Tue 6/2/15

The human body is the most magnificent machine ever produced.  The human body is made up of over 200 bones, over 600 muscles, lots of ligaments, tendons and fascia.  The spinal cord is the internet highway with our brain that tells our muscles to move the bones.  

In this day and age life expectancy into the mid 80’s.  That is a very long time for our magnificent machine to work as optimally as it can.  Even with great care thru the years our bodies will show some of the age.  This is natural.  I am of the “baby boomer” generation…”boomers”, are dead set on aging well!  Whatever it takes “boomers” will try.  I love that mind set.

When we combine some integrated medicine choices with good lifestyle choice…you set the body up to heal itself naturally.  Our bodies have immune systems that will fight off infection and disease…if we can keep the body healthy.  This is just one reason to eat healthy….eat all the food groups.  Our bodies need the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Cells, tissue, muscles, organs even our blood needs nuroishment from a variety of sources.

Integrative Medicine uses modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation and relaxation techniques to reduce pain; dietary and herbal approaches to manage diseases such as diabetes and fibromyalgia; and group support to change habits associated with obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based practice of assisting individuals and families adopt and sustain lifestyle behaviors that can improve your health and quality of life, such as eliminating tobacco use, improving diet, practicing stress relief techniques, and increasing physical activity. Poor lifestyle choices are the root cause of modern chronic diseases. Scientific evidence is clear – adults with common chronic conditions who adhere to a healthy lifestyle experience rapid, significant, clinically meaningful and sustainable improvements in their health.

Medical doctors should be treating disease, broken bones, defective issues from birth or accidents and such.
We should be treating our own health and taking care of our bodies thru healthy lifestyle and integrated medicine practices.  This is how you achieve long term health.  If you want to be moving feeling good and moving your body well into your 80’s and above…

THIS IS THE TICKET!  Let’s go “boomers” and show those behind us how to live well!


Fri 3/6/15

Wanted to share this article from my chiropractor’s office: FOXWORTH CHIROPRACTIC.

Thanks for the reminder on how valuable the shoulder is to everyone.  The simple task of lifting the arm is taken for granted.  One only realizes this when pain occurs when performing this action.

I even have some shoulder issues with my right shoulder.  Nothing extreme…as of yet.  As the article states, the shoulder joint is rather unstable.  Mine will rotate towards the front….when it does it affects my whole arm, neck, shoulder and even my back.  

As we engage in physical exercise, and daily activities physical problems can arise.  Don’t stop doing!  Make sure you assess the pain, ice treatment, multi planar stretching (gently), massages, and chiropractic adjustments.  All these options are preventative and regular maintenance.  Don’t wait to get hurt before your start applying.  The body as a whole needs movement, maintenance, rest and overall attention.  

Your body will speak to you…slow down and listen.  We do not have to be in pain… Never stop moving!

Have a great weekend!  Time change is here….


Thur 1/29/15:
A new element I am adding for a lot of my clients is self myo- fascial release.
I have used the foam roller and tennis ball for years on myself. These techniques will help to let a “tight ball” of fascia/muscle let go. What I am going to start doing differently is adding this technique daily maybe preventing the knots from forming.
I found a really nice guide on the Internet so I will be sharing some of the techniques from the guide a little at a time.
If you have sore tight muscles, adhesions, maybe some scar tissue from an old injury/surgery try self myo-fascial release. It will help release the tension, prepare you for exercise and help prevent injury.
Here are a few general rules to follow:
Roll on the foam roller/ball until you feel a “trigger point” or “hot spot.” You’ll know you found one when it hurts. When you find a trigger point, stop and just rest on the foam roller for 10 to 20 seconds. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the pressure, not the rolling, that smooths fascia.
Avoid applying pressure on bones and joints. Just muscle.
I like to start with the feet and the calves. Our feet work hard all day trapped in shoes and carrying us around.. You can use a golf ball, tennis ball or lacrosse ball. The feet have all kinds of nerves that are attached to other parts of the body. So, start taking better care of your feet.

You can use a lacrosse ball for this exercise. 1. Start at ball of your foot. 2. Roll to your heel, stopping and applying pressure on any trigger points you find along the way. Don’t forget to get the insides and outsides of your feet.

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Put one leg on top of the foam roller with your other leg crossed on top. Roll up and down your inner-calf to find your hot spots. When you find a hot spot, stop and lift your butt off the ground with your hands to apply more pressure on your leg. In addition to applying steady pressure on your trigger points, you can also rock side-to-side on them.


Wed 12/10/14:
Some 80 million Americans suffer with back pain. Back pain is the number one reason people miss work and head to an ER. The estimated cost to treat back pain is 86 billion dollars annually. Really! What makes this even more outrageous is the majority of these back pain cases are over treated and the treatments ordered are unnecessary because they are not going to treat the root of the problem. By the time you add up the narcotics given, the MRI’s, CT scans, physician fees, ER fees, and whatever costs…it is out of hand. I am by no means minimizing back pain! I am in that group who have suffered with back pain most of my life. Back pain does hurt and can be debilitating! The truth of the matter is: most people have back pain for 2 reason…Poor Posture and Obesity! Poor Posture creates mechanical problems with the muscles and joints. Obesity can cause some of the poor posture. Also, bearing to much weight on our frame….stresses the muscles and joints. It is a viscous cycle! Posture and weight are 2 things we can change and/or control. Pills, X-rays, MRI’s any other tests, and Dr visits do not fix posture or obesity! Only the individual can do this.

Americans…if you want to feel better, if you want your back pain to stop…you are going to have to take charge of your body. If you are overweight…you must get the weight down. Yes, you might have to pay someone to help you. Get your posture evaluated! Get your daily habits evaluated. These things you can change.
Learn FOUNDATION TRAINING! This technique is practically a miracle cure for people with back pain. As I stated earlier in the article I have suffered with serious back pain for many years. I do watch my weight, I do exercise, I get chiropractic adjustments, I get massages…all these methods help…adding FT has eliminated the chronic back issues I have had. I still do all the listed treatments and always will. Treat your body with respect and take care of it.



Monday 9/28/14:
What does living a “healthy lifestyle” actually mean? For me, it means doing a lot of things on a daily basis. It’s more than just eating healthier diets or loosing some weight or starting an exercise program. It’ a way of life…
Of course, diet and exercise are at the top of the list. These two things are an absolute must do on a daily basis.
What about other things like getting plenty of rest for example. The body needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night to rest, repair and re-energize. What about quiet time. I take at least one hour every morning to think, read, or write. This is actually my favorite time of day to get my thoughts in order. What about taking better care of your body with a massage one or 2 times a month? Massage is an other way to physically take care of the body. Massage helps loosen tight muscles, increase blood flow, energizes and relaxes the body. Massage is therapeutic and healing. Massage helps with tightness, soreness, injury and tissue repair.
I believe this is where people fail when trying to implement a “healthy lifestyle” plan. Most just focus on loosing weight. A lot actually do loose some weight, but they usually do not keep it off. Why? In my opinion their only goal is to get some weight off. Their goals are short term! Health is for life. Changes are for life. “Healthy Lifestyle” is a way of life…for life! This is where people go wrong! Implementing a healthier way of life is takes commitment, accountability, support, dedication, and a desire to want to be a better you!
A desire to be a better you…is this enough motivation? It should be, but frankly people just give up to easily. We have a new year upon us…just 3 more months until 2015. People love to start over in January…even I do. I usually choose something to add to my fitness arsenal. Hopefully, this article will get you thinking now about the whole package of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s more than just loosing weight.


Sun, 9-7-14:
NFL Sunday’s are here!!!! Saints vs Dirty Birds 12 noon central time!!!!
But first: some coffee, a little reading and writing. Then onto some Foundation Training…gotta get stretched out for my 7:15 am tee time. Then kick off! After the game a massage!!!
My Sunday is going to be good….how bout yours? ENJOY!



Wed March 13,2013: Today I’ll talk about the benfits of massage. A lot of people think of massage as a luxgury item. In some instances it could be. Massage therapy to me is an absolute necessity. I was at my local YMCA some 20 years ago for my daily workout and volleyball practice. I met a lady there one day named Connie Shanks. She had just gotten a small space in the ladies dressing room to do massages. I wanted a massage because I had never had one…but I couldn’t really afford one at that time in my life. Connie offered to give me one. She said, I could just pay what I could afford. I was an athlete with some back issues. After that first massage I was hooked. I just didn’t know how much my muscles, tendons, joints etc. needed to be touched after all the stresses I put in thru. I mean she “works” deeply on those muscles…increases blood flow…get oxygen into the tissue…helps the muscles heal. She let me keep coming back paying here only what I could afford. Every two weeks I would show up with my little bit of money. She never short changed me either on the quality of care I recieved because I couldn’t pay as much.
Here I am at least 20 years later…I saw Connie Last night. She worked me in because I was hurting and have a golf tournament Thursday. I mean she worked and worked legs, neck, QL muscle. I have gone to her 2x a month for over twenty years. I really credit Connie so much for keeping me so active. Between sports, personal training, my job at the dentist office, and everyday life…Connie has been a life saver and keep my body healthy. She has a succesful business and I have sent he so many clients thru the years. All because of her kindness and willingness to accept what I could afford…that first massage has turned into a wonderful friendship and business relationship. She truly has a gift in those hands of hers.
I strongly suggest get at least a monthly massage…you just won’t understand the benefits unless you do it. Be kind to your body.