FRI Feb 1 Workout

Superbowl weekend!  Do your workout- whatever it is… i already know a lot of you will eat some bad food or have to many beers.  So, no exercise breaks this weekend.  Focus!  Don’t mess up what you have accomplised in Jan.  I’m gonna do superbowl stuff too…I’ll eat healthy dips and such.

Warm up:  jog in place, squats, arm crosses…30 sec 20 sec ea x3.  Stretch legs!

20-10’s  This won’t take long.  STretch good before and after!

Total Body Extension {fitter people can do jump jack} 20 sec-10sec rest x8

Push ups {fitter people can do decline push up} 20 on-10 off x4

Wall squats- 20 on-10 off x6

Cross Body Mt Climb- 20 on-10 off x4

Prisoner Squat- 20 on 10 off x8

Gonna tear up those legs and butt!  But…we all need a tighter one!! So—do them!

Drink water….I’m doing 4 oz cherry juice w/ 30z water mixed to help w/ muscle soreness.  Try it right after workout. Also, try to eat good protein and some carbs w/ in 30 min of workout…to help replenish and recover!  Do Not Starve yourself.



A quitter never gets where they are going.  We’re into the 3rd week of the New Year…Jan is a long month.  It’s cold in the mornings and dark when you get home from work in the evening for most of us.  For, those of us whose enthusiaim is starting to fade with our new fitness attitude….DON’T let it happen.  This is not commitment about just working out….it’s commitment about our own personal well being.  This is your “HEALTH” we’re talking about.  It’s more important than anything else.  If you don’t have it….Well, life probably won’t be to much fun.  So, get up!!! Go to the gym,the basement, the living room floor, the backyard….wherever it is you can get 20, 30 min. in…don’t be a quitter.

Warm up: jog in place-30sec., inch worm-5x, jump jack-30sec., squats- 8 rep, plank 20 sec.  Repeat 2x.

Circuit: Burpee- 30 sec, swing lunge-30sec ea leg {front lunge into a back lunge is one}, plank-30 sec.  Rest 30 sec repeat2x.

Jump Jack-30 sec, sumo squat 30 sec, side plank 30 sec ea side.  Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Side to side steps- 20 sec {basketball drill- get down low step sideways a few steps then back the other way}Rest 20 sec.  Repeat up to 10x.

Now take a shower, eat a good breakfast, have a good attitude and a great day.  No Quitting!