FOUNDATION TRAINING has completely changed the way I look at fitness and the body in general.                                                           FOUNDATION TRAINING had given me tools to manage my chronic back pain as well as being able to help others.

I still apply FT principals and exercise every single day.

In my earlier years of competitive sports, training and personal training I viewed the body’s  health and appearance from the outside.  Good bodyweight, muscle tone and nice athletic moves are all great, but now I know…a truly fit and healthy body happens from inside the body.

Humans are the only bodies on the plant that move upright on two legs.  This puts our body in a compressed state as soon as we start standing and walking.  We battle against gravity all our lives…gravity wins in many many cases.  Factor in injuries, repetitive patterns, technology and just plain bad habits such as poor diets, to much sitting and emotional trauma our spines and muscular pulley sysmtoms succumb to all this trauma.  I, myself fell into this category of people.  Even though, I have always had a good weight, good athletic skills and exercised all my life…the chronic back pain became debilitating…coming more frequently and lasting longer and longer.  The “back episodes” affected me at work and at play.

Enter FOUNDATION TRAINING!  My wonderful chiropractor at Foxworth Chiropractic showed me the original FT book.  I took a look at it and decided to try a few exercises.  The exercises looked simple enough (they are simple) but, I knew immediately something was different.  I felt better after the first time!  I kept doing them…I kept feeling better and better!  Weeks went by, months went by and I was feeling great and no back pain.  I told Dr Cefalu (my chiro) I keep waiting for this to quit working…for the pain to be back.  It’s been four (4) years now…back pain is still gone!  Do I still have small flare ups…sure I do but, I know exactly what to do to manage a flare up.

I have been a Certified Foundation Training instructor for 4 years now.  FT has evolved in that time and keeps evolving.  I knew FT was special when I first tried it…even though I did not know why.  I do know why now…FT, takes it’s three (3) principles of decompression, hinging and anchoring and applies it to muscle chains and integrates with movement to build a strong, supple and powerful core (stability system).  FT…builds from the inside out.



Core Elements – Your Newest Foundation Training Tool

Foundation Training Core Elements is the newest way to apply and reinforce what you learn at your Foundation Training sessions in an all new streaming platform. It contains over 5.5 hours of engaging content including lectures & theory, exercises, focus sessions and incredibly effective, progressive workouts that you can access on any streaming device (computer, tablet, phone).
The program contains the entire library of Foundation Training exercises – which is awesome to have, but can also be a bit overwhelming.  This library is awesome.  For those of you whom I have taught or who already know FT this library will serve as a reminder of subtle nuances that make FT work so well.  There are also workout videos that you can follow along with to help you keep the intensity up.

For those of you who purchase this program and are brand new to the exercises…follow along and give it a go.  You may still need some help.  This is where you will need a certified trainer to come in and help you with things… body positioning, movement patterns, adjustments and maybe just answering some questions.  FT, really helps a person learn about “their” body…what it can do and opens the possibilities of what it could do!  That’s what FT did for me…made my body better.


It reinforces all the helpful tips and cues you learn at your Foundation Training session (that you may have forgot!).
It gives you a way to practice along with an instructor when your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet with me.

Each facet of every exercise is taught in detail. You can rewatch again and again to fully absorb all of the nuances that make these exercises so effective.

The program is designed to give you the motivation to practice everyday. This accelerates your progress and gets you closer to your goals.

You can take it with you. So whether you’re at home or traveling, you can keep your Foundation Training practice going strong until we see each other again.

To celebrate the launch of Core Elements, I am offering an exclusive $50 coupon to my valued clients through October 25! Simply click the link below and use the code CEFRIENDS at check out.

PS…if you purchase after Oct 25th…the cost is 199.00, but you can pay over 12 months time for 19.99 a month.


Monday June 23, 2015

 What Is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the jaw joint that connects the mandible, or the bone of the lower jaw, to the temporal bones of the skull on either side of the head. Symptoms of TMJ disorder (often referred to as just TMJ) include:

 Pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles… Grinding/clicking of the jaw… Jaw muscle stiffness… Locking of the jaw.  Remember the jaw is a joint just like the knee, ankle, finger etc.

TMJ can develop from injuries…such as a broken jaw.  Stress, grinding teeth, gum chewing, poor posture, dental work, arthritis to name a few.

Usual treatments consist of simple jaw exercises, bite adjustments, simple occlusal guards…more elaborate guards, medicines.  More extreme cases could be treated with injections or surgery.

I have worked in a dental office for over 20 years and have seen cases of TMJ.  TMJ can be a nuisance and should be treated conservatively at first…then more advanced measures if the symptoms can not be managed.  Managing symptoms is how to manage pain.  We do the same thing for back pain, neck pain, wrist pain.  The jaw is a bone with a joint that is moved and supported by muscle and ligaments…just like all of our other joints.  The more you can manage pain by motion the better.

Since I am a “body” person…lets talk forward head posture being a possible cause of TMJ.  The average 10-12 pound head we all have is supposed to balance directly between our two shoulders.  When the head juts forward it becomes heavier increasing the weight and the stress on our neck, shoulder, upper back.  Some of those neck muscles are attached to our jaw.  When these joints are out of position…the muscles have to work very hard in order to balance our head.  When soft tissue is strained, or overworked it can it will pull on the bones causing malalignments.  When we are out of alignment our brain calls for help from other muscles…this cause muscles that should be doing their job to rest.  This becomes a cycle of some muscles doing to much and some not doing anything…hence “muscle imbalance”. 

Posture is the ability to balance the body.  Some of us have really good posture, some pretty good and some really poor posture.  Therefore, people with poor posture…specifically “forward head syndrome” have musculature that is really stressed and working harder than it should to hold the head up.  

If you have TMJ issues…get your posture looked at.  Forward head posture can be improved.  The shoulder, neck, traps, rhomboids can be strengthen to help get the head back in better alignment which in turn take stress off that jaw.  Foundation Training is perfect for this.  Foundation Training is posture work for the posterior musculature.  


Tue Mar 3 2105

You can improve as you age. Start with the basics…improve your posture.  Turn on the posterior chain and get your back muscles working again.  Yes, fire up the glutei…you still have butt muscles…use them!  Let them do their job, which is to help support your weight.  Get that head back up over your shoulders.  The more you have it sticking out the more your neck, shoulders and back are going to hurt!  

FOUNDATION TRAINING is your solution to better health and body improvement!  I promise you learning FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct that forward head, rounded shoulders, weak back muscles, tight hamstrings and much more.  

All I can do is keep telling everyone about FOUNDATION TRAINING.  I do this because I love it, believe in it and I know it works!  

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of people in poor posture.  These people have muscular imbalances and pain issues.  I have worked with 3 of the people personally.  Take a look at today’s pictures… They are learning about their body.  They are learning why they have these issues and what to do to fix them.

Have a great day and I’ll be waiting on your call to schedule.


Tue. Jan 6,2015:
After our first day back to work how does everyone’s neck feel? Do you feel a little strain after getting back to your office chair? Getting back to the keyboard and computer screen? How many of you got up from your desk to stretch out a little? Do you feel the stress in your neck, shoulders, mid and low back? Take a look at the picture below:

These are some of the most common postures. See if you can pick the one that fits you. Most people are clueless to the type of posture they have or the effects of that posture.
Most people that I work with have posture number 3 and 4 of varying degrees. Most are in the mild to moderate range of the posture progress into to deep of a curve…and I have some much more severe. I can promise you those with desk jobs your muscle fatigue/pain is from these postures coupled with sitting to much.
What to do? You can not just say, well this is how I am built! You have to correct the posture, work on the muscles and start moving more. If not, you will be bent slap over! People get bent over from to many years of poor posture and muscle imbalance…not because they have gotten older!
FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct posture issues and muscle imbalance. FOUNDATION a TRAINING a is serious, medicine, exercise and therapy for body issues. FOUNDATIONS TRAINING is easy to learn and inexpensive. Invest in your health…invest in your body…you are worth it!
If you want to enjoy retirement when you leave that desk job…you better get started!






Take a look at the pictures above. The more I work with people teaching Foundation Training the more I realize how weak the mid back, lower traps, scapula area, and rhomboid area are. A lot of people come to me because of low back pain. A lot of this back pain is coming from the poor postural issues in the mid back and scapula area.
When you sit all day with these lengthened out posterior muscles…they become over lengthened and the shoulder and chest muscles are rounded, tight, and to short. This is called an imbalance. These imbalance cause many problems over time…rotator issues, neck issues, disc issues, numbness in the arm and hands, back pain and of course over all posture.
Not to mention eventually even internal problems.
These problems can be corrected with Foundation Training and appropriate weight training. Stop working out incorrectly…all that does is accentuate the muscle imbalance.
Get your posture evaluated and start learning Foundation Training. You will learn so much about your body…and in not time at all will create a better you!


How do so many people end up like this? There are many factors that contribute to this, but at the end of the day it’s summed up as “weak” posterior chain muscles.
Desk jobs, working on computers all day, texting, factory jobs where you are always looking down on a conveyer belt, lack of good posture when standing and walking, carrying heavy backpacks everyday, and so many other repetitive movements lead to this.
How to avoid this common appearance…AWARENESS! Practice good posture when doing all the above movements. We all have to go to school and to work. Pick those heads up,retract the shoulder blades, pull the chin in and slightly down, navel pulled back towards your spine, carrying your weight over the heels. Try it! If this feels awkward or is difficult to do…you are headed for trouble. FOUNDATION TRAINING will teach you proper movement patters.
I am working with a gentleman right now with this issue. His head is so far forward he can not get his torso over his hips! Imagine having 30 extra pounds protruding from your neck over your toes! This is a recipe for disaster!
Look at your child with his backpack on and see what he looks like. Look at your co workers today and notice how the sit in their chair at the computer.
When you are at the grocery store today waiting in line notice all the people texting…what do their bodies look like? If you are a busy surgeon, what does your neck and shoulders feel like after a long case?
Good Posture is your ticket to a healthy body and overall better health as the years go by! PRACTICE FOUNDATION TRAINING!

Contact me to evaluate your posture and muscle weaknesses. You will be amazed at what you learn and what you feel!
Let’s change the way you move with Foundation Training!