Sat Aug 2, 2014
I’m in Columbus Ms for a fun golf tournament I play in every year. I went to college at MUW and have many awesome memories from my time here.
Of course, I am doing my Founder challenge and will get a few others involved. I did run across a friend who is in the tournament who can walk around. She has had back problems for a long time just like I did. I did talk with her about letting me work with her… I can see the pain in her body and see her fear of trying anything new. I gave her my website to research FOUNDATION TRAINING and let me know if she would like to give it a try.
I’ll keep you posted.
For anyone else reading if you have back pain learn Foundation Training! FT is going to change a lot of things about your body. FT will create spacing between the discs to help relieve sciatica and nerve pain. FT will stretch muscles of the posterior chain to stop muscle spasms and give you more movement. FT will strengthen posterior chain muscles which in turn will help with movement and balance. FT will help so many areas in your body that You will think I’m making all this up… Let me assure you FT is the real deal!
If you are seeing a doctor for your back pain and all they do is give you a shot or prescription…you are on a path in getting worse. If you are going to physical therapy…this may help some, but I know Foundation Training will work…posterior chain baby!
If you are in my area or close enough to travel let me work with you on learning FT. If you are interested in the book or a DVD click on this link
It will take you straight to the FT site where you can order. You can also see their blog and testimonials. Foundation Training is huge in California. Look at the map on the find a trainer page….it’s full of trainers out west. In my beloved south just a few and they are very spread out. I am tired of the south always being last in health care…FOUNDATION TRAINING is medicine!
Gotta go for now…time to do my FT work in preparation for my round today!





July 31,2014:
FOUNDER CHALLENGE starts tomorrow… Do one Founder per day for 30 days.
Do one anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Share a photo!!! Get creative! Have fun and feel better all at the same time…
Work on bettering your Founder! Hold it longer. Stretch farther. Pull navel in more….raise chest higher!!! Breathe deeper!
If you still need to learn the founder: Message me… Order right here a DVD.
Look thru some articles…there are photo’s. Look on my Facebook page- more photo’s. Oh look, here’s a photo right here!

Start like the picture on the left and see how far you can work in 30 days…
You will feel great. Get with me or order the DVD to learn the proper technique. When you click on the above link check out the find a trainer in your area. Those in my area of Ms, La, Ala…I’m your teacher!


Wed. 7/30/14:
Reminding readers the Founder A Day Challenge starts Fri Aug 1st. Learn the mechanics of the Founder. The Founder is simple to do, so effective and your whole body will feel better.
The first think I do in the mornings as I drag to the kitchen for coffee and pet feedings is a big “decompression pose”! My chest raises, lungs fill up, weight shifts to my heels and I just get as tall as possible….feels great! If people would just do decompression breathing thru out the day the world would be a happier place because everyone would feel better from just taking in bigger doses of oxygen into their lungs, cells, and muscle tissue. This makes total sense.
After coffee, I take Maggie out for her business. While she’s walking around doing her thing…I do mine. I’ll do a little more breathing, some Founders with movement….feels awesome outside in the early morning hours….really gets me energized and ready for my day!
LEARN FOUNDATION TRAINING! I can teach you. The book and the DVD can be purchased from my site. Just click on Foundation Training in the bottom left hand corner. You can go to You Tube and see a short video. Learning FT is a necessary as drinking water everyday!
Call me or write me to look at your posture and see where your weak link is.



Mon July,21 2014:
Starting Aug 1st. The FT masterminds are starting a Founder a Day challenge. I am excited about this!!
So, for all of my clients past and present please join the challenge on Facebook. I will be sharing the invite. You should be doing Founders daily anyway….
For everyone else…if you are near me set up a session so I can teach you to Founder properly. It’s imperative your technique is precise. I can teach you to Founder in one session.
For those of you everywhere else…Go to Facebook…I will share the invite to the public. Or join Stevey’s Training Room group. There are always health tricks and tips in the Training Room.

Founder everyday, everywhere and post your pics to FB. Twitter- #30DAYFOUNDER.
Foundation Training is steadily growing all across the nation. It’s growing because it works. It’s growing because those of us teaching it know it is unique and special… Foundation Training works on it’s own and/or compliments yoga, Pilates, runners, training regimes for athletes, golfers, people who don’t workout, seniors….ANYONE
Below is what a Founder looks like…again there is a technique. Do your Founder correctly and you will reap the benefits!



Mon 4/21/14:
Welcome to Monday… The day after the glorious sunny weekend we just had. I do believe spring is finally here! Sure has been slow arriving this year!
Anyway, back to Monday and all the things that are required of us.
Of course, after I write this article off to the gym I’ll go for a little Foundation Training and a quick Bodyweight workout. Taking care of the ole body is the most important thing I do each day. Then off to Mid Town Dental for another day in the trenches. Taking care of your oral health is important also. There is so much bacteria in the mouth and those 6 month check ups prevent a lot of money being spent later to fix things. If you need a good dentist in the Jackson, Ms area give me a call at 601-355-5275.
Finally, getting to play in a golf tournament in Laurel this coming Saturday.
I missed pretty much all of last season due to several circumstances….so, I am looking forward to being competitive again. Relaxation, is just another element in being healthy. I just have to get away sometimes and just have fun. I love playing golf, competing, and hanging with my friends….
It de-stresses me…even tho if you watch me play golf I’m not very relaxed!!! LOL!!!
Then, of course…my other element of good health is sleep. I love to get my 7-8 hours of sleep. Luckily, for me I lived a while back burning the candle at both ends. So, there is nothing out there after 8 pm I need or want to do. I still wonder sometimes how I made it way back when? Guess it really doesn’t matter…long as I can do better now.
Let’s get up…have that cup of Java, do a Founder and a quick workout, get to those offices and be thankful for where we are. Have a great day…


Mid Day Check In

Out of the office…having lunch…then on to some FOUNDATION TRAINING at DeVille Y and some time with other instructors working on some new classes…also for the Y!
Let’s go everyone…get your FITNESS on!
If you haven’t worked out today as of yet….eat that lunch then take a stroll around the block. Do a Founder decompression pose to stretch out those muscles from sitting at you desk.
Just checking on y’all….. Friday almost over….Finish strong!