Wed 11/26/14:
Tomorrow is the biggest food fest day of the year! Thanksgiving is a really fun holiday…lots of food, family/friends gather together, football games, hunting season, pick up games in the yard, and of course the naps and the reheating of all that food!
As a fitness/health advocate I am not going to sit here and try to talk all “healthy” to you. All I am going to do is remind everyone to have a blessed day wherever you are. Try to maintain some level of control with the food and maybe take a walk before you indulge in the big meal. Take another walk before the big nap. Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy and to be grateful for where we are, who we have in our lives and that life is good.
I will be back tomorrow trying to inspire everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle. Exercise, eat well, move well and learn FOUNDATION TRAINING!
Happy Thanksgiving!