MONDAY 1/26/15:
Dorsi Flexion is the ability to lift the ball of your foot up towards your ankle.
Give it a try right now. Stand up evenly balanced. With one foot lift the toes and ball of foot upward without shifting your body. Tougher than you thought? The inability to produce enough dorsi flexion can cause a lot of gait issues and muscle imbalance. Those of you who can not dorsi flex adequately most likely over pronate also. You over pronate to compensate the lack of dorsi flexion. Again, this is how all kinds of muscular problems happen and lead to joint pain and overall body pain.
What causes poor dorsiflexion?
Poor dorsiflexion can be attributed to a number of factors. These include:
Flexibility issues with the Gastroc/Soleus complex (muscles of the calf).
Ankle joint restriction. This can be due to a tight joint capsule and/or scar tissue and adhesions in the joint from prior injuries or surgeries.
Anterior pelvic tilt posture. Bad posture (how often do you slouch when you’re sitting at your desk?) brings the body’s center of mass forward, which causes the ankle to plantar flex in an attempt to balance it out.
Ladies wearing high heels all the time. This puts the foot in extension for long periods of time and tightens the calf for long periods of time.
What to do about lack of dorsi flexion?
First, you may want to see a foot doctor or some type of movement coach, personal trainer or therapist who can give you exercises.
Secondly, learn some self myofascial release techniques. Use a foam roller on your shin and your calf. Use a tennis ball or golf ball on your foot. This will help loosen some of the soft tissue so that you can add some stretches.
Thirdly, learn Foundation Training. FT on a regular basis will have you dorsi flex, stretch the calf and the whole posterior kinetic chain. In time you will have more mobility and flexibility which leads to better movement patterns and less pain.
If you are in pain, bent over, have poor posture or really any body issue…contact me. Let me help you feel better. I work with an awesome network of practionors.
You do not have to stay in pain!


Wed Jan 14, 2015:
We all know to start a new building you have to have a solid foundation. If not, sooner or later problems will occur.
Our bodies work the same way. It all starts with the feet. Our feet are our foundation. Our feet have to support our weight and carry us everywhere we go. If you have posture issues, back pain, knee pain…it could be coming from the feet.
The most common foot problem is over pronation/flat feet. This problem is the cause of so many problems in the body. Remember, when we have pain we want to find the cause not just treat the symptom. Over time over pronation will wreck havoc on the body.
Hyperpronation causes an internal rotation of the lower extremities. Because the left foot typically hyperpronates more than the right, the asymmetrical internal leg rotation typically causes the left innominate to be pulled forward and down more than the right causing an unleveled pelvis and a functional leg length discrepancy. As these displacements cascade up the axial framework, scoliotic and kyphotic curves are exaggerated. The thoracic cage will twist counter clockwise, the left shoulder will lift and/or pull away from the spine and the right shoulder will drop.
This gravity shift is called bio-implosion. The health consequences are significant! These changes also result in an anterior shift in the body’s center of gravity which causes an increased load on the forefoot and increased muscular activity to maintain balance and stability.
Stop suffering with pain! Contact a foot doctor, physio therapist, massage therapist or a trainer that will look at your posture. A lot of these issues can be worked on to improve.
Yes, Foundation Training will get you into better posture and teach you how to stay in good posture.
Contact me for an assessment!




Does your foot work in this position?

Does your foot work in this position?

Mon Jan 12,2015:
BACK PAIN… A nagging and sometimes debilitating pain to have. Yet, 80% of
Americans have it. I have suffered with back pain myself since high school.
Luckily, I have found great relief thru Foundation Training.
Since I teach Foundation Training I am always studying about the body and treating the causes of our body we pain. Today, I’ll hopefully get readers to look at their feet?
The feet can say so much about the body. If you came to me for an assessment the first thing I will do is look at your feet. There are many bones in the feet along with so many nerves. Your feet are designed to do so much work, yet if they do not work properly…the kinetic chain is altered. The kinetic chain, is how all muscles coming out of the feet up the ankle, thru the calf, and all the way up the body work. Your feet may not hurt but your back, hips,knees, or something else might.
Our feet move in many ways:
Plantar flexion of the ankle, which occurs when you stand on your tiptoes. If you’re sitting with your legs out in front of you, plantar flexion of the ankle happens when you point your toes.
Dorsiflexion, which occurs when you stand on your heels with the balls of the feet lifted off the floor. If you’re sitting, dorsiflexion happens when you push your heels away from you and pull your toes toward you, for example in plank pose.
Supination, which takes place when you stand with your weight rolled onto the outer edges of your feet, lifting the arches and the base of the big toe. Non-weight-bearing supination happens when you sit with your legs out in front of you and turn the soles of the feet so they start to face each other, like in wide-angle pose.
Pronation, which occurs when you lift the outer edges of your feet as you stand, collapsing your arches. In sitting postures, pronation occurs when you press out through your inner heels and the bases of your big toes.
The most common foot deviation is over pronation and lack of Dorsi flexion. These two deviations lead to all kinds of body issues. So, stand in the mirror and look at your feet. Notice what your foot is doing…look at the toes. Do you have a callous? Bunion? All of this is a sign of improper foot alignment… If your foot is not aligned correctly I can promise you it is not working properly…which can be the root cause of other body pain.
Learn about your body!