Friday May 30,2014:
The month of May is just about over…really fixing to get into summertime and the Mississippi heat. Almost have the year gone and it has really been flying by.
I’ll be off to Natchez this coming week for the MWGA State Amateur Golf Tournament. This is usually a fun week of some match play golf and just a nice break away from work. Hoping for dry weather as it has really rained a lot this week.
Once I return it will be back to the dental office. If any readers or family/friends of readers need a god dentist just contact me. Dental health is just as important as physical health….contact me with any dental questions or concerns.
Of course, I will be back in the gym personal training and teaching Foundation Training. I talk all the time about how awesome and beneficial Foundation Training is… The more I do it myself and the more people I teach the more I learn about it.
I do usually advertise FT as a way to relieve/ stop back pain…which is 100% true! I also work with a lot of people that do not have back pain. Lately, I have been working with some elderly people with poor posture and very poor movement skills….in other words they basically sit all day because they are scared of falling and/or it takes to much energy to walk around. DO NOT let yourselves get into this condition. Work on your posture and balance NOW! “FOUNDATION TRAINING ” is the solution to these issues.
Foundation Training is movement education and many, many of us need a refresher course on our posture and our movement patterns. You may not think it is important now….but it is and it makes a difference.
Foundation Training is not expensive to learn. Foundation Training does not take a lot of time to do….just a little everyday works. Foundation Training will teach you body awareness, posture awareness, decompression breathing (which will change your life), stretch and strengthen the posterior chain…and so much more! Foundation Training is the one training technique every athlete, white and blue collar worker, and senior needs.
Look at the picture below: A young mother using FT technique to save her back while picking up her young child.



Mon 4/21/14:
Welcome to Monday… The day after the glorious sunny weekend we just had. I do believe spring is finally here! Sure has been slow arriving this year!
Anyway, back to Monday and all the things that are required of us.
Of course, after I write this article off to the gym I’ll go for a little Foundation Training and a quick Bodyweight workout. Taking care of the ole body is the most important thing I do each day. Then off to Mid Town Dental for another day in the trenches. Taking care of your oral health is important also. There is so much bacteria in the mouth and those 6 month check ups prevent a lot of money being spent later to fix things. If you need a good dentist in the Jackson, Ms area give me a call at 601-355-5275.
Finally, getting to play in a golf tournament in Laurel this coming Saturday.
I missed pretty much all of last season due to several circumstances….so, I am looking forward to being competitive again. Relaxation, is just another element in being healthy. I just have to get away sometimes and just have fun. I love playing golf, competing, and hanging with my friends….
It de-stresses me…even tho if you watch me play golf I’m not very relaxed!!! LOL!!!
Then, of course…my other element of good health is sleep. I love to get my 7-8 hours of sleep. Luckily, for me I lived a while back burning the candle at both ends. So, there is nothing out there after 8 pm I need or want to do. I still wonder sometimes how I made it way back when? Guess it really doesn’t matter…long as I can do better now.
Let’s get up…have that cup of Java, do a Founder and a quick workout, get to those offices and be thankful for where we are. Have a great day…


Catch Up On The Week

Thur 2/13/14:
Well I have been busy busy busy! I’ll catch everyone up as I have not really written anything this week.
First of all…if anyone needs a good dentist just message me or call 601-355-5275 and I’ll get you taken care of. Dental health is part of overall good physical health.
Next, how are the workouts and fitness programs going. My personal clients are doing great…losing inches and making exercise a habit, part of their daily routine. There is no way around this fact….you must eat healthy and exercise…to receive the benefits.
Next, Foundation Training is really starting to get out there. I am receiving more and more inquires as to what Foundation Training is. This makes me happy! FT is everyone’s ticket to a stronger body, better posture and better movement patterns!
Eric, the creator of Foundation Training and his team of movement specialist have just released their new DVD and the new book will soon follow. The new DVD is not available to the public right now, but I will soon have some copies for sale. I am in the process of viewing the release. Once I have that completed I will let everyone know my thoughts.
Let me teach you Foundation Training and apply it to how your body works.
Once you have the mechanics down and have learned the basics you can then use the DVD to check your form and have some home workouts to do.
I pride myself on taking care of my body!!! It’s the single most important thing a person can do. I try to do all the little things…eat lots of fruits and veggies, get 8 hours of sleep, try not to get to stressed out, exercise, try to help others. I get regular massages and a monthly chiropractic adjustment.
Foundation Training is just the icing on top of my healthy regimen!!!!
Contact me for any questions on any of the above.
Everyone have a great day!!! It’s almost Friday and I think I’m gonna get to hit the golf ball a little this weekend…..

Movement. Matters!