Sun April 7,2013:
Hey everyone…this is short notice, but my next Fit Newsletter is going out around 5am to a subscribed e mail boxes. The address to sign up for the free newsletter is
This is something I’m trying out for the month of April. Check it out…let me know how you like it. Just trying another way to reach other fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to live a clean, healthy and fit lifestyle. I can’t do it alone…I love reading everyone’s material and hopefully we all ban together and and help lots and lots of people.
Monday, is almost here…Let’s be ready for it!!!

Fit Newsletter…

Tue: 4/2/13:
Very busy day yesterday after my 4 day weekend…lots of catching up work. Pretty much got it all done though.
Back in the gym…and several clients are back to the workout schedule also…it’s all good.

Don’t forget…the first Fit Newsletter will go out tommorrow straight to your inbox…if I have your e-mail address. This will be an informative Health newsletter.
The more people who read it…the more people that can be helped to get on the fitness bandwagon. I’m doing this for the month of April to see how it works. Message me with your e-mail if you’d like to recieve this Fit Newsletter.