Thur Feb 7,2013:  Welome to Thur…weekend almost here.  Not that I have anything big planned, I just love the weekends.  I guess today I’ll talk a little bit about Spring Break coming up.  There are only 4-5 weeks left for most of us until that time that really gets us motivated for spring and summer.  A lot of people travel to the beach and  there will be a lot that head to the slopes.  Whatever your choice of spring time medicine….we all strive to look better and be somewhat prepared for walking in the sand or mountains.

For those who are maintaining their exercise program and healthier eating ways BRAVO!  Keep it up.  For those who have not….it’s not to late.  Today is a new day.  Write down where you are headed for sping break.  Get out there and walk everyday, do push ups and squats at home, plug in that exercise DVD you bought last year and never used, stop going out for lunch, eat more fruits and veggies, get on the internet… go to YOU TUBE… there’s FREE info everywhere.  If you can’t do any of these things your just not trying.

It’s never to late to start that healthier lifestyle. Give a care about yourself and your health.  A lot can change on the body in 4 weeks if you just put in the work.  I’m on your side…let’s do this!