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Hi there everyone,

Just a short and sweet email to remind you about the awesome new program I’m using with Foundation Training clients: CORE ELEMENTS. I also wanted to let you know that the $50 OFF discount code (CEFRIENDS) I’m offering expires November 3!
In case you missed it, Core Elements is Foundation Training’s pinnacle online training program that gives you access to the entire library of Foundation Training exercises. It’s brimming with 5 ½ hours of content – lectures, exercises, focus sessions, and progressive workouts – all in a simple-to-use format you can take with you anywhere you have internet.
As a Certified Foundation Training Instructor, I’m able to custom tailor a schedule for you to use with Core Elements so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.
The program is the perfect for when you’re not with me at a Foundation Training class or private session because:
I can create a personalized plan just for you. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet with me, you’ll still be practicing, improving, and getting stronger.
All the tips and cues from your classes are inside. You can rewatch again and again to fully and deeply practice the exercises.

You can take it with you wherever you have internet and keep your practice going strong!

If you’re ready to try Core Elements, click here and use code CEFRIENDS and get $50 OFF the program! The code expires November 3rd!

If you have any questions or want to know more about how I can create a personalized Core Elements plan for you, please reach out. I’d love to chat about your unique goals and come up with a plan that’s perfect for you.
Yours in health,

Stevey, CFT Instructor


Mon April 6,2015

How many of you go to your office each day and sit in chair?  How many of you have to travel for a living…wether it be by car or plane?  How many of you stand all day on a hard surface…factory workers come to mind.  How many of you do manual labor…heavy lifting?  How many of you go home so tired all you can do is shower, eat and sit in the most comfortable chair in the house?  How many of you go home with back aches, stiff necks, swollen tire feet, bad moods because you ache and are tired?

For a large number of people this is what daily life is.  Repeating our daily routine! Doing the same thing over and over until we retire.  Doing the same movement over and over.  Wether the movement is typing or ditch digging.  Wether the movement is performing open heart surgery or standing on an assembly line.  When we do the same movements over and over we are going to create over use issues, imbalance issues and malalignment issues.  The realization is most people do not realize the problems they are creating just from going to work everyday.

Factor in that most people do not exercise and most people gain weight each and every year of their life only accentuates the imbalance problems.  Even those who do exercise…they exercise wrong.  They go to the gym and do the same exercises over and over.  Some like that chest to look big…so they do not work the back much.  Some are trying to get a 6 pack, so they are on the floor pounding out the crunches…when all they are doing is flexing their spine.  Some get on those machines with the seat set improperly, or they are lifting to much.  You see all kinds of things in the gym.

Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING!  If people would learn Foundation Training they would start gaining control over their body again.

The first thing FT is going to do for a person is create awareness.  That desk worker is going to start adjusting their posture at the keyboard.  That surgeon is going to feel the strain in his neck from looking down all the time and adjust his shoulder blades.  The factory worker is going throw in some hip hinging while working or cut his adductors on.  A school teacher may get her whole class to take a decompression breathing break.

The principals and exercises of FOUNDATION TRAINING are “body saving”!  We all have to go to work and do what we do everyday.  Apply a little FT thru the day and your body will feel better!  Take a FT break during the day.  Get into posture at your desk or the water cooler and take 5 decompression breaths!  Before lunch do a lunch stretch on each side to stretch the hip flexors…this will take 1 minute if you do 30 seconds per side.  After lunch do 10 hip hinges to stretch your hamstrings a little…again this will take all of 30-60 seconds.  

FOUNDATION TRAINING will help stretch those shortened muscles groups, help you take in more oxygen, help you learn to breathe better, create body awareness, help even out imbalances, energize you and just make your body feel better.

Contact me to set up your FT session!


MONDAY 1/26/15:
Dorsi Flexion is the ability to lift the ball of your foot up towards your ankle.
Give it a try right now. Stand up evenly balanced. With one foot lift the toes and ball of foot upward without shifting your body. Tougher than you thought? The inability to produce enough dorsi flexion can cause a lot of gait issues and muscle imbalance. Those of you who can not dorsi flex adequately most likely over pronate also. You over pronate to compensate the lack of dorsi flexion. Again, this is how all kinds of muscular problems happen and lead to joint pain and overall body pain.
What causes poor dorsiflexion?
Poor dorsiflexion can be attributed to a number of factors. These include:
Flexibility issues with the Gastroc/Soleus complex (muscles of the calf).
Ankle joint restriction. This can be due to a tight joint capsule and/or scar tissue and adhesions in the joint from prior injuries or surgeries.
Anterior pelvic tilt posture. Bad posture (how often do you slouch when you’re sitting at your desk?) brings the body’s center of mass forward, which causes the ankle to plantar flex in an attempt to balance it out.
Ladies wearing high heels all the time. This puts the foot in extension for long periods of time and tightens the calf for long periods of time.
What to do about lack of dorsi flexion?
First, you may want to see a foot doctor or some type of movement coach, personal trainer or therapist who can give you exercises.
Secondly, learn some self myofascial release techniques. Use a foam roller on your shin and your calf. Use a tennis ball or golf ball on your foot. This will help loosen some of the soft tissue so that you can add some stretches.
Thirdly, learn Foundation Training. FT on a regular basis will have you dorsi flex, stretch the calf and the whole posterior kinetic chain. In time you will have more mobility and flexibility which leads to better movement patterns and less pain.
If you are in pain, bent over, have poor posture or really any body issue…contact me. Let me help you feel better. I work with an awesome network of practionors.
You do not have to stay in pain!


Monday May 19, 2014
Here we go…Monday Madness. I am up and have a very busy schedule this week.
Wanted to take a minute to talk about the weekend I just had. No, I’m not going to talk about my yard work or my golf game… I’ ll talk about my Foundation Training experience.
I have worked with a lot of different people since I began teaching FT last November. Most of the people are your average everyday people. A lot of them already do some form of exercise, and move a round well. These people catch on quick to FT and see what I am talking about with their posture and movement patterns. They love FT and feel the difference in their bodies. This is awesome.
I am now running across some clients who are completely opposite. These clients have absolutely no body awareness, most of these people do very little exercise, and their movement patterns are so terrible. This particular person I worked with Saturday needs FT desperately.
Body type lordotic, extreme forward head, feet pointed out, overweight, and complains of pain daily. As I showed her how some of her posture contributes to the pain you could see some light bulbs flashing. I placed her in some better posture positions and she was amazed at the different feelings. Amazed at how terrible week her thoracic area was from that forward head. I added some breathing work and barely touched on hinging, but gave her enough to start practicing daily at home.
Everyone needs Foundation Training! People like the client above really need it because they are really close to being non-mobile completely and their pain is only going to get worse. Imagine a client like this falling and breaking a hip…
Foundation Training is medicine! If you are ready to give it a try just let me know. If you know of someone who really needs FT just message me.
FT works…will improve movement patterns…and will make you feel better!
Have a great day and for those of you who know Foundation Training…do a founder!



Mon 2/17/14:
Here we go again…MONDAY! Had a really busy weekend. Foundation Training classes are really growing. Had several new people come for their first session because they were in such pain. You can just see the tightness in their body as they walk. So much tightness where their hip barely bends, their hip can hardly help raise their leg to walk, so tight that you can see the slight torque/ twist in their body. I want everyone reading my material to know that having that much tightness is not normal, that walking bent over is not normal and that walking with a limp because you are to tight to raise your hip is not normal. It is normal if you choose to do nothing about it. Those tight muscle are deforming your spine and moving your bones. I had back pain as far back as high school. I was told it was from playing to many sports. Knowing what I know now….how stupid was that!
This tightness, lack of movement, poor posture and movement patterns will lead you to the nursing home way before your time. I am staying in my home and do for myself
Foundation Training WILL stretch and strengthen those muscles that have you bent over. Foundation Training will loosen those hips where they will bend and do what they are designed to do. Foundation Training is medicine. Foundation Training will have you standing tall, walking with some pep to your step, and Foundation Training is going to get you out of pain.
Take care of your body. Write me, call me, ask someone who. I have already taught, go to and see for your self. The body you have is all you have….
Time to get going for me. Off to the gym, then the office…. Have a great day even though it is Monday ……
Waiting to hear from everyone!

These poses and exercises below will get you out of pain and change the way you move for life!