Wednesday 3/9/16

SCIATICA…it seems like everyone has this condition. 

Sciatica is a general term used to explain a set of symptoms around the sciatic nerve. Technically, it refers to pain caused by compression or irritation of one or more nerves exiting the lower spine that make up the sciatic nerve.  The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back through the back of each leg, and branches off to parts of the leg and to the foot and toes. Sciatic pain can be experienced anywhere along this nerve route, from the low back, the buttock, the back of the thigh, the calf, the foot or the toes.  There are a number of conditions that can cause sciatica…some of which are:


Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Piriformis Syndrome

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar Herniated Disk

Eighty percent of Americans suffer with back pain.  I myself have suffered with back pain since high school.  I was diagnosed with “spondy” when I was 18.  Back then in the 70’s the doctor told my mother on day I would have to have surgery.  Of course, at 18 you think “one day” is a long time off.

It is my belief to battle the above mentioned conditions one has to maintain a daily healthy lifestyle. 

First, exercise is a must.  I know it seems like if you exercise your back will go out, but movement is the number one thing we must do.  To be effective, the sciatica exercises recommended for specific conditions must be done regularly (typically two times daily), and they must be done using the right form. Close attention to posture and body mechanics is the key to both getting the maximum benefit from the exercises and preventing further injury or pain.  

Secondly, nutrition.  Eating a more plant based diet to help keep our weight down and giving our body the best nutrients possible in order to have energy.  Obesity, compresses our spine and discs causes back pain and poor posture.  

Thirdly, have more body work.  Have a monthly chiropractic adjustment and massage scheduled.  I don’t care how healthy you are…life is life!  Life can be thought on us…schedule that massage to work on soft tissue.  Our muscles need to be worked on….kneeded, oxygenated, stretched, released and relaxed.

Chiropractic adjustments are needed…our bones move out of alignment from poor posture, poor habits, repeated patterns, sports, injuries.  Adjustments help line the bones up so they work more optimally.

No one has perfect posture, no one has perfect movement all the time, everyone expierences life daily.  The goal is to practice healthy habits daily…to be a pain free as possible.  

I still have my back issues….

But, they are managed thru exercise, Foundation Training, healthy diet and body work.

No pills, bed rest or excuses for me.  Back pain is real! Life can be tough at times!  We all have choices….


Fri Aug 29,2014:
Labor Day weekend has arrived!!! SEC football kicked of last night with an OLE MISS win. The long weekend is starting off nicely.
The 30 day FOUNDER CHALLENGE is over tomorrow. I got my Founders in easily…because I do FT everyday!



Learn FOUNDATION. TRAINING! Once you know the exercises you will have a tool for life that is “self care”. Self care is free and comes in handy. A little Foundation Training everyday will help keep spine lengthened, core muscles strengthen, keep new muscles patterns engrained, and just make you feel better! Everyone feels better after muscular work! Everyone feels better when they are not in pain also! FT is your ticket….your self care ticket!!! Stop with the meds….stop with the doctor visits to get the meds. Start taking care of yourself. Go back and read some of the articles I have written. Click on the FT tab and listen to Dr. Goodman about causes of back pain. We have caused most of our pain issues ourselves…poor posture, to much sitting, lack of movement, overweight, poor diets, smoking….all these things lead to body issues, muscle issues, joint issues. It is a fact! That pill you take will not change anything! The steroid shot is temporary…not a fix!
Get up and do the work…it is not that difficult to take care of yourself! Start caring about your body and your health…it is your future…
My rant is over. Have a safe Labor Day!


Sun Aug 3,2014:
I am up much earlier than I wanted to be because we got in late from our golf trip. My pets don’t care that I went to bed later than usual….they want to be fed! I have a lot to do anyway…
I had a friend I know write me that wants to do a Founder. She lives far from me and wants to make sure she does it correctly. First, I am glad she is reading my articles about FOUNDATION TRAINING and wants to give it a try.
For anyone else out there in internet space interested in FT… technique is crucial. So please, click on this link to go straight to the FT site. You can find a FT instructor, see a video, hear testimonials, or order the book/DVD. The DVD’s are excellent! You will learn how to do FT plus get short workouts using the FT exercises. I did write my friend back and explain some things to her, but it’s difficult when I can not see her and how she moves.
As I learn from teaching others about Foundation Training…so many people have back problems, but it’s some other area causing the back pain. I see more and more problems in the shoulder blade and trapezius areas…tightness and weakness. You can not stand up straight with your shoulders slumped over! If you are starting to see the hump developing in your mid back you need FT. If you can barely raise your arms over your head you need FT. If your shoulders, traps or lats are your weak link you are headed for pain issues. Remember, Foundation Training is posterior chain training. FT works the whole chain as a unit…FT wants the feet! calves, hamstrings, glutes, core, low back,mid back, traps, shoulder, neck, brain…to all work together! This is what sets Foundation Training apart!!!! If there is a weak link…FT will find it and fix it.
If you don’t address these issues…they will become more chronic, more painful, those overworked muscles that are helping the weak muscles will become more imbalanced and stressed. I have been there myself in debilitating pain with my pelvis jacked over to one side and still having to go to work and make it thru the day!
Start today…change your patterns, change the way you move, learn your body, change the way you feel…
I can not do it for you…but I can sure help you.
Have a great day…because you can!




Sat 5/3/14:
Hello everyone. I know I have not been writing as often like I used to, but life has me so busy. All is good in my world…just a little difficult lately.
Change can be so stressful sometimes….needless to say my little routine has been interrupted causing imbalance in my life. Hopefully, things will settle down a bit.
Now for some FOUNDATION TRAINING talk! I introduced a new client to FT yesterday. Get this story. He is a 50 year old male with chronic everyday back pain. He served time in the Marines and was a body builder in the past. He has that rather thick…lordotic frame. He goes on to tell me he has been to the doctor earlier in the day because of the pain. He went to a general practitioner. The doctor gave him a shot of course and 3 bottles of various pills. One bottle had 250 pills in it. He is to take those 4x per day! This is insane!! I asked, what do he tell you this pills would do for your back. He says, numb the pain. It’s a travesty!!!! This is not how people should be treated. No wonder unemployment is so high…everyone is on pain medication and to numbed up to care about working. No wonder there are so many hooked on pain meds….if you get 2 and 300 at a time and are instructed to take them 4x a day! This is appalling to me. This client even stated, “I’m scared I’m going to get hooked because I’m taking them everyday so that I can work, but I feel like I’m in a fog”.
I go on to tell him FOUNDATION TRAINING is going to get him off the medication.
We go on to start our session. Yes, he is extremely tight in the hips, and shoulders. External rotation of the arms was difficult but we got it. We corrected his posture, got weight back over the heels. Then we really worked on decompression breathing…what it is and how it will help. He actually caught onto this easily. Moved onto gentle hinging for him pretty much keeping his arms back. We practiced, and did some movement patterns, took a few pics. Afterwards he says, “I feel looser”. I said, “Bravo, you should. We just did a lot of work!
For anyone reading this article…FOUNDATION TRAINING works! FT is absolutely amazing in what it does! If the above client applies what I am teaching him to his daily life…he can be off those pills as of now! I am dead serious!
If you know of anyone with back pain or really with most any kind of pain send them to a FT instructor. I am in Mississippi and there are other FT instructors popping up everywhere. I can help get you with a good teacher if you are not in my area. Go to to learn more about FT. Back pain is annoying, uncomfortable, and mood altering. Address what is causing the problem ( usually soft tissue/muscular issues) and get off the pain pills! The pain pills will not fix your back! If a Doctor ever writes you 200, 300 pills at a time leave immediately!
Have a great weekend…off for some golf today!