Fri 2/19/16

  My chiropractor office (Foxworth Chiropractic) has this picture on the wall.  As you can see the statement came from Thomas Edison…
I guess in some ways, his thought is coming to fruition.  In my opinion, natural medicine is not happening fast enough.

I was somewhat shocked that so long ago someone would think of healing being more natural instead of so medicated. 

The good news is there is a lot of more natural healing methods out there.  If you want to take better care of you body start with the frame…your posture.  There is a direct correlation between poor movement, joint dysfunction and pain due to poor posture!  A pill will not fix poor posture…but Foundation Training can do wonders for poor posture. 

Stop eating CRAP!  This is probably the leading cause of why so many people have high blood pressure, are overweight and have cardiovascular disease.  It’s mind boggling that with all the information out there on how bad processed food is for you, soda’s , sugar and salt…that people eat that CRAP everyday.  I can believe so many people still smoke…

We have to eat better and move more!!! 

Fill your self with fresh fruit and veggies.  I know some people don’t like veggies, but you better find a way to get some in you…the body needs the nutrients/vitamins we get from vegetables.  Watch the meat…eats lean cuts of meat in reasonable portions.  Fish…so many types of fish are good for you…OMEGA’S baby!  The body needs it!  A good diet can keep you off blood pressure medicine…

Our bodies are meant to move…and move all day!  There is no way around this!  I have a desk job too….just like most of you.  No excuse…get up and stretch, walk around or just stand a take some deep breaths.  We have to find ways to move more and move better… If it hurts to move or walk around or you become out of breath…then you really need to pay attention to your body.  Those are signs telling you to make a change. 

Let the MD’s take care of the sick…not the unhealthy.  Don’t run to the doctor or the ER because you have a back ache…those doctor’s have cancer patients, accident victims to take care of…


Sat 3/28/15:

I wanted to share this post on FOUNDATION TRAINING.  I do not know David Harvin personally, but as a FT instructor I appreciate his thoughts during the last certification in Atlanta.

The health and fitness arena is ever growing, ever changing and more competitive than ever.

I do personally know Dr Goodman, Ian, Dustin and the whole FT team.  They are very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable practioners and teachers.  They are bringing FT along the right way…slowly.  Always working on making FT better.  Always working to help people manage their pain with their own bodies.  FOUNDATION TRAINING is a healthcare product…that works!

I have been through a certification (no.4).  For me…it was life changing also.  I left that certification a different personal trainer.  My training techniques have changed since Sept of 2013… FT, has not only eliminated my back pain but made me a better trainer.  My mission became to help others learn why they have pain issues, balance problems and such.  Then help them correct these problems with FT principals.  Teaching them to improve their bodies with their own musculature.  This is the way to better movement, and better health.

Once you get thru the certification you become part of the FT family.  I have met so many other health care professionals…doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapist, yoga teachers, more personal trainers.  We all share ideas, experiences with clients.  We can go to our group page and ask a question…boom, here come so solutions.  Even, Eric, Erin, Dustin…the whole team participate.   The team helps us in everyway be better practioners as they keep developing FT to make it better for our patients/clients.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is a valuable tool to have in the tool box.  Combine FT with other modalities such as chiropractic, or massage, most people will successfully be able to manage their pain issues.  Use FT as a warm up for any type of activity and/or as a cool down after.  The first thing I do every morning at the coffee pot is a couple of deep long decompression breaths…does the body good!

The health care field is big business making big bucks.  That will probably only get worse…

For those of you who want to take care of your body, who want to stay away from pain medicine, who want to move better and feel better… LEARN FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Apply it in everything you do.



Thur 8-14-14:
Good morning everyone. Getting closer to the weekend….Whoop whoop!
Let’s talk movement…my favorite subject!
Most of us…myself included will head off to our jobs today and sit behind our desk and get busy doing our tasks. Did you know that muscle will adapt to a position after only 20 minutes? So, if you sit at your desk for 30 minutes straight your muscles have adapt to that position. Most likely tightness in the hip flexor because it shortens when you sit. Most likely roundness in the mid back area because most of us lean over when we sit so those traps are lifted up…pulling on our low back and tightening our shoulders and neck.
When you stand up you can feel all that tightness trying to straighten up. Those tight muscles pull on our bones and can move them out of position causing all types of discomfort.
Let’s get one thing clear…sciatica, bulging discs, inflammation, back pain, tightness in the muscles are all symptoms. These symptoms are very real and very uncomfortable! I have had many of them myself throughout my life. The thing is we cause many of these symptoms our self….it’s true! Our society is getting lazier and lazier. We do not move enough…some people barely move at all.
First, we have to start moving. Secondly, we have to start moving more correctly. Yes, even those of us who do workout, run races, bike, and play sports need to work on movement patters. I have done the above activities all my live and have suffered with back issues since high school. Now I know!!!
Make your commitment today to start moving! It is going to make you feel better! Get up from that desk every 10-15 minutes. Just stand up. You have to start somewhere.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will 100% change the way you feel and move! FOUNDATION TRAINING strong>will teach awareness so that you can correct your posture and movement patterns.
If you want to feel better…if you want to be healthier…if you want your body to work better…make the choice to change…
MOVEMENT MATTERS! Don’t reach for a pill, don’t lie down …these 2 choices only makes the problem worse. Your symptoms can be relieved and even completely eliminated if you work on posture and movement patterns.
A great place to start is with FOUNDATION TRAINING!
The choice is yours…feel better and know what you are doing or stay lazy and medicated.