Mon 2/17/14:
Here we go again…MONDAY! Had a really busy weekend. Foundation Training classes are really growing. Had several new people come for their first session because they were in such pain. You can just see the tightness in their body as they walk. So much tightness where their hip barely bends, their hip can hardly help raise their leg to walk, so tight that you can see the slight torque/ twist in their body. I want everyone reading my material to know that having that much tightness is not normal, that walking bent over is not normal and that walking with a limp because you are to tight to raise your hip is not normal. It is normal if you choose to do nothing about it. Those tight muscle are deforming your spine and moving your bones. I had back pain as far back as high school. I was told it was from playing to many sports. Knowing what I know now….how stupid was that!
This tightness, lack of movement, poor posture and movement patterns will lead you to the nursing home way before your time. I am staying in my home and do for myself
Foundation Training WILL stretch and strengthen those muscles that have you bent over. Foundation Training will loosen those hips where they will bend and do what they are designed to do. Foundation Training is medicine. Foundation Training will have you standing tall, walking with some pep to your step, and Foundation Training is going to get you out of pain.
Take care of your body. Write me, call me, ask someone who. I have already taught, go to foundationtraining.com and see for your self. The body you have is all you have….
Time to get going for me. Off to the gym, then the office…. Have a great day even though it is Monday ……
Waiting to hear from everyone!

These poses and exercises below will get you out of pain and change the way you move for life!






Who has the next “BIG” idea?

Tue March 26,2013: Here we go. Let’s do what needs to be done! I really want everyone to find a fitness program that works for you. Let me know what I can do to help… If you don’t speak I can’t hear. Maybe some of my fellow fitness guru’s and bloggers have ideas where we can ban together and create something new and unique to help make the world a fitter and healthier place. I just know there is something “big” other there we can start …
Anyway, I’m just in my head thinking this morning…gotta get ready for the day

My Life: Fitness and Golf

Tue Feb26,2013: Good morning fitness people. Having that cup of coffee I have to have every morning. Haven’t been writing a much as I should. I’m on here reading so much good material from all my blogging fitness friends….i’m worn out.
Well, we’re just about thru with Feb. I’m so ready for March to be here. March has always meant Springtime is here for me.
The time changes March 10th I believe….thank goodness. Haven’t played any golf because it has done nothing but rain here in Mississippi. How many blogging golfers out there? I would like to hear from you. Once the season cranks up I’ll write about golf a lot. I’ll still be writing about fitness and sharing what I learn from others….but I love me some Golf! I will be going to the Masters in April…YES!
Well, finished with the coffee. Time to get ready for the gym. I’ll post a quick workout before I leave. No matter what’s going on in youf life…good, bad, happy,or sad…take the time to exercise and eat right. There is no better medicine. There is no better life than to be fit, have energy, and just plain feel good. It just makes dealing with life so much easier. Have a great day everyone! We all DESERVE it!


Wed Jan 30,2013:  Want to take a minute to tell everyone about my blogging experience.  I just started doing this Jan 1st…really quite by accident…along w/the training room on Facebook.  In one months time the training room has really grown.  It’s mainly full of people I know and the positive response to me and what others are sharing is awsome.  The blogging is having the same result except it involves more people that I don’t know.  As I have said when I started doing this…the mission is to reach others… weather your a couch potato or an elite athlete…just read and learn.  Share your thoughts, questions and experience…everyone can learn and help.  You never know what you may ask or share…how it could help someone else.  Anyway ,thanks to all for the support it keeps me inspired! Let’s keep things going…there’s tons of info and events out there.  Let’s have fun!

In FITNESS and in HEALTH,   Stevey