Sun Dec 8,2013:
Been up early cleaning and cooking for the upcoming week. I can’t help myself…have to be prepared for the week.

Had a small class of 4 for Foundation Training yesterday at the DeVille Y. It went really well! These 4 people are on their way to a better body, better body awareness, and less body pain. One student has just had a knee replaced 6 weeks ago. She is still in therapy for the knee, still can not straighten it out all the way. She said, she got more out of the class than she has got in 6 weeks of therapy. She has a lot of work to do. Another client has Parkinson’s. He could actually get into the postures and hold them…then he would shake, but he would keep holding. When I say Foundation Training is for everyone…that’s what I mean. EVERYONE will improve things about there body….lengthen and strengthen.

I will have another class Sat at Deville YMCA at 9am. Cost is 10.00 for members and 25.00 for non-members.

Call me, message me, Facebook me, or respond to this blog. Lets work on our bodies!