Wednesday Aug 5, 2015

Do you suffer from chronic or occasional back pain?

Do you sit too much?

Do you have a herniated disc or back spasms?

Aching knees, sciatica, or hip pain?

Are you starting to bend over a little as you walk?

Are you looking to improve your quality of movement?

Want to feel stronger and healthier?

Not ready to think about surgery?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Foundation Training is absolutely for you!

There is no reason to wait any longer for relief.  You must learn Foundation Training…it works!

The best medicine for the body is movement!  All the ailments listed above can be helped thru a daily routine of Foundation Training.  I know this because I practice FT daily and have had chronic back pain for over 30 years.  I have low back degeneration, a bulging disc and S I joint rotation.  I get tight back muscles from sitting at my desk, from rotation in the pelvis when I play golf.  

I have been in the fitness industry many years… I have played many sports, exercised, lifted weights, stretched, iced, soaked… I have seen it all and done it all.  

The first time I tried Foundation Training…I knew it was different!  My body felt it.  Couldn’t explain why something so simple to do…helped so much?  Why didn’t I already know about this?  My mind raced with anticipation of how FT could help so many people.

Here I am two years later.  I feel great!  I can keep my back problems in check by doing a little FT each day, a monthly chiropractic adjustment and my massage.  I am as active as ever… Movement is the best medicine for the body!

I have taught a lot of FT and have helped a lot of people learn about their body and how to take better care of it.  I wish I could help more people.  Doctors need to know about Foundation Training!  Doctors need to prescribe Foundation Training instead of muscle relaxers.  Decompression Breathing is a muscle relaxer!  Creating length in the posterior chain coupled with decompression breathing…is a better stretching method and helps muscle imbalance verses a single leg hamstring stretch. 

Doctors, therapist, coaches, athletes…lets get new school.   



Mon March 23, 2015

Breathing is something we all take for granted.  We never give breathing a second thought… Hopefully, after reading this everyone will look at breathing differently and really start working on making the way you breathe work better for you.

Oxygen is needed in our bodies to help repair tissue and keep our cells healthy so they may do their various jobs.  Therefore, the more oxygen we can bring into our bodies the healthier we can be.

There are varying breathing techniques out there.  I prefer DECOMPRESSION BREATHING.  TThis technique is simple to learn yet take some practice to master.  This is a very muscular form of deep breathing.  A lot of back muscles will awake…core muscles are firing…and the lungs and diaphragm will learn to pull in larger amounts of healing oxygen…sending it thru the blood stream into tissue and the cells.  

Start by relaxing the body(I prefer to stand).  Center your body ove your heels, retract the shoulder blades which opens the chest area and gentle draw the navel towards the back of your spine.  Breathe in thru your nose raising the ribcage and maintaing your posture.  Do this a few times feeling the ribcage rise, the tension in the abdominal area and the muscles in your back.  

Once you are comfortable with that lets take it up a notch.

Get into posture, breathe in thru the nose lifting the ribcage and drawing navel back towards the spine.  Now, as you go to exhale maintain the lifting and pulling in.   FEEL THAT!  The muscles attached to that ribcage are really working to lift and stay up while you exhale…you should feel tension.  The better you get at this the tension will subside.  The muscles in the abdomen are really working as the pull in and stay there while you breathe out.  Again, you will feel some tension in the body.  The lungs and diaphragm are really working trying to pull in more and more air with each breath.  The diaphragm works with the core muscles while breathing…this is how we were breathing as a baby.


You will breathe easier, lengthing you spine, have stronger back/core muscles, bring more healing oxygen into your lungs, blood stream, tissue and cells.  You will decrease tension in the musculature and you will just plain feel better.

Have a great day!




Mon 2/16/15:
If you have shortness of breath, fatigue easily just going for a short walk, or have back pain…practice DECOMPRESSION BREATHING.
Most adults spend the day doing very shallow breathing. I know, it’s something we just do not think about. Now, that I have brought it to your attention…
Oxygen, is the most healing element available. All of us have access to it, yet we do not make the most of it. Oxygen heals!
Oxygen heals injured tissue, oxygen goes to every cell in our body in order to replenish, so those cells can do their respective jobs. Oxygen, helps us deal with stressful situations. Oxygen helps our immune system fight bad bacteria in our body. Oxygen just makes us feel better. Just going outside and taking a big deep breath “feels good”!
Why don’t we spend more time breathing better? I guess the same reason we don’t exercise or eat a better diet…we just don’t.
Let’s see if we can change that starting today.


Stand nice and tall…weight back over the heels, navel gently pulled back towards the spine, shoulder blades gently pulled down and together with the chest opened up, chin tucked to chest(to elongate the neck).

Breathe in thru the nose raising the ribcage…as you let the air out thru the mouth try to maintain the elevation of the ribcage. Try it again.

Get into posture…weight over heels, navel gently in, open chest with shoulder blades down and together, chin tucked towards chest….
Breathe in thru the nose, elevating chest and keeping the posture…let the air out thru the mouth while maintaining the ribcage elevation and the posture.

This exercise will take practice…lots of practice…and you will be greatly rewarded with the benefits oxygen provide.

Please visit you tube or Foundation to see video’s of decompression breathing and other exercise.

Learn to master this technique. It comes in handy when back muscles tighten up, kids get on your nerves, you have a deadline to meet or you just need to take a 5 minute break and regroup.


Wed Jan 7,2015:
Anterior pelvic tilt is a fancy term that means your hip is tilted forward. The most common cause is sedentariness and lack of activity. If you have a desk job you most likely have anterior pelvic tilt. If you have a desk job your hips are pushed to far back in order to sit. Performing tasks such as typing, writing and looking at the computer screen the body will tilt forward…now your hips are behind you. The mere act of going to our desk job everyday…year after year will take a toll on our body.
This constant body positioning causes the muscles in the front of the body to become tightened. The shorter and tighter these muscles become the more they pull you forward…rounding and bending your frame. The muscles in the back of your body become weak. These muscles are supposed to stand you up nice and tall and do the work of keeping you up…in balance…against gravity.
It’s not to late to make changes! I know, I know…here is where I say FOUNDATION TRAINING! I”ll say it everyday…because FT works! The body and the brain are amazing…if you put in the work your brain will learn the new signals and your body will learn the new muscular/movement patterns.
Refuse to grow older with a bent over frame!
Refuse to give up on your body because you have a backache!
Refuse to just accept that you are to busy, to tired, to lazy, to old or to whatever…
FOUNDATION TRAINING is simple to learn, easy to do anytime/anywhere, inexpensive. Once you learn it…you will be able to use it for life! FT will be the best medicine in the house!



Tue 9/9/14:
Today…start making the small changes necessary to improve your body.
Today…every 30 minutes stand up from your desk and take big decompression breaths.

Decompression Breathing… Get into posture…weight back toward the heels…stand tall…head up with chin slightly tucked down and back.
Breathe in deeply raising the chest and pulling navel back. Let the air out training to keep the chest up and navel in. Keep repeating! Keep raising and expanding the chest and tightening that core with every breath.

Decompression Breathing works…it takes practice to get better! Once you get it…this one exercise will do so much healing!!!! Is the small things that matter…

Contact me to learn decompression breathing or anything FOUNDATION TRAINING!




I would like to talk about this young 70 year old woman who is also a 12 year lung cancer survivor and basically breathes with one lung now. She also, has some arthritis in her knee.
Her son, who is also a Foundation Training teacher taught her some of the basics. As, you can see in the picture she is in some well balanced…strength building positions with very nice posture and head placement.
Even better than that Shane taught her the decompression breathing we use in FT. Her breathing measurements have gone from 1700 to 2200! How AWESOME is that! When I read the post from Shane about his mother I just thought she was so inspiring. She is blessed to have beaten lung cancer and she is inspiring by fighting to improve herself.
I practice decompression breathing daily. Decompression breathing will help to lengthen your spine and traction the adductors downward…which puts you in a decompressed traction. Decompression breathing will help manage disc inflammation and herniation pain. Decompression breathing will help increase oxygen intake and expand the lungs. Decompresses the spine by breathing and will create a little spacing in the disc areas to help decrease pain.
I can remember learning decompression breathing at my certification and thought it was rather difficult. I stuck to it and practiced…it does take practice to get thru the uncomfortable parts then to get better. I do this every morning when I take my dog out. She does her thing and I get into posture and decompress and breathe in large amounts of oxygen! Our cells, muscles and lungs need these large amounts of oxygen…oxygen is healing!
If you are a healthy person or a healthy athlete incorporate decompression breathing into your training. You will improve performance and help prevent injury. If you are an everyday average joe…incorporate decompression breathing and see if it makes you feel better…bet it does. If you are battling aging, medical conditions, depression or anything else that has you unmotivated…try decompression breathing! It is part of Foundation Training and everything about Foundation Training works.
Contact me to learn more or click on the Foundation Training tab to order anything FT!
Have a great day!


Thur 7/31/14:
As I have written before on the harmful effects of sitting before… I read an article from Dr.Mercola on the harmful effects of sitting, so I thought I would go over this topic again. Click on this link to read the entire article and look at the exercises provided you can do right at your desk.
Most of us go to our jobs everyday to sit behind a desk and do paperwork, crunch numbers, check people out, do internet work, or no telling what else.
There was a study done showing a person needs to get up every 15 minutes to counteract the harmful effects from sitting. That’s over 30 times per day in an 8 hour day.
Everyone… This topic is important! Sitting causes so many body problems…which can lead to internal health problems. Let’s take control of this problem! Every 15 minutes stand up…do some decompression breathing. Do a FOUNDER. Walk down the hall. Step outside if the weather is nice and breathe fresh air.
Of course, I purpose learning FOUNDATION TRAINING to stretch and strengthen your posterior muscles. Practicing FT daily…you will automatically know when you are sitting poorly, slumping your shoulders, walking with your feet pointing outward, stomach just hanging there. Practicing FT daily…you will know how to correct these poor body mechanics which lead to improper movement patterns. These improper movements patters are the ticket to back pain, and health problems. You can counteract the effects from sitting and any other repetitive activity with Foundation Training.
Click on Foundation Training in the bottom left hand side bar to order the book and/or DVD. The DVD is very easy to learn from and you will change the way you think about moving! Of course, i would love to teach you or your group…just message me.