Sunday July 6,2014:
We have a little cold front here in Jx Ms. It’s a lovely 60 degrees right now. Off to walk my 18 holes in just a bit. I’m sure by the turn it will be sweltering again.
I have had my 2 cups of coffee. Fixing to get my FT on in preparation for my round of golf. Then get all these veggies fixed up for the coming week. I have a full week of work ahead…gotta be prepared and have my food all planned out.
Not only do I write all this health and fitness stuff for the readers…I actually live this way.
Readers…prepare for the week. Plan time for everything. Life gets busy. The most important things to plan are the food and some rest time. Find a way… Good healthy food and a good 7 hours of sleep will keep you energized!
Gotta go….almost tee time!



Fri Jan 24,14:
As, I have written before if you want to loose fat, loose weight, gain muscle, get fit….you do have to have the appropriate exercise program along with the appropriate food program. No matter hoe you cut it…ITS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! You must eat a balanced, clean as possible diet. Your body will love it and feel so much better.
If you are struggling with the food…keep it simple. Here is a basic reference guide to help get you going.
Protein: Lean red meat (93%lean)- top round,sirloin
Salmon- my fav
Omega 3- eggs
Whey Protein- high quality
Fruit/Veggie: Spinach
Cruciferous Veggie ( cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower )
Mixed Berries
More Carbs: Mixed beans
Whole Oats
Good Fat: Avacados
Mixed nuts
X-tra virgin olive oil
Ground Flax seeds
Fish Oil
Drinks: Green Tea

Follow these guidelines and you are on your way to a healthier you. Get in the kitchen and trash the junk and get these ingredients into the fridge and cabinets.

Oh, and you still have to exercise!

Feb. Focus on the Whole Package

Fri Feb 1,2013:  Ok everyone Friday is here! For a lot of us it’s a big one because of the Superbowl.  Hope everyone took the time to re-eval where they are with their fitness program.  For the newer people if you have been fairly diligent in Jan. those bodies should be adjusting to the physical demands of exercise.  Let’s start cutting up the volume on you exercises.  Add some intensity.  Increase the sets, or the weight, or decrease the rest periods.  If you have questions just ask.  The body adapts quickly to the stimuli you give it….you have to always mix it up to work more muscles and work them in different ways.

Let’s talk about the FOOD for a min.  If you haven’t changed your eating habits you won’t see a lot of changes from your exercise program.  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!  So, please make adjustments.  Don’t diet, starve, or give up everything all at once.  Use common sense.  The main things to work on are: giving up fast food{there is nothing healthy if fast food establishments}, don’t drink your calories{there is no nourishment in soda, diet soda, sugary juices…they are just plain BAD for you}, drink water!  Eat balanced meals- starting with breakfast.  It’s a must!  Have small snacks thru the day.  Eating balanced meals with all the food groups included is about managing glucose levels, so you won’t overeat.

These are just your basic thoughts on FOOD that are important.  If you’ll apply them along with your exercise program you will change.  You will loose some body fat, feel better, get your metabolism working better to burn fat.  You have to do the whole package.

Feb will be the month to really focus on food changes!  Let’s do this! Have a great day.