Sunday July 6,2014:
We have a little cold front here in Jx Ms. It’s a lovely 60 degrees right now. Off to walk my 18 holes in just a bit. I’m sure by the turn it will be sweltering again.
I have had my 2 cups of coffee. Fixing to get my FT on in preparation for my round of golf. Then get all these veggies fixed up for the coming week. I have a full week of work ahead…gotta be prepared and have my food all planned out.
Not only do I write all this health and fitness stuff for the readers…I actually live this way.
Readers…prepare for the week. Plan time for everything. Life gets busy. The most important things to plan are the food and some rest time. Find a way… Good healthy food and a good 7 hours of sleep will keep you energized!
Gotta go….almost tee time!


Getting Ready for a New Week

Sun 10/06/13: Sunday is here and will be over quickly….then it’s ugh MONDAY! It’s rainy here today. Getting my cooking done, laundry, watching my Beloved Saints, my brainstorming, and helping folks take better care of themselves. I have a very busy week coming up.
Don’t forget this Sat Oct 12 at 9am…I’ll be talking about FOUNDATION TRAINING…what is is and why everyone needs to do it everyday. Also, I’ll be demonstrating a few of the basic poses.
Also, Thur Oct 10 at 2 pm…I’ll be at Eaton Aerospace for their employee health fair also doing more FOUNDATION TRAINING. Eaton contacted me about their health fair…they have a lot of employees their who sit at a desk all day long. This is really going to help them.
One thing on Thur Oct 10 at 8 am…I’ll be at the Madison Chamber of Commerce meeting talking about FOUNDATION TRAINING and passing out some contact information.
Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people, new business contacts, and spreading the word on FT. Hopefully, I can get some classes started as soon as November. I’m still working on that. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I know.
Have a great Sunday! Monday won’t be so bad if you”ll get prepared…do some things today to make your coming week easier.