Mon 12/15/14:
Let the week begin…
MOVEMENT will be the focus for 2015! MOVEMENT is exercise! The everyday parent, teacher, preacher, professional…we have to get moving more. We are basically awake 16 hours a day. Eight to ten of those hours are at the office behind a desk. The other 6-8 hours are sitting at home relaxing after that long work day. Or maybe sitting at a bar for a drink and dinner…then we go home to relax. Maybe you had to be at a ball game and sit in the stands for another 2 hours? Get the picture? Just because we are busy…which most of us really are…doesn’t mean we are moving enough. On top of that we are probably moving with poor movement patterns.
I realize you probably never even think about moving or how you move…but this stuff is important! The may we move now is going to play an important role in how well we manage as we approach the senior years.
I have been a fitness advocate for many years now…trust me, I have my own pain issues. Learning about your body…your posture, your movement and the adjustments you can make to live better and with less pain is most beneficial.
So, all that being said, rethink your fitness/health plan for 2015. Think movement! Think posture! Think improving how you sit, stand, walk, jog, squat… True health and wellness is is being in tune with your body…feeding and moving it well.
Looking forward to 2015!