Friday 6/5/15

Taking responsibility for your own health!  What does this really mean and why is it so difficult?

Taking responsibility for ones own health means making better choices about what you do with your body.  Choices such as a healthy diet…”you really are what you eat”.  Have healthy versions of all the food groups in moderation.  Our bodies need the calories, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from plants, fruits, nuts, and lean meats.  Everyday I see people making poor choices by consuming soda, fried foods, processed foods.  These choices of wanting sugar, salt, and fat are clogging arteries, creating obesity, raising blood pressure and all sorts of other medical problems.

Choosing to exercise is another necessity all of us should be incorporating into daily life…but the majority of people just will not do this for all sorts of lame reasons.  Our bodies are made up of tissue, organs, muscles and bones that have to be exercised and/or moved in order to work efficiently to maintain their health and to function properly.  What’s even worse combining the choice of poor diet and no exercise is the main reason so many Americans are obese, sick, and on medication!  The majority of this is preventable…

Why is taking responsibility for your own health so difficult?  This is a much more difficult question to answer.  Why, so many people choose to eat unhealthy I can not answer.  There is so much information out there about the harmful effects of to much sugar and salt to the body…yet there is a fast food resturant on every corner that will super size your meal, so that you can have extra sugar, salt and fat!

I guess taking a walk after that meal is out…because you are too full?  I do not know?  There is just as much info out there about why you should exercise daily.  I have never read anything where you have to workout like a an Olympian.  Just take a short walk at lunch.  Play a little tennis after work or on the weekends.  Try yoga or Pilates.  Foundation Training can be done in very small increments…anywhere – anytime.  Foundation Training will get blood flowing, stretch tight muscles and give a boost of energy.  But, I keep forgetting…most Americans choose not?

Dr Mercola wrote an article about different problems with the American healthcare system, one of which stated: The Affordable Health Care Act: Getting MORE of What Isn’t Working

The US does not have a health care system; we have a disease-management system dependent on expensive drugs and invasive surgeries. It’s a system with a mission to maximize profits, as opposed to helping people maintain or regain their health. The Affordable Health Care Act is likely to make matters worse rather than better, as the Act does not include any illness prevention strategies. Nor does it contain any measures to rein in out-of-control health care costs related to overcharges. Instead it expands an already flawed model of “care” that is one of the leading causes of both death and bankruptcy for Americans.
Ronald Reagan hit it right on the nose when he said, “Government doesn’t solve problems—it subsidizes them.” Integrative medicine (IM) is a better alternative to the current system, as it offers a combination of conventional medical therapies and complementary or alternative therapies for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness. The more you take responsibility for your own health by nurturing your body, the less you will need to rely on the “disease care” system that passes for health care in this country.
In my opinion this is so true.  

It is up to each and every one of us to regulate what we put in our mouth and how we exercise our bodies.  It is a choice we can each make everyday.  We do not have to make perfect choices all the time.  We need to choose health and exercise over obesity, medication and stress from poor health.


Sat 3/28/15:

I wanted to share this post on FOUNDATION TRAINING.  I do not know David Harvin personally, but as a FT instructor I appreciate his thoughts during the last certification in Atlanta.


The health and fitness arena is ever growing, ever changing and more competitive than ever.

I do personally know Dr Goodman, Ian, Dustin and the whole FT team.  They are very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable practioners and teachers.  They are bringing FT along the right way…slowly.  Always working on making FT better.  Always working to help people manage their pain with their own bodies.  FOUNDATION TRAINING is a healthcare product…that works!

I have been through a certification (no.4).  For me…it was life changing also.  I left that certification a different personal trainer.  My training techniques have changed since Sept of 2013… FT, has not only eliminated my back pain but made me a better trainer.  My mission became to help others learn why they have pain issues, balance problems and such.  Then help them correct these problems with FT principals.  Teaching them to improve their bodies with their own musculature.  This is the way to better movement, and better health.

Once you get thru the certification you become part of the FT family.  I have met so many other health care professionals…doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapist, yoga teachers, more personal trainers.  We all share ideas, experiences with clients.  We can go to our group page and ask a question…boom, here come so solutions.  Even, Eric, Erin, Dustin…the whole team participate.   The team helps us in everyway be better practioners as they keep developing FT to make it better for our patients/clients.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is a valuable tool to have in the tool box.  Combine FT with other modalities such as chiropractic, or massage, most people will successfully be able to manage their pain issues.  Use FT as a warm up for any type of activity and/or as a cool down after.  The first thing I do every morning at the coffee pot is a couple of deep long decompression breaths…does the body good!

The health care field is big business making big bucks.  That will probably only get worse…

For those of you who want to take care of your body, who want to stay away from pain medicine, who want to move better and feel better… LEARN FOUNDATION TRAINING!  Apply it in everything you do.