Wed Jan 14, 2015:
We all know to start a new building you have to have a solid foundation. If not, sooner or later problems will occur.
Our bodies work the same way. It all starts with the feet. Our feet are our foundation. Our feet have to support our weight and carry us everywhere we go. If you have posture issues, back pain, knee pain…it could be coming from the feet.
The most common foot problem is over pronation/flat feet. This problem is the cause of so many problems in the body. Remember, when we have pain we want to find the cause not just treat the symptom. Over time over pronation will wreck havoc on the body.
Hyperpronation causes an internal rotation of the lower extremities. Because the left foot typically hyperpronates more than the right, the asymmetrical internal leg rotation typically causes the left innominate to be pulled forward and down more than the right causing an unleveled pelvis and a functional leg length discrepancy. As these displacements cascade up the axial framework, scoliotic and kyphotic curves are exaggerated. The thoracic cage will twist counter clockwise, the left shoulder will lift and/or pull away from the spine and the right shoulder will drop.
This gravity shift is called bio-implosion. The health consequences are significant! These changes also result in an anterior shift in the body’s center of gravity which causes an increased load on the forefoot and increased muscular activity to maintain balance and stability.
Stop suffering with pain! Contact a foot doctor, physio therapist, massage therapist or a trainer that will look at your posture. A lot of these issues can be worked on to improve.
Yes, Foundation Training will get you into better posture and teach you how to stay in good posture.
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