Summer is officially here!!! Yea!! Let’s get it on…beaches, suntans, garden work,baseball, golf,tennis, pool parties, cookouts, fireworks on 4th of July, sweltering heat in Mississippi, summer football camp, so so much more! Summer is my favorite time of year!
If you haven’t kept up your end of your 2013 fitness regimen….no fear….just start today. Get outside and move…. Walk, jog, bike, skate, swim, play a sport…. Get out there and just move. ou don’ t have to be good at it. Just MOVE your body! No excuses… Your not to busy, your not to tired, don’t be lazy….MOVE MOVE MOVE!
Let’s get ready for July 4th! That’s right….another cookout, reunion,beach outing, pool party…. Let’s get ready for it. Everyday MOVE MOVE MOVE that body! Walk at lunch, take the stairs, ride a bike, do yard work, play tennis, P90x, get a trainer…….
Let’ s go everyone…I’m on your side! Other readers, trainers, motivators please chime in and let’ s get these people on a daily programs.