Monday July 28, 2014:
Let’s take this week and the month of August to clean up our diets. It’s hot…to hot to eat heavy meals and to hot to cook. Fruits and veggies are in abundance this time of year. Steam and grill them…. Drink plenty of water. August is a long hot month…let’s use this time to shed a few, trim the waistline and get ready for those football games, tailgating, then the heavier eating holidays.
A great solution, that doesn’t require drastic change, is to take 3 bits of advice from the caveman—advice that will promote weight loss, decrease your risk of disease and will get you looking and feeling great.

1. Make Plants and Animals the Focus of Your Diet: This will quickly lead to weight loss and increased energy. Don’t be so hard on yourself that everything you put in your mouth has to be caveman approved – but make it the majority of your diet.

2. Cut Out Processed Food: The simplest way to promote weight loss and to encourage good health is to eliminate processed foods from your diet. When you replace processed foods with fresh produce your results will be immediate. Not only will you feel healthier, you will have more energy than you’ll know what to do with!

3. Exercise: Since you will need an outlet for all that extra energy, acquire a new hobby—one that gets you moving. Have you ever met a lazy caveman? Of course not. (And this is not just because you were born a few centuries too late!) Cavemen were forced to be active in order to survive. Hunt dinner. Build a fire. Move a fallen tree. Create shelter. You get the idea If you want a lean, muscular body then exercise must become a part of your daily life. Foundation Training daily will stretch and strengthen your muscles and decompression breathing will energize your whole being!

Move those bodies… Fill up on fresh fruit and veggies. Add a green drink to you snack list. Information is available everywhere if you really want to change.
Have a great Monday!


Thur July 24,2014:
As the saying goes… A picture is worth a thousand words. Post this picture on your refrigerator or somewhere in the kitchen to remind yourself…ITS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

How simple is this?
If you need to loose some weight keep it simple…fix your plate according to the picture. For those of you already nice and trim…fix your plate the same to stay nice a lean.
Lot of fruits and veggies onto the plate. This is where our vitamins and minerals come from. Fruits and veggies will help you loose weight and help boost the immune system. Our bodies need this!
Stay away from carbonated drinks, cold cuts, chips, fried food, fast food, anything processed. If any of this is a regular part of your diet…you are on the way to weight issues, and health issues. Processed foods are just plain BAD for you…
Exercise! This has to be done…. Move that body! The more you move it the better you will feel. If you’ll eat a better diet you will have more energy to exercise.
Let’s start today… You can change! Keep the picture with you and just do it!
Good Luck and as always message me with any questions. If I don’t know the answer I can find the answer through my professional network.
Have a great day!

Catch Up On The Week

Thur 2/13/14:
Well I have been busy busy busy! I’ll catch everyone up as I have not really written anything this week.
First of all…if anyone needs a good dentist just message me or call 601-355-5275 and I’ll get you taken care of. Dental health is part of overall good physical health.
Next, how are the workouts and fitness programs going. My personal clients are doing great…losing inches and making exercise a habit, part of their daily routine. There is no way around this fact….you must eat healthy and exercise…to receive the benefits.
Next, Foundation Training is really starting to get out there. I am receiving more and more inquires as to what Foundation Training is. This makes me happy! FT is everyone’s ticket to a stronger body, better posture and better movement patterns!
Eric, the creator of Foundation Training and his team of movement specialist have just released their new DVD and the new book will soon follow. The new DVD is not available to the public right now, but I will soon have some copies for sale. I am in the process of viewing the release. Once I have that completed I will let everyone know my thoughts.
Let me teach you Foundation Training and apply it to how your body works.
Once you have the mechanics down and have learned the basics you can then use the DVD to check your form and have some home workouts to do.
I pride myself on taking care of my body!!! It’s the single most important thing a person can do. I try to do all the little things…eat lots of fruits and veggies, get 8 hours of sleep, try not to get to stressed out, exercise, try to help others. I get regular massages and a monthly chiropractic adjustment.
Foundation Training is just the icing on top of my healthy regimen!!!!
Contact me for any questions on any of the above.
Everyone have a great day!!! It’s almost Friday and I think I’m gonna get to hit the golf ball a little this weekend…..

Movement. Matters!


Start Over With Fruit And Veggies

Mon 4/22/13: Monday is here already! Had a busy weekend. Worked at the gym some, played a little golf, chores, got my garden planted…tomatoes,red/yellow peppers,and cucumbers, and got all my food cooked for the week. I love when spring gets here…it’s pretty much big salads and lots of veggies for me.
For those of you who have fallen off your healthy eating plans….this is a great time of year to start over. Fresh fruits and veggies are everywhere. All of them are so low in calories, but so packed with vitamins,minerals, and antioxidents that you need. Veggies are easy to cook, they can be grilled, steamed or sauteed. Go to the local fruit stand or farmers markets and check out what they have. Fresh, fresh,fresh is the way to go…anf the way to see that waist line go.


Thur Feb 7,2013:  Welome to Thur…weekend almost here.  Not that I have anything big planned, I just love the weekends.  I guess today I’ll talk a little bit about Spring Break coming up.  There are only 4-5 weeks left for most of us until that time that really gets us motivated for spring and summer.  A lot of people travel to the beach and  there will be a lot that head to the slopes.  Whatever your choice of spring time medicine….we all strive to look better and be somewhat prepared for walking in the sand or mountains.

For those who are maintaining their exercise program and healthier eating ways BRAVO!  Keep it up.  For those who have not….it’s not to late.  Today is a new day.  Write down where you are headed for sping break.  Get out there and walk everyday, do push ups and squats at home, plug in that exercise DVD you bought last year and never used, stop going out for lunch, eat more fruits and veggies, get on the internet… go to YOU TUBE… there’s FREE info everywhere.  If you can’t do any of these things your just not trying.

It’s never to late to start that healthier lifestyle. Give a care about yourself and your health.  A lot can change on the body in 4 weeks if you just put in the work.  I’m on your side…let’s do this!