My Weekend Ups And Downs

Monday 9/15/14:
Not going to talk about to much today…mainly review what has been going on as I have not written in 4 or 5 days.
Tough week at the office last week, had a fun couples golf tournament to play in Sat and Sun…played poorly the first day a little better yesterday. The SAINTS blew another game in the last 2 minutes. The Saints are really mood altering for me. On a better note…more golf for me today! Senior State Am is today and tomorrow. My body feels a little fatigued, but hopefully I can get it energized for 2 more rounds of golf. A quick walk, some decompression breathing, about 20 minutes of FT exercises and a chiropractic adjustment should do the trick! Foundation Training is an excellent warm up before any sporting event and equally good as a cool down. Time to go now…cup number two of my java then off for the walk.
Have a great Monday!


Sun, 9-7-14:
NFL Sunday’s are here!!!! Saints vs Dirty Birds 12 noon central time!!!!
But first: some coffee, a little reading and writing. Then onto some Foundation Training…gotta get stretched out for my 7:15 am tee time. Then kick off! After the game a massage!!!
My Sunday is going to be good….how bout yours? ENJOY!



Sun 8/10/14:
On my way out to play a little golf. Been busy with chores and yard work this weekend.
Spent a lot of time watching the PGA championship….Phil is in contention. I am a big fan and pulling for him. Also, if Phil can’t’ win it maybe Rick can.
I will admit though…Rory is on fire. He is in the zone, focused, and he is expecting to win. If someone can make that move and beat him… It will be a victory for the ages!
One more note. I watch the posture of a lot of the golfers…all I can say is they need FOUNDATION TRAINING! If Mr Tiger, who thinks he is a weight lifter…knew FT he may have avoided back surgery and would be still be playing….
Have a great Sunday!




Sat 8/2/14:
On our way home from Columbus. I love going to that tournament… We always have fun and the Columbus people take really good care of us. And thanks to Foundation Training my back is stronger and I do not hurt!!!
Long ride home now. Tomorrow rest, ice, food preparation for the week, and some FT for recovery!




Sat 7/12/14:
I up and already had some coffee. Still sitting in the bed getting organized, and writing a little bit to get you good readers up and motivated!
Make your mind up this morning to get motivated, make some changes in order to get a little healthier and to feel better.
Take a few minutes to be grateful for where you are and what you have. If you happen to be healthy and have plenty of energy…you already have a blessed gift.
If you are not in the best of health…make changes! It’s not to late. You just have to commit…if you need help…contact me. This is what I do.
I’m fixing to get moving with a short walk around my block, some Foundation Training work…maybe 10-15 minutes worth…then my golf lesson. That’s just to get my day started.
Everyone have a great Saturday…make the most of it! I will leave you will a quick ab workout.
Also, don’t forget if you would like to buy the Foundation Training book or DVD just look in the left hand side bar where it says MOVEMENT MATTERS.
Do these exercises in circuit fashion with no rest between exercises.
Do each exercise for 30 seconds.
Rest 30 seconds before repeating the circuit one more time.
1) Stability Ball Jackknife
2) Stability Ball Mountain Climber with Hands on Ball
3) X-Body Mountain Climber
4) Plank with Arms on Ball
5) Stability Ball Rollout




Sunday July 6,2014:
We have a little cold front here in Jx Ms. It’s a lovely 60 degrees right now. Off to walk my 18 holes in just a bit. I’m sure by the turn it will be sweltering again.
I have had my 2 cups of coffee. Fixing to get my FT on in preparation for my round of golf. Then get all these veggies fixed up for the coming week. I have a full week of work ahead…gotta be prepared and have my food all planned out.
Not only do I write all this health and fitness stuff for the readers…I actually live this way.
Readers…prepare for the week. Plan time for everything. Life gets busy. The most important things to plan are the food and some rest time. Find a way… Good healthy food and a good 7 hours of sleep will keep you energized!
Gotta go….almost tee time!



Monday June 2nd
I’m up at the hotel waiting on some coffee. They say the breakfast area opens at 6:30… I’m hoping I can get coffee before that. I am accustomed to coffee maybe within the first 5-10 minutes that I am up. I still have an hour to wait! UGH!!!!
I try to stick to a routine as much as possible when I am out of town. Always try to get up early and go to sleep early if possible. Still try to eat on a timely schedule and as healthy as possible. I hate to go to bed on a full stomach.
Still try to get some exercise in even if it is only a walk around the hotel.
Then do my Foundation Training exercises…even if it is just decompression breathing and gentle hinging. Just enough to get me feeling tall and relaxed.
I like to do things this way because it keeps things a habit. It’s makes it easier to get back into my daily routine when I get home.
Well, gotta go now. Still waiting on the coffee. Gonna take a stroll around the building.
Have a great day