hope to be 3-0 by 3pm today!

I realize probably 90% of you who had promising resolutions back in January have probably quit. I can tell by my training room group on FB. Jan thru March people posting and talking it up. Come May, I really see it slowing down. After Memorial Day…I am pretty much the main person still posting. Here we are now coming into the last 3 months of the year…..people really get distracted this time of year. We have football games…that means football food and drinks, Halloween…sweets, Thanksgiving and Christmas…more food, drinks,and parties. I love all this stuff also…but all the more reason to dig in and get a daily workout in. Eat healthy during the week if you have a football outing on the weekend. Don’t say, I’ll start over in January!!! You can do a lot of damage during these last 3 months.

Come on everyone…dig in these last 3 months. Get to that gym, that walking trail. Do that bike race coming up, or 5k walk. You’ll be so happy Jan 1,2014 when your not 15 lbs heavier!

Have a great Sunday…and GEAUX SAINTS!