Sat March 8
A beautiful Sat in Mississippi today. Gonna be 70 degrees and sunny!!! I’ll be able to get out and play a little golf today after a few Foundation Training sessions. Starting 2 new clients this morning.
Foundation Training is still progressing along nicely. Thanks to those who are practicing this method for sharing what they have learned. As I have stated numerous times…FT works. My clients who want to better themselves, improve their posture, their balance, their stability and most important get out of pain… their foundation exercises everyday…. Myself included.
The more I teach this and the more I see how FT helps so many people in different ways. After all everyone is different, everyone’s bodies are different…therefore imbalances, weaknesses, strengths all vary. From young to older, athletic to sedentary, weak to strong….FT improves everyone. Think back to your childhood days, college days, early 30’s…we could do anything physically! Never thought twice about movement. Never thought twice about picking something up, squatting down to get something. Now, as we have aged we have quit moving. We don’t play sports anymore, we don’t want to squat down and pick something up. The back is to tight, the knees hurt, the hip won’t bend…. This is not normal people! Foundation Training can help a lot of these issues. We have to move, we have to hinge (the correct way to bend)… Help yourselves….
Contact me to see up a session to see how Foundation Training can help improve weaknesses and/or your strengths. All the photo below involve Foundation Training. Regain control of your body…it’s imperative for your future….and it’s not that difficult! Be proactive with your body.