Friday 11/14/14:
POSTURE speaks volumes. Everyone knows how you carry yourself when you walk into a room or a stage speaks volumes. If you want people to listen to you… Stand tall, be positive, carry yourself with confidence. People with good posture tend to be confident anyway. People who stand tall with an open chest and eyes looking straight ahead are just waiting to answer a question, solve a problem, or offer advice.
Face it, in this day and age most of us sit at a computer a lot, or sit behind the wheel of a car a lot. We all stare at our cell phone no telling how many times a day. These activities coupled with gravity are crippling so many people. We have to pay attention to what we are doing and how we are doing it. I was in the same boat with everyone else. I did not realize how my everyday life was contributing to my back pain issues. I have always been very active, keep my weight under control, and pay attention to my body. I just always had a back ache. I just accepted it as being active and aging. I just thought, I would rather have a back ache from being active than sedentary!
Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING! What I have learned from FT has changed everything. First, my back does not hurt anymore. Second, health and fitness is so much more than jogging and lifting weights. True health and fitness starts with knowing your body. Knowing your posture, knowing how you sit, stand, walk, just move in general. Knowing your habits…
It does you absolutely no good to exercise with poor posture and poor movement patterns! Granted, it is still exercise… You may have gotten your heart rate up, but you are accentuating your weaknesses and imbalances. This will catch up with you.
Take the time to learn FOUNDATIONS TRAINING! You will learn about your individual posture and movement. You will be able to apply FT to your daily life at your desk. You will improve your jog, your workout, your performance in competitions. Back pain can/will just about go away. You will feel better. Your confidence will return.
FOUNDATION TRAININGS is medicine. Take a dose a day and you will reap the benefits.
Contact me for a session to evaluate what you are doing now. After all, if you do not know what you are doing you can not make adjustments.
Gift certificates are available for the holidays.

Start moving better…it pays dividends!


Mon 11/10/14:
My friend Jane was in town this week for the Sanderson Farms PGA event. I have shown her a little FT on the fly at some golf events in the past. She wanted me to give her a session and go in more depth about her body… So here is a little bit of her session.
Jane is a dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience. She sits on a dental stool all day in a rounded back position with her head down a lot. Also, her femur is externally rotated outward more than the average person because of her job…which has her feet splayed wide open.
Jane is a quick learner and analytical by nature. I explained decompression breathing…how and why it needs to be done daily. I taught Jane some better body positions to be in… For example getting her feet to point more forward. She immediately felt how uncomfortable this was for her. It’s important to be in the correct positions when doing any of the FT exercises. This is how you train the imbalanced or weaker muscles.
During our assessment I asked Jane to perform a squat. She does her squat…the picture below. I also video the squat and play it back so the client can see which part of the body is initiating the movement.
Now, the fun part…I get to teach how to fix this!!!!
I begin by teaching the hinge with the hip leading…not her knee or quad. I teach her about how to keep her shoulder blades retracted through out the movement pattern (this was a really weak link for her). I explained when in this hinged position to reallywork on the breathing pattern really lifting and expanding the rib cage area pulling in oxygen.  We worked on this for a while…she caught on quickly.  Jane is an active person…she plays a lot of golf  and does work out at a gym, but she was amazed that her movement patterns were incorrect.  Jane does have some mild scoliosis and she has a history of shoulder problems.  I know a lot of hygienists with neck/shoulder problems.  It’s hard on the body to be in those hygeine positions all day everyday…this is how muscle imbalances happen!  I believe with FOUNDATION TRAINING…Jane, can strengthen her shoulder blade area and get her adductors activated fixing her external rotation issues to help balance her out and ease the discomfort.

Go to my Facebook page stevey’s training room featuring foundation trIning to see Jane’s after session pictures.

i could not get the pictures to load in this article…sorry about that!  Check out the page to see her improvement.



Monday 9/8/14:
Foundation Training can be life changing! Foundation Training should be applied in all your movements through the day. The awareness you learn from taking a class or a few private lessons can literally change your life…especially if you are in pain. The awareness of your own body and the way you move your own body are invaluable. This awareness leads to the ability to make corrections in everything you do…from watching TV, to working in the yard, playing sports, or just the simple act of picking something up.
Invest in a few lessons…most people will get the basics down in 3 or 4 lessons and will have invaluable knowledge about their OWN body. We all have our own unique body with our own unique movement patterns. All of us have muscles imbalances and some incorrect movement patterns. Baby boomers…start now with some corrections so that moving into those senior years keep you as active as ever! Seniors…if you feel your balance is a little shaky…learn Foundation Training! I promise your balance will get better and you will get stronger.
Contact me for a session. Click on the FT tab to order a instructional DVD if you do not have a teacher in your area. Foundation Training will make the perfect Christmas gift. The gift of health is an excellent choice…and to have a healthy body is a gift!







Monday Aug 18, 2104
POSTURE… Is the one thing that each and everyone of us can work on and improve is our posture. Posture is something most of us just don’t think about, but now for me it’s all I think about.
Good posture is important because it helps your body function at top speed. It promotes movement efficiency and endurance and contributes to an overall feeling of well-being.
Good posture is also good prevention. If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended. Faulty posture may cause you fatigue, muscular strain, and, in later stages, pain. Many individuals with chronic back pain can trace their problems to years of faulty postural habits. In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital organs, particularly those in the abdominal region.
Your back has 3 natural curves in it- a cervical, thoracic and a lumbar. Maintaining these 3 natural curves thru life means you have a healthy back.
In order for this to happen a person needs strong abdominal muscles along with strong gluteal and leg muscles to support the back. The real work horse in movement are the hips and gluteal muscles…these muscles will support the back. Your hip, knee and ankle joint are meant to balance out the natural curves in the back when you move. When a kink develops problems are on the way.
If you have poor posture you most likely have muscle imbalances…this leads to the posterior muscle chain not work smoothly and efficiently as it should. You most likely have tight muscles most likely on one side of the body. You may have nagging pain. Your joints may hurt or not move as good as they could because the muscles are so tight. The list of symptoms can go on and on. Symptoms are warning signals….work on your posture and these very symptoms listed can be relieved if not eliminated.
Give FOUNDATION TRAINING a try! Foundation Training will address poor posture, the posterior chain, weak muscles, weak glutei, flexibility issues, poor balance and more. We can all improve our posture…do that and you will improve a lot of other body issues. Contact me for a session or click on the Foundation Training tab visit their site or order a DVD.


Tue Aug. 12,2014:
What are muscles imbalances? A muscle imbalance happens when one muscle is stronger than it’s opposing muscle. For example, say you love to go to the gym and do a lot of chest work: push-up, flys, etc but you do very little back work: such as rows or lat pulls. This creates an imbalance. Chest may get very big and strong, but it’s opposing group of back muscles get very weak. This can cause all kind of posture issues, shoulder issues, back issues.
You can also cause muscle imbalances by repetitive actions. Let’s say you work in a factory and stand on your feet all day putting together car parts.
That same movement pattern or position you put your body in becomes dominate and overused…this to leads to imbalance and all kinds of body/pain issues after time.
Let’s say you are a golf lover and can’t wait to play every weekend. Well, golf is already hard enough to play all on its own. If your mechanics are not good you are doing more than just playing bad golf! You guessed it…pain issues are on the way. Just look at all the professionals right now suffering from back issues…and they have beautiful swing mechanics. For them these imbalances come from repetitive movement patterns.
In the photo below you can see how imbalance looks in a muscle fiber. One muscle is well developed or overly developed – while the opposing muscle is smaller and weak. Therefore, this muscle group will not work together as a unit. The stronger muscle will pull on the bone and/or joint it is attached to and move it into an improper position. Believe me when I say…you can have imbalances in your foot causing back pain! You can have imbalances in you hip causing your plantar Fasciitis! The body has chains of muscle groups running from head to toe…get a kink in the chain…problems will occur.
Take care of your bodies…and start young. Parents get your young athletes to a massage therapist. Everyone should get chiropractic adjustments. Find a FOUNDATION TRAINING instructor that can teach you to stretch and strengthen your posterior chain as a unit. This will help get the “kink” out of your chain.


We usually create our own muscle imbalances….just from our daily lives. From housewife, to desk job, to student, to professional athlete…we are all going to have imbalances. Make taking care of your body as important as having food and water on a daily basis.
As always, I am available to help you with your body with FOUNDATION TRAINING. Also, I have an excellent group of professionals to refer to.


Sun Aug 3,2014:
I am up much earlier than I wanted to be because we got in late from our golf trip. My pets don’t care that I went to bed later than usual….they want to be fed! I have a lot to do anyway…
I had a friend I know write me that wants to do a Founder. She lives far from me and wants to make sure she does it correctly. First, I am glad she is reading my articles about FOUNDATION TRAINING and wants to give it a try.
For anyone else out there in internet space interested in FT… technique is crucial. So please, click on this link to go straight to the FT site. You can find a FT instructor, see a video, hear testimonials, or order the book/DVD. The DVD’s are excellent! You will learn how to do FT plus get short workouts using the FT exercises. I did write my friend back and explain some things to her, but it’s difficult when I can not see her and how she moves.
As I learn from teaching others about Foundation Training…so many people have back problems, but it’s some other area causing the back pain. I see more and more problems in the shoulder blade and trapezius areas…tightness and weakness. You can not stand up straight with your shoulders slumped over! If you are starting to see the hump developing in your mid back you need FT. If you can barely raise your arms over your head you need FT. If your shoulders, traps or lats are your weak link you are headed for pain issues. Remember, Foundation Training is posterior chain training. FT works the whole chain as a unit…FT wants the feet! calves, hamstrings, glutes, core, low back,mid back, traps, shoulder, neck, brain…to all work together! This is what sets Foundation Training apart!!!! If there is a weak link…FT will find it and fix it.
If you don’t address these issues…they will become more chronic, more painful, those overworked muscles that are helping the weak muscles will become more imbalanced and stressed. I have been there myself in debilitating pain with my pelvis jacked over to one side and still having to go to work and make it thru the day!
Start today…change your patterns, change the way you move, learn your body, change the way you feel…
I can not do it for you…but I can sure help you.
Have a great day…because you can!




Sun July 13, 2014
Yesterday I was contemplating what I would write about for today to promote Foundation Training. So, I took a trip to the mall…not to shop but to people watch. So, I parked myself on a bench and just watched people.
I saw all kinds of people…mostly overweight people, mostly people with poor posture, mostly people with imbalances just screaming to be helped.
You can see the feet pointed outward. You can see the rotation in the hip area thru their clothes. You can see the slant in their shoulders. No one walks tall. So many had their heads so far in front of their shoulders just pulling on their traps and rounding their backs. I just want to stop them one by one and and align them better so they can feel the difference. I would venture to deduce from all my watching a lot of these people already have pain issues which will only worsen as their days turn into years.
I could help so many people with Foundation Training. These very same people would learn from Foundation Training how to align their body better, how to move properly. They could actually walk tall with hips over ankles and that head pulled back over their shoulders. Foundation Training would give them the strength and flexibility their muscles need to walk tall.
My wish is to one day go to the mall and sit on a bench to people watch…just imagine if everyone walked around with their head up, shoulders down and a beautiful gait with feet headed straight ahead!!! Imagine if people walked around like they had energy and like they were glad to be here. I believe it can happen! FOUNDATION TRAINING will make it happen for these people.
If you are one of the people I have written about in this article click on the FT/MOVEMENT MATTERS link in the bottom left hand corner to order the FT book and/or DVD to start learning to improve your life.
I am happy to teach those of you in my area in person where you can be evaluated. For those of you not in my area get the DVD and the book. The pictures in the book are great and the instruction on the DVD is very good. I can always be reached if you have any question on how to do any of the movements. I can also connect you with an instructor if you are not in my area.
Everyone needs FOUNDATION TRAINING. Foundation Training will correct all the posture issues in the photo below!