No Messing Around!

Tue 7/9/13: Here we go with Tue. Lets just get it done.

As always do a stretching/warm up before exercise. Prepare the body!

Do the following exercises for 3 min as many times as possible…then rest for 2 min.
A. BW Squat-8 reps
B. Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps
C. Jog in place- 15 sec

A. Reverse Lunge-8 per side
B. Mt Climb-8 per side
C. Stick Ups-8 reps

A.Push Up-8reps
B. Bi Cep Curl-8 per side
C. skater Hops-8 per side
Rest 2 min.

Woohoo! Stretch,cool down and drink water! Shower, good breakfast/ protein shake and CHOOSE to have a good day!


Thursday…May 30! Another month just about in the books. Time really does fly the older you get!
We are fixing to get into the heat of summertime with June’s arrival. It gets tougher to do those workouts/runs in the heat….especially here in the south! Our humidity is unrelenting!!!! So,that being said, get out early for outdoor workout,bike rides,runs etc. Always hydrate well before an event starts.
June will be very busy for me….lots going on between work, clients, selling/ buying a house. Eventually,there will be moving. There will be no excuses though for not working out. That’s how I keep my sanity!!! Strong body….strong mind!
Let’s do a workout…then venture out into Thursday! It’s gonna be a good day!

Warm up: Jump Jack-15 reps
Alt.Bodyweight Lunge-8 ea leg
Push-ups-8 rep
BW Squat-10rep
Rest 30 sec… Repeat 1x

Do the following circuit for 10 min as many times as possible:
DB Reverse Lunge-8 per side
DB Chest Press-8 reps
DB Row-8 per side
Rest 1 min. Proceed to next group.

Do the following circuit for 10 min as many times as possible:
Goblet Squat-12 reps
DB Shld Press-8 per side
Mt Climb-12 per side
Rest 1 min proceed to next group.

Do the following superset as many times as possible for 3 min.
Total Body Extension-10 reps
Inchworm-5 reps

Great job…and now all of you are ready for Thursday!! Get out there and take charge of the day!!!

Density Circuit

May 22, 2013: Let’s Workout!!!
Of course get a warm in first…be nice to the muscles!
Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 16 min.
Burpee-5 rep
Alternating Lateral Lunge-8 ea leg
T Push-up-5 per side
Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps
Stick Ups-8 reps
Jump Jack-10 reps

As always adjust or sub whatever you like. Make it harder or easier according to your fitness level.
This workout will hit your whole body plus get that heart rate going…but you have to do it and do it with at least 80 % effort….that’s why it’s only 16 min! Cool down, stretch, and most important eat HEALTHY!