January Progress Report

Thur Jan 16,2013:
Oh my January is half over! I have been extremely swamped between the dentist office, training and FOUNDATION TRAINING.
Busy is always good…
The Deville Y is bustling right now! They are adding some small group training classes using some metabolic/ fat burning workouts. The workouts are designed to be short(15-30) minutes in duration and intense. The workouts can be adapted for all fitness levels.
Of course, I think it is awesome.
Foundation Training is growing also! This makes me especially happy. Every single new person who has started FT loves it and feels what is happening in the body. The people who have signed up because of back pain have stated relief after just one session.
Foundation Training is going to be big and is going to help so many people to start moving, move better, and relieve pain. Most people can learn all the exercises in 4-8 sessions. When I first watched a video Dr Goodman had out on FT…at the end of the video he stated, do these exercises everyday and no back pain…ever! I said to myself…right? I actually, thought that was pretty risky to say that when trying to sell a product. Well, I’m here to tell you he is just about 100% correct. My back pain is all but gone! I’m not joking! That’s why I talk about this everyday…every chance I get.
Contact me to sign up and change the way you feel and move.
How is everyone doing with the new year…..working out, eating better, habit changes? Post what you are doing. Posting helps keep you accountable and it just might help someone else who is struggling. If you are having problems or do know what to do…ask questions. If I don’t have an answer…I have resources where I can find answers. Let’s get going, let’s get moving, let’s start changing, let’s start feeling better!

FOUNDATION TRAINING will help relief this ache if not stop it completely !