Sat Aug 2, 2014
I’m in Columbus Ms for a fun golf tournament I play in every year. I went to college at MUW and have many awesome memories from my time here.
Of course, I am doing my Founder challenge and will get a few others involved. I did run across a friend who is in the tournament who can walk around. She has had back problems for a long time just like I did. I did talk with her about letting me work with her… I can see the pain in her body and see her fear of trying anything new. I gave her my website to research FOUNDATION TRAINING and let me know if she would like to give it a try.
I’ll keep you posted.
For anyone else reading if you have back pain learn Foundation Training! FT is going to change a lot of things about your body. FT will create spacing between the discs to help relieve sciatica and nerve pain. FT will stretch muscles of the posterior chain to stop muscle spasms and give you more movement. FT will strengthen posterior chain muscles which in turn will help with movement and balance. FT will help so many areas in your body that You will think I’m making all this up… Let me assure you FT is the real deal!
If you are seeing a doctor for your back pain and all they do is give you a shot or prescription…you are on a path in getting worse. If you are going to physical therapy…this may help some, but I know Foundation Training will work…posterior chain baby!
If you are in my area or close enough to travel let me work with you on learning FT. If you are interested in the book or a DVD click on this link
It will take you straight to the FT site where you can order. You can also see their blog and testimonials. Foundation Training is huge in California. Look at the map on the find a trainer page….it’s full of trainers out west. In my beloved south just a few and they are very spread out. I am tired of the south always being last in health care…FOUNDATION TRAINING is medicine!
Gotta go for now…time to do my FT work in preparation for my round today!