Sunday Jan 25, 2016

I wake up every morning early to have coffee, read articles on fitness, post on Facebook or my website, get ready for my day at the office and get to the gym.  I have been doing this for nearly 30 years.  It’s a habit!  I never give it a second thought…its just what I do.  For me, nothing is more important than my health…so, this comes easy for me.  Also, as a middle aged women with no known health issues…a healthy weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and plenty of energy…I,  100% believe this is achieved from a healthy diet, exercise and a good night’s rest. 

It’s mind boggling that people will not take better care of themselves…

I do realize just because doing what is necessary to keep me off blood pressure medicine and any other kind of medication is easy for me…others struggle with exercise, eating healthier and just being active in general.

As a trainer, I hear all kinds of reasons why people don’t exercise.  Also, an article in psychology today listed several reason why people won’t get moving.  Take a look at the list.

I hate sweating.

I hate being too hot.

I hate being too cold.

I hate being out of breath.

I hate when my hair gets messed up.

I hate sore muscles.

I hate blisters and calluses.

I hate getting wet in the rain.

I hate getting out of bed when it’s dark and cold.

I hate going out at night when it’s dark and cold.

I hate getting dirty.

I hate working out in front of people at the gym.

REALLY?  THESE REASONS TRUMP… Taking meds for high blood pressure and colesterol, poor muscle tone, loss of strength, flexibility and mobility, feeling tired all the time and so many spin offs from these problems.  The way I see it, people are choosing to feel bad, move poorly and take meds because they don’t want to sweat or get up a little earlier?  I could go on about insurance and healthcare costs…but what’s the point, if a lot of people are choosing poor health over better health because they might sweat, ache or be uncomfortable for a little bit.

When I see things like the above list it just really unsettles me.  I see at my gym most mornings about 6am maybe 15-20 people come thru…yes, it’s pretty much the same people every morning…kudos to these people!  There are probably 10 other fitness facilities in the surrounding area.  If they all have 20 people at 6 am that equal 200 people getting their fit on before work.  We probably have 170,000 people living in Jackson, Ms alone…and only 200 show up for a morning workout?  Even if 1,700 people should up thru out the day and after work…that is only 1 percent of the Jackson population!  If that doesn’t show how epidemic lack of exercise is right here where I live…I do not know what will drive it home.

Again, these are my thoughts and estimates from what I see, hear and read.  Nothing will change…until we change.

I have said time and time again…it is each individual’s responsibility to take care of your body.  Each of us has to move more, exercise more, eat healthier and get good rest.  This is the prescription for a long healthy life… You may not like it, it may be uncomfortable and it may not fit into your day easily.  We all have a choice.  Choose the healthier way or keep feeling tired, keep taking meds, keep taking pills to help you sleep.

Everyone have a great day and make that change today!




Tue 5/5/15:

POSTURE…the ability to balance.  The ability to balance our head over our shoulders. The ability to not fall down.

If you are standing…you are in posture.

Being in posture involves a lot of muscular actions….something we never think about.  We take for granted the many muscular abilities of our bodies.  I remember as a kid being able to move so freely, very athletically and without pain.  How I would love to still be able to move as a child and without pain.  Don’t get me wrong.  At age 57…I still move pretty well.  The difference now is I have to work at it and be conscious of what I do and how I do it.  It all start with Posture.

Once you are out of school and enter the working world life becomes more of a routine.  Even though I have always stayed active physically things about the body just change.  

The effects of a desk job catch up with you.  The effects of “stress” from everyday life catch up with you. The effects from injury catch up with you.  The effects of weight gain on your frame catches up with you.  As you age the weight becomes heavier, we start moving less, we become tired more easily, pain comes more often and stays longer.  I know how the body changes and how it feels as time passes.  Even though I stay active and I keep my weight under control and eat healthily…. We just don’t feel good every day!

POSTURE!  It all starts with our frame.  I spend a lot of time studying about posture and movement.  I teach FOUNDATION TRAINING…which is all about better posture and the muscles that keep you in posture.  No one is teaching about this in Ms…and posture/movement should be in ever gym, fitness program, rehab program, physical therapy program and other places I have not even thought of.

Doctors should be sending patients for posture/movement work instead of giving the a prescription.

A posture program is the prescription people need for pain, muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, forward head syndrome, back pain, stiff joints, poor balance…how does a pill or a shot fix this? 

May is National Posture Month…do yourself a favor and get your posture looked at.  Send your parents.  Send your kids if you are already noticing poor habits.

I will be at the Flowood YMCA Sat May 16 @9:30 talking about posture, Foundation Training and answering questions you may have.  If I do not know an answer I have a network of awesome “body” practioners who can help.  

We can all age better, move better which turns into moving more,have less pain, and take better care of our bodies.  It all starts with posture!  

Have a great day and never forget: MOVEMENT MATTERS



Friday 4/17/15:

The most common “ailment” in today’s society is Back Pain!  A whopping 80% of the population have some form of back pain.  Back Pain develops for many reasons.  Poor Posture, sitting to much, standing to much, being overweight, weak muscles, tight muscles, overpronation in the foot, to much anterior tilt in the pelvis, to much posterior tilt in the pelvis….the list goes on and on.

The good news is “most back pain” can be treated without medication, surgery or other major procedures.  The bad news is so many people are not willing to do a little work and change a few bad habits.  Most people go to the doctor and actually believe the medication that is prescribed will fix their back pain.  This just is not true and never will be.

First and foremost everyone needs to buy into the fact that humans are made to move.  I do not mean move from the chair to refrigerator, or from your desk to your car to your big easy chair at home.  I mean “ALL HUMANS” are meant to move all day long.  Our muscles need to be lengthened thru the day.  Our joints need to bear weight properly aligned through out the day.  Our muscles and joints need to be taken through their full range of motion through out the day.  We all need to learn how to breathe better using our lungs and diaphragm to a fuller capacity.  

It is a fact that people in far away countries with far less than we Americans have are healthier than us.  They work in the fields, on the fishing boats, doing manual labor.  They sit in a squat position to rest.  They sit on the ground in general.  We sit in big, curvy comfortable chairs…never getting that hip joint to close down any further. Hard to believe with all that we have here in the states that our society is so overweight, over medicated, lazy, and unhealthy.

If you want to feel better, manage your body pain without medication, improve how your body works…you better start changing your poor habits.  Our bodies are machines that need their full range of motion. 

FOUNDATION TRAINING will set you on the path to better body awareness and health.


Mon. March 2,2015:

MOVEMENT, the average everyday person never gives how they move a thought.   After all we have been moving since infancy, thru childhood, thru our youthful athletic endeavors, into our professional life then into our senior life.  Most never even notice the changes along the way.  

Why have you started holding on to something when you sit down?  Why does your back hurt if you sit to long?  Why does your knee hurt if you decide to take a walk at the local walking trail?  Why does your neck and shoulders hurt all the time?  If you have asked yourself these questions…what was your answer?  Why do you think all these aches and pains happen to us?  A lot of the clients I work with all say, “I guess I’m just getting old”!  Granted, as we age we are not going to move like we did as a child or as a college athlete…but, we do not have to accept aches and pains, bent over posture, and lack of activity just because we have moved into the 40,50,60, and above category.  This is unacceptable!  Our bodies are miracles!  We all have the power within us to age gracefully…with movement.  

Look at the pictures below:  People of different ages, different occupations and different paths to get where they are now.  What do they all have in common?  POOR POSTURE AND PAIN!

Why should they settle for these poor postures, bent frames, compressed spines, weak muscles and pain?  They shouldn’t!  All of this can be improved with FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Yes, it is possible to age graceful, to stand up tall, to exercise with out pain, to still work in your yard, to get on the floor and play with the grand children.  

HOW?  Find a FOUNDATION TRAINING INSTRUCTOR.  Get an Assesment and then start learning FOUNDATION TRAINING.  FT will improve everything about you.  Poor posture leads to pain.  The people in the photos did not get like this over night. This is years of poor posture and poor movement patterns.  The good news, it can be worked on and improved!  It starts, with awareness and then implementing the exercises.  

Stay tuned…tomorrow the after pictures…



If your posture looks like this…it can be changed. This is classic weakness in the back of the body. With a client willing to make some changes, do some work, gain some knowledge on why they have gotten like this and what they can do to improve…magic can happen!



Tue 10/28-14
Good morning everyone! Time to get back to those 8-5’s and bring home those nickels.
I taught several new people FOUNDATION TRAINING this weekend. One gentlemen I would like to discuss. This gentleman is an ex athlete and has lots of pain daily…mostly in his back. He has had some surgeries and has lots of visible torque and muscle imbalance in his body. He was in pain when he entered the door.
I took a few photos like I usually do on a new client. I ask them to stand in the best posture they can. I will then make adjustments and basically place them in a better posture (according to what their body will let me do). .. Then I take that picture. Then we review. Below are his before and my placement picture.



Once I show them some of the issues going in their own body we begin learning how to get into the better posture on their own. The first question I usually get is, I”m supposed to stand like a statue all the time”? I”ll reply, you will practice like this until your muscles learn the positions. Again, FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about re-learning proper muscle patterns. This gentleman did not always stand like this. Because of gravity, injury, poor posture, compensations…we move into these structurally damaging postures… This leads to all the pain issues.
If you have back pain…get in the mirror and look at your posture.   If you sit at a desk all day…have someone take a picture with their phone to see what you look like.  Do you type away all day on a computer?  See what position your body is in while doing this.  A picture will give you a lot of information about what you may be doing on a daily basis to cause or contribute to your body pain.  We all have posture issues, imbalance issues etc.  Be pro active and learn FOUNDATION TRAINING!  FT is going to correct a lot of these positions and movement patterns that are causing the pain…FT is a solution to manage pain and correct movement patterns!



Monday 9/8/14:
Foundation Training can be life changing! Foundation Training should be applied in all your movements through the day. The awareness you learn from taking a class or a few private lessons can literally change your life…especially if you are in pain. The awareness of your own body and the way you move your own body are invaluable. This awareness leads to the ability to make corrections in everything you do…from watching TV, to working in the yard, playing sports, or just the simple act of picking something up.
Invest in a few lessons…most people will get the basics down in 3 or 4 lessons and will have invaluable knowledge about their OWN body. We all have our own unique body with our own unique movement patterns. All of us have muscles imbalances and some incorrect movement patterns. Baby boomers…start now with some corrections so that moving into those senior years keep you as active as ever! Seniors…if you feel your balance is a little shaky…learn Foundation Training! I promise your balance will get better and you will get stronger.
Contact me for a session. Click on the FT tab to order a instructional DVD if you do not have a teacher in your area. Foundation Training will make the perfect Christmas gift. The gift of health is an excellent choice…and to have a healthy body is a gift!