Mon 3/9/15:

INTRINSIC CORE MUSCLES are responsibile for joint stability, mobility and posture.  

Our frame is made up of a bunch of bones stacked upon joints.  All of this is covered with layers of soft tissue…muscle, tendons, ligaments wrapped up in fascia.  Our human frame is a movement machine.  We are not built to sit or be non-mobile.  We are made to move…a lot.  

As an infant we had to learn how to move.  We start out just looking around swinging and kicking our limbs.  We gradually learn to roll.  We progress to rolling to sitting up then into crawling.  What is really happening during these stages is intrinsic core strength is developing.  That rolling, crawling baby is using their core to get them up from a lying position…the arms and legs are not yet strong enough.  The core muscles are on stabilizing so the baby doesn’t fall over…if the baby does fall over they roll right back up.  Thru crawling, the core is firing helping with balance.  The baby keeps their head up with a long straight spine.  The baby is developing strength in the shoulders, back, legs, arms and wrists.  The baby brain is working in unison with the muscles teaching integrated muscular movements.  This is how ALL of us started out moving…

What has happened thru the years?  Where did our core strength go?  Why are we bent over?  Why are we having pain?  Some of us can barely walk now!  The brain still sends signals, but now it signals the knees to help you sit.  Maybe, you have to give yourself a push with your arms to get out of a chair?  

We can do better!  For me, I am getting back to basics.  I have my own compensation patterns.  I have a right hip issue…nothing severe…but I do not want it progressing.  If we do not work on our movement when we have these issues…we will be worse off.  No cane for me!

I am implementing rolling and crawling patterns into my training.  I have tried some rolling exercises…much harder than it looks.  This shows my core weakness…yes, you can have good mobility and still have intrinsic core weakness!  This probably explains why most of us have back pain!  If your core is not stabilizing…your back is probably doing the work.  Crawling is a cardio/strengthening technique.  Going back to the baby…they are in training with all that crawling!  As soon as they develop enough strength…up they go onto 2 feet!

For those of you who say you have never worked out…yes you did once upon a time ago!  

Get back to basics.  Practice rolling and crawling…I am!  Don’t worry, I will be keeping you posted because this is important.  Of course, Foundation Training will go along with this very well.

Have a great day!




FRIDAY 2/20/15
What is a muscle spasm? Basically, a muscle spams is an involuntary muscle contraction. We have all had them at one time or another. They usually come suddenly and are very painful! Who hasn’t had the famous “charlie horse” in the calf in the middle of the night? That is a muscle spasm.
Muscle spasms cause pain, but they function as a warning sign: Something else is going wrong with your body mechanics. Back spasms are defense mechanisms; the muscles contract, protecting a deeper problem. The only way to get the muscles to relax is to move, functionally transferring the stress that is causing the injury or inflammation in your back to your posterior chain, which is built to take it, and thereby relieving the pain.
One of my favorite sayings is: MOTION IS LOTION!
Muscle spasm can be caused by several possibilities such as:
Poor blood circulation in the legs
Overexertion of the calf muscles while exercising
Insufficient stretching before exercise
Exercising in the heat
Muscle fatigue
Magnesium and/or potassium deficiency
Calcium deficiency in pregnant women
Malfunctioning nerves, which could be caused by a problem such as a spinal cord injury or pinched nerve in the neck or back
Medication can cause cramping/spasms
Treatment :
Ice/heat treatments
Massaging the area
Gentle stretching
Epsom salt bath
FOUNDATION TRAINING will help correct poor movement patterns
FOUNDATION TRAINING is integrated stretching
FOUNDATION TRAINING is posterior chain “strength” training
FOUNDATION TRAINING is better posture

Have a great day!

That’s me in the picture below…taking a dynamic stretching position at the office. This is how you take care of your body. This is FOUNDATION TRAINING!



Tue 2/10/15
Thought I would post a workout today. I spend a lot of time on Foundation Training, but doing a workout is still necessary. If you apply FT principals to your workouts…you will have better form and be able to train the muscles while they are in a more proper position.
Remember, in this style workout…change it to fit your needs. Everything is adjustable…just get it done.
Have a great day!

Workout 2:
Warm up: Jog in place-20 sec
Standing mt climbs-20 sec
Arm swing w/ thumb up/thumb down-20 sec
Wide BW squat-20 sec
Push up-20 sec
Stick up-20 sec
Rest 20 sec…Repeat 2x

Superset1: Total Body Extension-30 sec
BW squat into a front kick-30 sec
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Superset 2: DB row-30 sec
DB row-30 sec (other arm)
Inchworm 30 sec
Rest 1 min… Repeat 2x

Superset 3: Alternating Reverse Lunge-30 sec
Cross body Mt. Climb-30 sec
Rest 1min…Repeat 2x

Finisher: Wood Chop-6 reps( all to one leg)
Elbow to Knee-6 to each side
Wood Chop 6reps(all to other leg)
Burpees -6 rep
Do the above. Finisher as many times as possible in 3 min.


Tue 1/27/15
Excited to have finished my class from THE BIOMECHANICS METHOD.
This certification enables me to better evaluate posture and muscular imbalances in the body. TBMM also helps me better to prescribe corrective exercises, stretches etc. to help the affected areas.
This certification will be the perfect compliment to my FOUNDATION TRAINING work.

Working with clients to improve posture, muscle imbalance and overall movement patterns is awesome.

If you have body pain, back pain, poor posture, elevated shoulder, tight hips, tight hamstrings, weak ankles and other body issues….contact me. Sometimes just taking a good look at your body and your habits…then applying some changes will make a world of difference.

We are meant to move! We all have to eat, sleep, work and play in the body we were given. If it is broken down a little bit…let me help you rebuild…it is not to late!



Mon 1-19-15:
What in the world is fascia and why am I seeing/hearing about it everywhere?
Fascia, is a thick, sticky, wet fibrous connective tissue. It is everywhere in our body. It holds our organs in place. It is like plastic wrap around the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons.
Fascia can contract and impact the way you move. It’s our richest sense organ, it possess the ability to contract independently of the muscles it surrounds and it responds to stress without your conscious command. That’s a big deal. It means that fascia is impacting your movements, for better or worse. It means that this stuff massage therapists and physical therapists and orthopedists have right at their fingertips is the missing variable, the one they’ve been looking for.
In its healthy state fascia is smooth and supple and slides easily, allowing you to move and stretch to your full length in any direction, always returning back to its normal state. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that your fascia maintains its optimal flexibility, shape or texture. Lack of activity will cement the once-supple fibers into place. Chronic stress causes the fibers to thicken in an attempt to protect the underlying muscle. Poor posture and lack of flexibility and repetitive movements pull the fascia into ingrained patterns. Adhesions form within the stuck and damaged fibers like snags in a sweater, and once they’ve formed they’re hard to get rid of?
How to care for your fascia:
1. Before getting out of bed…roll around a little and stretch.
2. Drink plenty of water. Fascia is wet and sticky and will move better when hydrated.
3. Stretch your muscles.
4. Stretch your fascia. Fascia needs to be stretched by holding the stretch much longer…3-5 minutes.
5. Get regular massage therapy. A good massage therapist will loosen that fascia and get circulation to the tissue.
6. Spend 15-20 minutes in a warm Epsom salt bath regularly. Epsom salt has healing properties that can be absorbed.7. Use a form roller regularly.
8. Rest your body to heal thru an injury. Coming back to soon…that fascia will jump in to protect your injured muscle causing lingering effects.
9. Work on your posture! Poor posture all day long put stress on muscles, bones and fascia! Foundation Training will help correct posture and get the posterior muscles to help stand you up better and create better movement patterns.
There you have it. Work on your body!


Monday 12/29/14:
Hard to believe 2014 is just about gone and it all seems like a blur!
In preparation for the New Year let’s talk about what’s happening to our bodies and what will happen if we don’t work on our posture, our movement, and our diet. Take a look at the picture below:

Take a minute to think about how we evolve…
We start out in the womb all curled up in a ball. We enter the world not yet ready to do much of anything except eat and sleep. As we gain strength we hold our head up and start to crawl. We start figuring out we can get places by crawling around, but it’s not enough. All that crawling got our legs, hips, shoulders, core stronger…we start walking…how cool is this?
We have evolved into active children. We get to spend years like this just “playing”! Run, jump,push,pull,bend just non stop movement all the time! What a freedom it is!
Then we turn into young adults. This is still pretty cool, but now we have to go to work everyday. Most of us sit behind our desk 6-8 hours per day.. Some of us will have jobs on our feet all day like retail or factory work. Some will have harder labor jobs like construction or heavy lifting type jobs. We develop poor habits thru the years because of a lot of these jobs. Sitting is on top of the list as being hazardous to our healthy. Standing all day is better than sitting, but you better be getting some range of motion in there or your muscle are just going to shorten up and get tight….just like sitting. The hard laborer job has plenty of movement …but is it proper? Are they lifting properly, bending properly? All these jobs are worthy employment…but when we retire we don’t want to look like the picture above!
Make your goal for the New Year to learn about your posture! You can fix that forward head position. those rounded shoulders can get better. You can turn those feet straight ahead instead of walking like a duck. You do have a core and you can learn to use it properly. You can fix your posture…so that you can breathe better. There is so much
that you can improve about yourself…if you just learn about your own body.
Don’t end up like those photos…start improving today!


Friday 12/26/14:
Hoping everyone had an awesome Christmas and lots of good food. We are on the down side to ending 2014. Still more food, celebrating, football games, and family/friend time. Everyone enjoy!
As for me I am always spending time learning about the body and helping people improve their posture, fitness and help decrease their pain. Of course, I am a fan of taking care of the body the most natural way possible.
Lots of healthy food, better movement patterns, exercise using better movement patterns. The body is a magnificent machine that needs to be oiled and lubed, hence “movement”. This is how we maintain the flexibility/strength and the integrity of the muscles and joints. I can not begin to explain how in depth the brain and muscular system work to keep us moving. I can tell you that way to many people eat poorly, sit to much, have bad posture. The combination of these three things is detrimental to our health and well being. So, my focus is on helping individuals improve in these areas. Improvement in these areas is mandatory to reduce pain, protect joints, strengthen our muscular system and to keep us moving in a proper way. So, here’s to 2015 and better movement!
Below is an example of just something small… Do you know what your posture really is?



The picture says it all! This is what FOUNDATION TRAINING will do for you!