Thur 11/12/15

In this day and time people are living much longer…many well into their 90’s.  I read things all the time about how to save money and such so that one doesn’t out live their money.  I’m sure a lot of you also read a lot on this subject.  How many of you take the time to work on your physical aspect of maintaining “quality” movement until such an age?  What will we all move like when we are 76,83,92?  If you do not move well now (in your 40’s and 50’s) your golden years may be quite miserable.

Those of you going to the gym everyday, taking a run, playing golf/tennis are on the right track.  The body needs more variety, more range, more focus. There is more to do in taking care of your body and preparing it for the future than your hour of “exercise” a few times a week or even everyday of the week.

I once heard the very famous and wise strength and movement coach, Dan John, talk about how doing the thing you are not doing will improve everything else you are doing. Dan was talking about the 5 human movements (the squat, the hinge, the push, the pull, the carry). He said if he wanted to help an athlete improve his performance, he would focus on implementing the movement(s) the athlete was not employing in his training regimen. Then, the athlete‚Äôs overall performance would improve. 

The same thing goes for those of “us” the everyday 8-5 blue/white collar worker, the housewife, the big business owner.  We need to be thinking the 5 human movements daily…versus lifting weight improperly, running 5 miles everyday, only playing the sport we love etc. 

I did not say stop running, lifting weights, playing golf or any other activity you like.  The body needs more variety.  

I am saying learning how to enhance the basic body movements…squat,hinge,push,pull and carry.  Learn to do them on the floor using your body weight (as you did when an infant).  Learn to you your core during  your time on the floor.  Learn to breathe using your diaphragm…this is absolutely huge.  Your diaphragm is actually part of your core.  Learn how to push something with your core engaged and your shoulders in proper position.  This stuff is important…if you want to be active at 80 and above…learn how to do these things.

This is how I train now…Foundation Training for my posterior chain and core.  I am much more flexible and mobile and body aware from FT training alone.  I practice sit and getting up from the floor…great hip work.  I crawl…great core/shoulder work.  Crawling is great strength work and safe that shoulder work with dumbells.  I roll…awesome for the core and the vestibular system.  Yes, I still throw in some traditional weights…but I can do them in perfect posture/form!

Contact me.  Let me assess how you move and teach you how to move better.  Between Foundation Training and some floor work…we call all be 80 moving like we are 40!  Let’s prepare for our golden years physically…so we can enjoy life.




One of the most important things in Foundation Training is to get people to start using their hips again. Somewhere along the road of life people have quit using the very muscles that are designed to protect our spine and our low back area. I talk about correcting movement patterns almost every time I write about Foundation Training. In the 2 pictures above I’m helping a co-worker with some hinging. To hinge properly the hips and knees need to be in proper position. To a lot of people these 2 pictures will look similar. When I teach the hinge the majority of people are going to hinge more with the knees than the hips. This is not correct!
The hinge is about leading with the hips and closing down at the hip area with the knees over the ankles or behind the ankles with most of your weight on your heels. The top picture shows this. This is the correct way and the only way you are going to engage your glutei, hamstrings, and calves and trust me…you are going to feel it!
The lower picture may look similar… But it is so wrong! Yes, the hips did start back and are closed down, but at some point the knees and quads said, let me help you. Now, the weight is all in the quad, knee and ball of feet area. Notice how far the knees are over the toes. This is wrong, wrong, and very unsafe. There is absolutely no posterior chain engagement happening in this photo.
Why do the quads and knees take over? It’s simple…your posterior chain has been under utilized for no telling how long! The muscle get short, tight, and weak…now they do not want to work properly. The brain kicks in and says, knees help me do this hinge because I feel tightness pushing my hip back. This is how the body compensates for muscle imbalances. Most everyone walking around in today busy technology advanced world is muscularly dominant in the front of the body and muscularly compromised in the back of the body!
Foundation training will address these issues and get your body in better balance. Foundation Training works! You will be aware of your posture, movement, and you will just plain feel better,
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