Mon March 10:
Spring break week here in Ms. Wish the working class got a spring break!
Back to it today….office work, training work, FT teaching….it’s all good!
This is what I do.
Everyone get out there and move those bodies, practice FT thru the day. Take several 5 minute breaks and practice breathing and do a Founder….you’ll feel so much better.

For the Beginner

Tue 4/2/13:
Warm Up and Stretch First!

Bodyweight Squats-30 sec
Plank-30 sec
Jab/Punch- 30 sec ea side
Rest 30 sec…Repeat 2x

Jump Jack- 30 sec
Kneeling Pushups- 30 sec
Hook/Upper Cut-30 sec ea side
Rest 30 sec…Repeat 2x

If your a beginner…try this circuit. Make the commitment and move that body. HYou can do this!

Make Adjustments…Let’s Live the Life!

Mon. 3/25/13: Alright everybody!!!!! Let’s go. Last week of March…Easter Weekend- usually means some xtra calories taken in. Let’s Prepare!
My last post was about evaluating where you are right now in your fitness program. Are you working out consistently? Are you making better food choices consistently? Are you getting enough rest? Do you read about fitness,workouts,healthy recipies, etc? There is so much info out there to help you and motivate you. If your’re not doing so well…start over. This is not rocket science…it’s all about choosing to change bad habits. For me, it’s a way of life…I’m fit, and healthy. I take no meds…have a good body weight,blood pressure,resting heart rate, etc….because I work at it! I wish this for everyone out there too. I live in Mississippi…the most obese state in the U.S. Do you realize how many people that is? It’s an uphill battle here…I will continue to help those who want to be helped. Life is so much easier when you are healthy!
So, please…do it for yourself. Take a look at where you are right now…make adjustments, ask for help, start reading and learning, join a gym, get a trainer, buy a home program…move that body. Moving the body is a requirement. Let’s do this together…there is still a lot of life to live!


Wed Mar 6,2013: Mid-Week-YES! Lets get thru today and onto the down slide towards the weekend. Gonna be a sunny 70 degress here in Mississippi! Can not wait to walk 18 holes this weekend. Hope my game isn’t to ugly?
Let’s talk about working out and changing one’s life. I have been a little slack posting those short workouts because I have been busy trying to learn how to set up my BEACHBODY business. That coupled with my job and training clients…just running out of time in the day. I’m not deserting my readers. I will still be here learning from others amd helping anyone who wants to change their life. No matter what we all NEED to exercise and eat healthy foods everyday….no matter what method you choose. Just do something!
As for my BEACHBODY business…I’m still learning how to get that going, so that I can explain that to everyone. Please go to my website at to look at some of the products. For the month of March there are some packages on sale where you can get more than one program with a month of shakeology included. Basically, you order from my site, you’ll have me to motivate you to get thru the program, and I can place you in a group of others doing the same program and you can communicate thru facebook. You’ll meet new people and have others to be accountable to. You can read about shakology and how it helps you loose weight, It’s the best meal of the day.
For those of you who don’t go to a gym and don’t want to go to a gym…BEACHBODY is perfect for you. You do it at home, a small space is all that you need. Get a friend to do it with you and split the cost. You’ll have me to answer questions and help you to hit “play” everyday. You’ll have the group I put you in to communicate with and talk about your workouts. There are workouts for all different levels. Message me when your ready thru this blog, facebook or the link In this article. You have to CHOOSE to CHANGE!
Have a great day!!!

Ask for Help

Sat Feb 2,2013: I’ve been up early cleaning a little and cooking and such.  Had a boiled egg,chicken,hummus and jalepeno wrap for breakfast.  Delish.
I notice comments are slowing down about your progress,workouts,diet, or problems you may be having.  Don’t get lazy about posting something…it’s like keeping a journal except someone might comment on your thoughts.  This is a good thing!
Of course, the die hards post.  That’s because it’s easy for us…we feel good about our workouts and putting things on paper make them so real.  Love hearing from the die hards.  It’s the newbies that need to be heard from.  It’s only 5 weeks into the year….no falling of so soon.
Come on and let us know if your still on board and if you need help….ASK!  Talk about it.  It’s the only way to suceed.

The purpose of this blog is to help inspire, motivate and teach anyone who has the desire to start leading a healthier lifestyle or make the one they have better.  The only way for me to be a better trainer and person is to share what I know in this field.

Living in Ms. you see the effects of people being over-weight, poor and uneducated.  Granted, a lot of people are unhealthy purely for these reasons alone.  I’ve also see my share of just plain lazy,non-caring, I’ll worry about later when something bad happens type people.

Some people want to change, some don’t and some won’t. If I can help anyone at any in the above mentioned groups…then taking the time to write a few words, find answers to questions….will help fulfill me.

I hope to ban with others out there in the “blogging” world to help others into a healthier lifestyle.  I’m not a DR., scientist, nutritionist, PHD, or anyone with a fancy title.  I’m a person who leads a healthy life still, keeps learning ways to lead it better, and wants to pass it on to others.   So,please feel free to offer your knowledge, expierence, successes, and failures….to help others.