Wed 11/13/13: I have been in a funk when it comes to writing lately. As you all know I love personal training and helping people workout, loose weight, and just help them take better care of themselves. Ever since FOUNDATION TRAINING came along…I just can’t help but focus on that. Everyday, I am still amazed at how these exercise (once mastered) can accomplish so much.
I do some of them everyday…my legs are always somewhat sore…the good sore from working out. The exercise firm up the legs and butt!!! The exercises strengthen muscles, and lengthen muscles. The exercises keep you so aware of posture…that as soon as I start to slump…I immediately correct myself. The exercises are great for people with balance issues…so, if you have an older adult that your worried about falling FT is perfect for them. Golfers….these exercise improve balance and flexibility…2 of the biggest issues with weekend golfers. The biggest thing of all….my back pain is just about non existent! I mean really…back pain is really not a factor. My legs are the only sore thing these days and it from using them properly now!!!!! AWESOMNESS!
If you want to improve your life, your movement patterns, the way you feel, and get rid of back pain…you have got to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING. Contact me for a free consultation.