Merry Christmas to all!

Here in Mississippi we are having a balmy wet day.  No matter though…  It is still Christmas.  Enjoy the gifts, the food, the family and friends.  Thank the good Lord for another day and the life that you have.

Get ready for 2016… I plan to focus my writings and teaching on MOVEMENT!   I will still be teaching plenty of FOUNDATION TRAINING… FT is at the core of everything I do.  

Have a great day everyone!


Sunday July 6,2014:
We have a little cold front here in Jx Ms. It’s a lovely 60 degrees right now. Off to walk my 18 holes in just a bit. I’m sure by the turn it will be sweltering again.
I have had my 2 cups of coffee. Fixing to get my FT on in preparation for my round of golf. Then get all these veggies fixed up for the coming week. I have a full week of work ahead…gotta be prepared and have my food all planned out.
Not only do I write all this health and fitness stuff for the readers…I actually live this way.
Readers…prepare for the week. Plan time for everything. Life gets busy. The most important things to plan are the food and some rest time. Find a way… Good healthy food and a good 7 hours of sleep will keep you energized!
Gotta go….almost tee time!



Sat June 21,2014
Today is officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. The good news is at least it’s on a Saturday. It will be a sultry 93 day today.
For those of you reading who do not live in the south…our heat is just plain “steamy” this time of year. You can step outside at 4 am to let the dog out and break a sweat just standing there. Enough about the weather.
Let’s talk a little healthy lifestyle.
Get yourselves outside today! I know it is hot…but the action is outside in the air. Do some yard work…it does count as exercise. Take a bike ride, walk a nature trail. Get in the shade and do a few Foundation Training exercises and decompress. Go to the kids baseball game… Have a cookout or better yet go to someone else’s! Just get out of the house! The good air is outside…
I for one will have a golf lesson…practice a little. Have some yard work and errands to get done. I am going to hit a friends cookout and catch some OLE MISS baseball! WIN BABY….almost to that final game.
Newsletters going out tomorrow…check your e-mail.
Have a great longest day of the year…have some FUN!



Mon March 10:
Spring break week here in Ms. Wish the working class got a spring break!
Back to it today….office work, training work, FT teaching….it’s all good!
This is what I do.
Everyone get out there and move those bodies, practice FT thru the day. Take several 5 minute breaks and practice breathing and do a Founder….you’ll feel so much better.


Wed 1-29-14:
Well, the blizzard of 2014 has come and gone. I know those of you who live in places where it always snows may laugh…but this weather causes chaos here in the Deep South! Today, there will be no snow, but there will be ice from the below freezing temps.
Everyone be careful if you choose to get on the roads.
My doctors just happened to both be out of the office today…but I will trek in for a bit to check on things. I also, have some work to do at the gym. I just can’t stay home all day and not do anything.
If anyone is interested in starting FOUNDATION. TRAINING… I have a beginner class at 1 pm today. Stop thinking about FT and start doing FT!
I found this upper body workout I’m going to try today….if you legs need a break…give this workout a try.

Do a warm up and a little stretching first!

15 push-ups
30 sec plank
15 bicep curls
30 sec plank w/ alternating leg lifts
15 overhead tricep presses
30 sec left side plank
15 lateral raises
30 sec right side plank
15 tricep kickbacks- (together or one or at a time)
30 sec suicide plank

Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Arms on Fire!!!!! One set may be enough for some…if so that is fine! Do more if you need more! Let’s get those arms ready for some sunshine!


Mon Jan 27,2014
Happy Monday everyone! Might as well be positive about it…A lot of us gotta get to our JOBS and make that money! I really don’t mind going to work. I love both my jobs and I’m successful at both jobs. I like to be busy and I like accomplishing things. So, up I am preparing for my day.

Yesterday, I sent out the NEWSLETTERS. Hopefully, you received one. If you did not let me know…if I don’t know you just send your e mail and I’ll add you to the newsletter list. I send these letter out to help motivate others. I do this because I want to and I love promoting health and fitness. Every person on the planet should exercise and eat healthy…and I do not have a problem selling that everyday of the week.
I will use the NEWSLETTER and all my other social media tools to promote FOUNDATION TRAINING also. I can sell FT all day long also.
I know some of you probably think I go on and on about FT…..well I do because I have so much benefitted from in. My posture, my movement patters, my flexibility, my mobility, are all greatly improved. My back pain is pretty much gone. My S I joint is not going out all the time…..because my posterior chain is stronger and more flexible. My tight muscles are not pulling my bones out of place so much.
FT IS THE REAL DEAL! I have plans for it.
If you want to experience what I’m talking about … Contact me for an evaluation! FT will change the way you move!

Movement Matters!


I could not do this 6 months ago….my hips could not go down like this. My glutes, hamstrings, and I T bands would have pulled my pelvis out of place.