Tue 8/18/15

There are three things we have to have in order to be healthy: Air, food, and water. Together, air, food and water give us life. It is air that feeds us oxygen which keeps all our cells alive. It is food that feeds us nutrients which keeps all our cells alive. It is water that keeps us hydrated, which keeps all our cells alive. Without these three things, we are toast, dried up on a path of destruction.

As essential as air, water and food are, our bodies still need one thing that may be just as essential: Movement!  Our movement and the movement of others around us also brings nourishment to our bodies. In fact, the movements we make and the movements we receive can nourish our brains just like the nutrients from food does. Without movement, without information generated from movement that feeds the brain, the brain will become malnourished and starve. If the brain begins to starve and deteriorate, the body will also lose its resiliency and it, too, will break down.

In order to move their must be communication between our brain and our muscles.  Feed the brain well…feed the body well.  Breathe deeply and often…oxygen feeds cells!  Move deeply and often…movement feeds our soul!  

The world we live in today can be harsh.  Hard work, long days, stress…

Life is life…

It is our responsibility to make the most of our lives.  Make a healthy life a priority.  Eat well…plants, veggies, fresh fruit….daily.  Move often!  Humans are made to move…get up and and do it!  Stand up at your desk, walk down the hall, walk around the building after lunch.  Make yourself do this.  

I am signing off now…time for my walk before I head to the gym and the office.  Let’s have a good day!


June 24, 2015

I have noticed from teaching FOUNDATION TRAINING how many adults have developed scoliosis.  I especially see this in my 60 and above age group.  This form of scoliosis develops from a gradual deterioration of the facet joints. This is the same process that causes osteoarthritis of the spine; however, in degenerative scoliosis the pressure of these deteriorating facet joints causes a straight spine, as viewed from the back, to begin to shift so that the spine curves to one side.

Pain is present in some patients, but not all, and is similar to the pain of osteoarthritis of the spine, which is caused by the same joint deterioration process. Patients may experience stiffness and pain in the mid to lower back and/or pain, numbness, and weakness in the legs and feet.  The pain can come from the inflammation of the joint and/or from the musculature surrounding the area.  These muscles will tighten up in order to protect the spine.  

Our spines and joints will deteriorate as we age.  The thing to remember is to take as many preventative measures as possible thru our younger years.

What we eat is important for our joints.  We have to have calcium for strong bones.  We need vitamins and minerals from plants.  We need protein and omega’s from lean meat and fish.  Keeping weight under control keeps constant excess stress off our joints.

Posture!  Poor posture and poor movement from poor posture increase stress on the muscles and joints.  Posture is something that can be improved through FOUNDATION TRAINING.  

Exercise! Our muscles and joints need to be moved.  Joints and muscles need to go thru full range of motion and experience different stresses daily.  Exercise keeps muscle and bones strong…  There are so many forms of exercise available.  There is absolutely no reason for people to not exercise…

Hope this article helps those of you who are noticing a curve in the spine developing.  It’s not to late!!! Learn FOUNDATION TRAINING.  Degeneration is going to happen to all of us.  It’s up to you to manage how well you age.