Spread Your Awsome-Ness Around

Mon.Aug 5th: Here we are again…Monday Morning! Might as well get going.
Here’s one that will get that heart rate going.
First prepare the body…warm up and stretch!

Do the following exercise no.by no. for 30 sec ea – 3x until complete. For example:#1. Low step-30 sec/high step-30 sec…3x. Then move to #2 and so on. It will take 3 minutes to complete each no.
Adjust rest/ intensity/time according to your fitness level.

1.low step/high step-30 sec.
2.chest press/row-30 sec ea
3.squat/side kick-30 sec ea
4.jump jack/mt. Climb-30 sec ea
5.bi cep curl/ tri cep kick back-30 sec ea
6.plank/side plank-30 sec
7. Skater Hop/punches-30 sec ea

There ya go…Monday should go much easier now! Get out there and make the world a better place…spread your awsomeness around!

Getting Back to Work

Monday July 7,2013: It’s Monday after a 4 day holiday weekend for me. Glad to be getting back to a normal routine. Enjoyed the break as I really needed it…but I enjoy being busy with my daily tasks also.

Let’s get a workout in!

As always do some sort of an active warm- up….3 minutes or so and so light stretching. For those familiar with Foundation Training, do some poses…
Group 1: BW Squats- 30 sec
Plank-30 sec
Repeat 2x…Rest up to 1 min
Group 2: DB Rows- 30 sec ea side
Stability Ball Roll Out- 30 sec
Repeat 2x…Rest up to 1 min
Group 3: Stability Ball Leg Curls- 30 sec
Mt Climb- 30 sec
Tabata: Skater Hops: 20 sec on- 10 sec off
Repeat for 8 rounds

Great Job!!! Everyone get back to work and have a great day!

Wednesday Workout

WEdnesday already? Great! Let’s get this work out in!
Circuit: Jump Jack-20 rep
Reverse Lunge-10 rep ea leg
Jump Jack-20 rep
T Push Up-8 per side
Jump Jack- 20 rep
Lateral Lunge-10 ea leg
Jump Jack-20 rep
Stick ups-10 reps
Rest 1 minute…2x

Ab Circuit: Stability Ball Rollout-10 rep
Side Plank-30 sec ea side
Repeat this 3-5x

As always modify any exercise you need….but still PUSH yourself! You still have to work with some intensity! If one time thru the circuit is all you can do…then that is plenty. Work towards increasing the times thru the circuit. Let’s go,take care of Wednesday!

Density Circuit

May 22, 2013: Let’s Workout!!!
Of course get a warm in first…be nice to the muscles!
Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 16 min.
Burpee-5 rep
Alternating Lateral Lunge-8 ea leg
T Push-up-5 per side
Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps
Stick Ups-8 reps
Jump Jack-10 reps

As always adjust or sub whatever you like. Make it harder or easier according to your fitness level.
This workout will hit your whole body plus get that heart rate going…but you have to do it and do it with at least 80 % effort….that’s why it’s only 16 min! Cool down, stretch, and most important eat HEALTHY!

Big 10 Circuit

Tue Mar 19.2013: Morning! Let’s Workout!!
Warm up and lightly stretch first.
Circuit: Jog in place-30 sec
Plank- 30 sec
Walking Lunges-30 sec
Some type of row-30 sec ea side
Skater Hops-30 sec
Shoulder Press-30 sec ea side
Bw Plie Squat-30 sec
Push ups- 30 sec
Front/Side Kicks-30 sec ea side
Jab/Punch-30 sec ea side

There ya go…10 good exercises to woek that whole body. If once is enough…great. For fitter individuals do up to 3x.
Push yourselves…eat a good breakfast w/ protein and some carbs to replenish. Cool down and lightly stretch.
Choose to have a great day today!

Mon March 18,2013: Let’s Workout!

Do a quick warm up and stretch!

Circuit 1: BW Squat-15 reps
DB Rows- 10 reps per side
Plank-30 sec
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Circuit 2: T Push Up- 5 ea side
Reverse Lunge w/ a front kick- 8 per side
Side Plank- 30 sec ea side
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Circuit 3: Jump Jack-30 sec
Inch worm- 30 sec
Jog in Place-30 sec
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x



Tue march12,2013: Warm up: jog in place-30 sec
front kicks- 30 sec[15 ea leg]
jab-punch-30 sec ea side
plank 30 sec
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x
Circuit: Jog in Place 1 min.
BW Squat-15 reps
Fake Jump Rope- 1 min
Push Ups-15 reps
Jump Jack 1 min
Inch Worm-8x
Total Body Extension- 1 min.

Rest 1 min and Repeat 2x
Feel good about yourself!